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We have a NEW board!

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Starting January 1, 2006 (because of non RV related “junk posts”), you MUST register or “join” to post to our board. It is a free message board though, no expense to you.

Our new message board offers many new features to registered members, such as:

  1. Once you register (again, it’s free), you can create your own profile and can even add a picture of yourself if you so choose.
  2. Send messages to any other member on-line.
  3. Take part in our various topic on-line polls.
  4. Keep your email address “invisible”.
  5. Be instantly notified via email if someone responds to your post.
  6. Send a topic to a friend.
  7. Print a thread.
  8. Use “Google search” to find a post or topic on our message board only or anywhere on the Internet.

Enjoy using this new board!

Please select this link to enter the RV Advice Public Message Board