RV Manufacturers Truck Campers

Truck Campers (Slide-Ins)


A Frame Camper (A Frame Camper Company) orphan (1995)

Adventure (Caravans Unlimited) orphan (1998)

Adventurer (Adventurer Manufacturing) 509-895-7064

Alaskan (Alaskan Campers, Inc.), 360-748-6494

Alpenlite (Western Recreational Vehicles, Inc.) 509-457-4133

Alpine Campers (Western Recreational Vehicles, Inc.) orphan (1986)

Amerigo (Amerigo, Inc.) orphan (1992)

Angler (Fleetwood Enterprises) orphan (2002)

Apache (Sun Valley Inc.) 219-262-1923

Arctic Fox (Northwood Manufacturing) 541-962-6274

Aristocrat (Aristocrat) orphan (1978)

Aspen (Aspen Coach Company) orphan (1986)


Beaver (Beaver Camper Company) orphan (1993)

Belair (Belair, Inc.) orphan (1992)

Bethany (R.C. Willett Co., Inc.) orphan (1985)

Bigfoot Industries, Inc., 250-546-2155

Born Free (Dodgen Industries, Inc.) orphan (1983)


Cabin A, LLC, orphan (2006)

Cameo (Cameo RV’s Inc.) orphan (1989)

Caribou (Fleetwood Enterprises) orphan (2002)

Cascade Campers (Cascade Campers Ltd.) orphan (1994)

Cascade Coach (Cascade Coach, Inc.) orphan (1985)

Cavalcade (Cavalcade Industries, Inc.) orphan (1981)

Caveman (Caveman) orphan (1980)

Citation Supreme (General Coach) 250-498-3471

Coachmen (Coachmen Recreational Vehicles) orphan (2001)

Comfort Camp (Comfort Camp) orphan (1998)

Conestoga (Conestoga) orphan (1987)

Cricket (Cricket Corp.) orphan (1987)


Davlin (Davlin Campers) orphan (1995)

Diamond (Diamond) orphan (1978)

Dreamer (Dreamer) orphan (1978)

Dura-Cozy (Dura-Cozy USA LLC) 801-943-1542

Dutchmen (Dutchmen Mfg.) orphan (1996)

Dynacruiser (Dynacruiser) orphan (1979)


Eagle Cap (Eagle Cap Campers) 509-895-7064

Eagle RK (Sun Valley, Inc.) 800-307-7684

El Dorado (El Dorado, Inc.) orphan (1978)

Elkhorn (Fleetwood Enterprises) orphan (2003)


Fields (Fields) orphan (1980)

Flagstaff by Cobra (Van American/Cobra) orphan (1990)

Fleetwing Travelers (Fleetwing Travelers) orphan (1978)

Four Seasons (Four Seasons Mfg. Inc.) orphan (1988)

Four State (Four State Industries) orphan (1989)

Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers, (Four Wheel Campers) 800-242-1442

Frontier (Vanguard Mfg.) orphan (1986)


General Coach-West (Division of Thor Industries) 250-498-3471

Go-Tag-A-Long (Go-Tag-A-Long Trailer Mfg.) orphan (1988)


Hallmark (Hallmark Manufacturing Inc.) 970-785-6005

Happy Times orphan (1979)

Happy Traveler orphan (1980)

Hideaway (Sun-Lite Inc.) orphan (1999)

Holiday Coach orphan (1978)

Hornet (Hornet Industries, Inc.) orphan (1992)

Host Campers (Host Industries) 541-330-2328

Huntsman orphan (1979)


Idle Time (Allen Camper Mfg. Co. Inc.) 580-857-2413


Jayco (Jayco, Inc.) orphan (1997)


Kamp King (P&S Camper Mfg. Inc.) orphan (2003)

Keystone (Keystone Mfg.) orphan (1980)

King O’ The Road orphan (1980)

Kit orphan (1980)

Kodiak (Vanguard, Inc.) 306-445-6695

Komfort (Komfort Industries) orphan (1988)

Kustom Koach (Travelaire Canada) 403-347-6641


Lake N Shore orphan (1978)

Lance Camper (Lance Camper Manufacturing) 661-949-3322

Leer orphan (1979)

Len-Dar (Patten Custom RV) orphan (1998)

Lil Camper (Lees-ure Lite) 800-660-0933

Lite-Craft (Lite Craft Campers), 303-296-2185

Little Caboose orphan (1978)


Mallard orphan (1992)

Man-O-War orphan (1984)

Maple Leaf orphan (1979)

Marco orphan (1980)

Midas orphan (1979)

Mitchell orphan (1980)

Mountaineer (Northwest Manufacturing) orphan (1991)


N&N Campers P.O. Box 952, Dana Point, CA 92629

Nampa Chief orphan (1978)

Northern Lite (Northern Lite Mfg. Ltd.) 250-765-3702

Northland Industries, 208-442-1815

Northstar (R.C. Willett Co. Inc.) 319-233-3461

Northwood Manufacturing, Inc. 541-962-6274

Nu-Wa orphan (1980)


Oakland (Bigfoot Industries) orphan (1995)

Odyssey (Leisure Odyssey Inc.) orphan (1991)

Okanagan (West Coast Leisure Homes) 250-493-1535

Oregon Camper (Chalet RV, Inc.) 541-791-4618

Outfitter (Fleetwood Enterprises) orphan (2002)

Outfitter Manufacturing, Inc. 877-223-0814


Palomino (Vanguard Industries of Michigan) 269-432-3271

Pastime (Pastime Mfg.) 503-845-6886

Perris Valley (Perris Valley Campers) orphan (1989)

Phoenix (Coyote RV) 800-896-2269

Pilgrim orphan (1987)

Play-Mor orphan (1990)

Playmate (Amwest Mfg.) orphan (1994)

Ponderosa (Ponderosa RV) orphan (1981)

Puma orphan (1980)


Quicksilver (Livin Lite RV, Inc) 866-272-5578


RBR (RBR Mini-Cruiser) orphan (1989)

Rancho (Rancho) custom truck campers after 1989 no phone number listed

Ranger (Ranger Trailer Company) orphan (1987)

Rawhide orphan (1980)

Real-Lite orphan (1992)

Real-Lite by Forest Rivers (Forest Rivers, Inc.) orphan (2001)

Roadcruiser orphan (1978)

Roamer (Roamer Industries) 941-484-8224

Roll-A-Long orphan (1979)

Roust-A-Bout orphan (1979)


S&S Manufacturing, 406-755-5080

Security orphan (1978)

Seeker’s Express, 21772 Esmalte, Mission Viejo, CA 92692 (no phone number listed)

Shadow Cruiser (Shadow Cruiser, Inc.) orphan (1999)

Shadow Cruiser/Cruiser RV (Cruiser RV Corporation) 260-562-3500

Shasta (Shasta Industries) orphan (1993)

Siesta orphan (1981)

Silver Fox (Northwood Mfg) 541-962-6274

Six-Pac (Six-Pac) 958-479-0523

Skamper (Skamper Corporation) orphan (1996)

Slumber Queen (Western Canada R.V.’s Ltd.) 604-852-5731

Snowy Mountain orphan (1980)

Snow River (Interior RV Products) 250-493-6675

Space Craft (Motor Homes Inc.) orphan (1993)

Sport-Cam (Sport-Cam Industries) orphan (2000)

Sport King orphan (1987)

Sportsmen (K.Z. Inc.) 800-768-4016

Sprinter (Mallard Coach Company) orphan (1992)

Starcraft (Starcraft RV Inc.) 800-945-4787

Stardust orphan (1978)

Starmate (Starcraft RV Inc.) 800-945-4787

Sterner (Sterner Coaches) orphan (1984)

Summerwind (Recreational Technologies) orphan (2003)

Summit (Paramount Motorcoach/Summit) orphan (1996)

Sun-Lite (Sun Valley Inc.) 800-307-7684

Sun Line (Sunline Coach Co.) orphan (1994)

Sun N Fun orphan (1980)

Sun Valley, Inc. (Sun Valley Inc.) 800-307-7684


Tejas orphan (1980)

Teton Traveler (Teton Traveler Inc.) orphan (1991)

Texson (R.C. Willett Co.) orphan (1997)

Thoroughbred orphan (1981)

Tilt  (Gemco) orphan (1996)

Tracker (Tracker Marine/Fleetwood) orphan (2000)

Travel Lite (Travel Lite, Inc.) 574-831-3000

Travel Mate orphan (1978)

Travel Villa (Newcomer Industries Inc.) orphan (1988)

Travelaire (Travelaire Canada) 403-347-6641

Travette orphan (1980)

Trek orphan (1980)

Triple E (Triple E Canada Ltd.) orphan (1987)


Vacationeer (Shelton Industries Inc.) orphan (1991)

Valor (New Paris Ent. Inc.) orphan (1996)

Vanguard (Vanguard Mfg.) orphan (1986)

Veri-Lite (Forest River) orphan (1999)

Viking (Viking Recreational Vehicles) orphan (1995)


Weekender by Skyline (Skyline Corporation) orphan (2000)

Western Wilderness (Western Recreational Vehicles, Inc.) orphan (1998)

Westways orphan (1980)

Wheel Camper orphan (1980)

Winnebago (Sun-Lite Inc.) orphan (1999)

Wolverine (Wolverine Camper Inc.) orphan (1981)

Wolverine Camper (Wolverine Camper Corporation) orphan (1980)


Yukon (Host Campers) 541-330-2328