Motorhome Manufacturers



Abcor Homes, PO Box 952, Dana Point, CA 92629. No phone number listed. Class A, Class C

Adventurer (Adventurer Manufacturing) 509-895-7064Class C

Airex (Rexhall Industries, Inc.) Orphan (1994)

Airstream, 937-596-6111 Class A

Alexxa (Alexxa Inc.) Orphan (1991)

Alfa (Alfa Leisure) Orphan (2007)

Allegiance (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class A

Allegro (Tiffin Motor Homes) 256-356-8661 Class C, Class A

All Star (Newmar) 574-773-7791, Class A

All Star Cycle Hauler (Newmar) 574-773-7791, Toy Hauler

Alpine Coach (Western Recreational Vehicles, Inc.) 509-457-4133 Class A, Motor Coach

Aluma-Lite (Holiday Rambler Corp.) Orphan (1994)

Amera Cruiser Orphan (1991)

American by Cobra (Cobra/Van American) Orphan (1992)

American Clipper Orphan (1980)

American Cruiser (American Cruiser Inc.), Class B Orphan (2001)

American Dream (Fleetwood Enterprises) Orphan (2003)

American Eagle (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class A, Motor Coach

American Heritage (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class A, Motor Coach

American Mobile Traveler Orphan (1997)

American Star (Newmar Corp.) Orphan (1990)

American Tradition (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class A, Motor Coach

Apache (Vesely Co./Apache RV’s) Orphan (1979)

Apollo Orphan (1990)

Argosy Orphan (1978)

Aristocrat (Establishment Ind.) Orphan 1988

Aspen (Aspen Coach) Orphan (1982)

Astoria (Damon) 800-860-5658, Class A

Aurora (Coachmen) 574-825-5821, Class A

Austen (Skyline Corporation) Orphan (1990)

Auto Mate (Auto Mate RV Products) Orphan (1985)

Avco (Avco Motorcoaches) Orphan (1980)


Bandit (Bandit Motorcoaches, Inc.) Orphan (2001)

Banner (Commodore RV’s) Orphan (1980)

Barth (Barth RSV, Inc.) Orphan (1998)

Bayport by Rockwood (Rockwood Inc.) Orphan (1995)

Bay Star (Newmar) 574-773-7791 Class A

Beach-Craft (Beach Craft Inc.) Orphan (1988)

Beachwood by Rockwood Orphan (1993)

Beaver (Monaco Coach Corp.) 800-650-7337 Class A, Motorcoach

Bellagio (Georgie Boy Manufacturing, Inc.) 877-876-9024 Class A

Berkshire (Forest River, Inc.) 574-522-6981 Class A

Bigfoot (Bigfoot Industries, Inc.), 250-546-2155 Class C

Blazon Orphan (1979)

Blue Bird Wanderlodge, 912-825-2021 Motorcoach

Bonanza Coach (Bonanza Coach Corp.) Orphan (1997)

Bonanza Traveler Orphan (1990)

Born Free (Dodgen Industries). 800-247-1835 Class C

Bounder (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class A, Class C

Bravo RV (Honey RV’s) Orphan (1990)

Brougham (Brougham Industries Inc.) Orphan (1985)

BTouring Cruiser (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Class C


Cabana (Cabana Motorhomes Inc.) Orphan (1980)

Cabaret (Champion Motor Coach Inc.) Orphan (1991)

Callista (Carriage Inc.) Orphan (1996)

Cambria (Fleetwood Enterprises) Orphan (1991)

Cameo Orphan (1983)

Camp Mate (TEC RV Co.) Orphan (1981)

Canyon Star (Newmar) 574-773-7791, Class A

Caribbean (National RV Inc.) Orphan (2001)

Carri-Go (Carriage, Inc.), Class C Orphan (2001)

Carri-Go by Dynamax (Dynamax Corporation) 574-262-3474 Class C

Casual (Leisure Time Products, Inc.) Orphan (1980)

Cavalcade Orphan (1979)

Cavalier (Monaco Motor Homes Inc.) Orphan (1986)

Caveman Orphan (1979)

Champion (Champion Motor Homes) Orphan (1986)

Chaparral by Hallcraft (Hallcraft Industies) – Custom builder only after 1993

Chariot 574-264-7577 Class A, Motorcoach

Charleston (Forest River, Inc) 574-389-4600 Class A

Chinook (Trail Wagons Chinook) 509-248-9026 Class B,

Clarion (Clarion Motors Corp.) Orphan (1992)

Coach House (Coach House, Inc.) Class B 941-485-0984

Coachmen (Coachmen Recreational Vehicles), 574-825-5821 Class A, Class C

Cobra (Cobra Industries Inc.) Orphan (1994)

Cobra-Van America (Cobra Van America) Orphan (1993)

Concord Orphan (1979)

Conquest (Gulf Stream), 800-289-8787, Class C

Conquest Super C (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Class C

Contemporary Coach Orphan (1989)

Cordoba by Cobra (Cobra Industries) Orphan (1995)

Coronado (Fleetwood Enterprises) Orphan (1995)

Country Camper (Country Camper Inc.) Orphan (1987)

Country Coach (Country Coach, Inc.) 541-998-3720 Class A, Motorcoach

Country Homes Campers Orphan (1997)

Country Squire (Esquire, Inc.) Orphan (1988)

Covington (Firan Motor Coach Inc.) Orphan (1996)

Covington by Forest River (Forest River Inc.) Orphan (1997)

Cowboy Cadillac 800-214-6905 Class A, Class C, Motorcoach

Creative Mobile Interiors, 866-204-8264, Custom Builder

Crescendo (Gulf Stream), 800-289-8787, Class A

Crew Chief (Alumi-bunk Corp.) 519-923-2016 Class C

Crossman (Esquire, Inc.) Orphan (1988)

Cruise Air (Georgie Boy Mfg. Inc.) 877-876-9024 Class A

Cruise-Master (Georgie Boy Mfg. Inc.) 8777-876-9024 Class A

CT Coachworks (CT Coachworks, LLC) 951-343-8787 Class A

Custom Cruiser (Custom Cruisers) Orphan (1993)

Custom Motorcoach (Custom Motorcoach Ind.) Orphan (1989)


Damon Corporation, 574-262-2624 Class A

Davlin Orphan (1980)

Daytona by Cobra (Cobra Industries) Orphan (1994)

Delta (Higgins-Delta Corp.) Orphan (1980)

Destination (Winnebago) 641-585-3535, Class A

Diamond (Coons Mfg. Inc.-Diamond) Orphan (1993)

Discoverer by Cobra (Cobra Industries) Orphan (1990)

Discovery by Fleetwood (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class A

Dolphin (National RV Inc.) 909-943-6007 Class A, Class C

Dreamer Orphan (1979)

Driftwood by Rockwood (Cobra/Rockwood) Orphan (1993)

Dutch Aire (Newmar Corp) 574-773-7791 Class A

Dutch Star (Newmar Corp.) 219-773-7791 Class A

Dutchmen (Four Winds/Thor) 219-266-1111 Class C

DynaQuest’s ST Touring Cruiser (Dynamex) 574-262-3474, Class A

DynaSport UTV (Dynamax Corporation) 574-262-3474 Class C


Earthroamer (, LLC) 720-304-3174 (Class C)

El Dorado (El Dorado Motor Corp.) Orphan (1990)

El Dorado/Honorbuilt (Honorbuilt Industries, Inc.) Orphan (1996)

Elite (Elite Coach Corp.) Orphan (1992)

Elite/Go Vacations (Go Vacations) Orphan (1989)

Elk Automotive Orphan (2004)

Elkhart Traveler Orphan (1978)

Empire Orphan (1979)

Encore/El Dorado (Encore/ El Dorado) Orphan (1988)

Encore (Sportscoach-Coachmen) 574-825-5821, Class A

Encounter (Georgie Boy Mfg. Inc.) Orphan (1998)

EnduraMax (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Toy Hauler

Era (Winnebago Industries) 641-585-3535 Class C

Essex (Newmar Corporation) 574-773-7791 Class A, Motorcoach

Establishment (Establishment Industries) Orphan (1990)

Estate (Estate Mfg. Inc.) Orphan (1981)

Euro-Liner (Euro-Liner, LLC) Orphan (2003)

Eurocoach (Champion Home Builders) Orphan (1990)

Europa Orphan (1997)

Europremier (Firan Motor Coach Inc.) Orphan (1995)

Eurovan Camper (Winnebago) Orphan (2003)

Excalibor (Georgie Boy Mfg. Inc.) Orphan (1985)

Excel Orphan (1978)

Excursion (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class A

Executive (Executive Industries Inc.) Orphan (1989)

Expedition (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class A

Explorer Orphan (1978)


Factory Motorhomes 972-880-3592 (Class A, Class B, Class C)

Falcon (International Vehicle) Orphan (1996)

Fan (Fan Coach Co.) Orphan (1980)

Featherlite Vogue (Featherlite, Inc.) 407-323-1120 Motorcoach

Field & Stream Orphan (1981)

Fiesta (Vehicle Concepts Corp.) Orphan (1992)

Fiesta by Fleetwood (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class B

Firan Motor Coach (Firan Motor Coach, Inc.) Orphan (1996)

Fireball (Fireball Ind. Inc.) Orphan (1985)

Firenza (El Dorado Motor Corp.) Orphan (1987)

Flagship-Champion (Champion) Orphan (1985)

Flair (Fleetwood Ent. Inc.-Flair) Orphan (1980)

Flair-Fleetwood (Fleetwood Enterprises) Orphan (2007)

Fleetwing Eagle (Esquire, Inc.) Orphan (1988)

Fleetwing Traveler (Esquire, Inc.) Orphan (1988)

Forester (Forest River, Inc) 574-389-4600 Class C

Foretravel (Foretravel Inc.) 800-955-6226 Class A

Four Seasons (Four Seasons Mfg. Inc.) Orphan (1988)

Four Star Orphan (1981)

Four Winds (Four Winds International) 219-266-1111 Class A, Class C

Franklin (Franklin Coach Co) Orphan (1980)

Free Spirit Orphan (1979)

Freedom (Freedom Corp.) Orphan (1987)

Freedom II Serenity (Leisure Travel Vans) 877-288-8088, Class B

Freelander (Coachmen) 574-825-5821, Class C

Free Spirit (Leisure Travel Vans) 877-288-8088, Class B

Friendship G8 (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Class A

Frontier (Vanguard Mfg.) Orphan (1986)

Frontier by Rockwood (Rockwood Inc.) Orphan (1995)

Frontier Flyer by Damon (Damon Corp.) Orphan (1997)


GMC Orphan (1978)

GTC/Foretravel (GTC/Foretravel) Orphan (1984)

General Coach-West (Div. of Thor Ind.) 250-498-3471 Class C

Georgetown (Forest River, Inc.) 574-389-4600 Class A, Class C

Georgie Boy (Coachmen Recreational Vehicle Company 574-825-5821 Class C

Gladiator (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Toy Hauler

Globestar (Globestar Industries, Inc.) Orphan (1984)

Grand Slam-Mich (Champion Home Builders) Orphan (1980)

Grand Sport (Dynamax Corp.) 574-262-3474 Class A

Grand Star (Newmar Corporation) 574-773-7791 Class A

Granville (Granville, Inc.) Orphan (1991)

Great West Vans, (Great West Vans) 204-338-9303 Class B

Gypsy Orphan (1979)


Harney Coach Works (SMC Corp.) Orphan (2001)

Harvest (Harvest RV’s Inc.) Orphan (1982)

Haulmark (Haulmark Motor Coach, LLC) 866-760-8195 Class A, Class C

Hawkins Motor Coach (Hawkins Motor Coach) Orphan (1995)

Heritage Recreational Vehicles (Heritage Recreational Vehicles) Orphan (1986)

Hi Lo (Hi-Lo Trailer Co.) Orphan (1986)

Holiday Rambler (Div. of Monaco Coach) 800-650-7337 Class A, Class C

Honey (Parkwood Co.-Honey) Orphan (1990)

Honeybear (Recreational Vehicles Inc.) Orphan (1994)

Hop-Cap (Hop-Cat Inc.) Orphan (1980)

Horizon (International Vehicle) Orphan (1996)

Host Campers (Host Industries) 541-330-2328 Class C

Huntsman (Huntsman Inc.) Orphan (1986)


Icon (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class C

Imperial (Canassen Limited) Orphan (1987)

Impulse (Georgie Boy Mfg. Inc.) Orphan (1993)

Independence (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Class A

Independence (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Class C

Independence Super C (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Class C

Isata (Dynamax Corp.) 574-262-3474 Class A, Class B, Class C

Islander (National RV Inc.) 909-943-6007 Class A

Itasca (Winnebago Ind.) 641-585-3535 Class A, Class C

Itasca Latitude (Winnebago Ind.) 641-585-3535, Class A


Jamboree (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class C

Jamee (Skyline Corp.) Orphan (1991)

Jayco (Jayco Inc.) 574-825-5861 Class AClass C

Journey (Journey Motor Homes) Orphan (1992)

Jubilee (Mobile Traveler, Inc.) Orphan (1988)


Kayot Orphan (1979)

Keystone (Keystone Coach Mfg. Co.) Orphan (1985)

King Aire (Newmar Corporation) 574-773-7791 Motorcoach

King O’ The Road (Caravan Co.) Orphan (1982)

King of the Road (King of the Road) 866-400-9840 Class A

King of the Road (Kansas-King of the Road) Orphan (1986)

Kings Highway (Kings Highway Mobile Ind.) Orphan (1985)

Kingsley Coach, 800-445-2918 Motorcoach

Kit Orphan (1979)

Kodiak (Vanguard, Inc.) 306-445-6695 Class B

Komfort (Lake Capitol Corp.) Orphan (1990)

Kountry Aire (Newmar Corp.) 574-773-7791 Class A

Kountry Lite (Newmar Corp.) Orphan (1986)

Kountry Star (Newmar Corp.) 574-773-7791 Class A

Krystal Motor Homes (Krystal Enterprises) 800-579-7825 Class C

Kustom Koach (Travelaire Canada) 403-347-6641 Class C


L.E.R. Industries (L.E.R. Industries) Orphan (1995)

LMC (Firan Motor Coach) Orphan (1995)

Laguna by Cobra (Van American/Cobra) Orphan (1992)

Landau (Landau Motor Homes) Orphan (1987)

Landau by Georgie Boy (Georgie Boy Mfg. Inc.) 877-876-9024

Lark Orphan (1978)

La Salle (Champion Motor Coach) Orphan (1991)

Las Brisas by Dolphin (National RV Inc.) Orphan (1991)

Lazy Daze, 909-627-1103 Class C

Le Sharo (Division of Winnebago) Orphan (1992)

Lean Machine (Georgie Boy Mfg.) Orphan (1987)

Legend (RVC Inc.) Orphan (1986)

Leisure-Craft (Leisure-Craft) Orphan (1981)

Leisure Time Orphan (1979)

Leisure Travel Vans 877-288-8088 Class B

Len-Dar (Patten Custom RV) Orphan (1997)

Leprechaun (Coachmen) 574-825-5821, Class C

Lexington (Forest River) 574-262-2212 Class C

Lexor (Pleasure Way) 800-364-0189, Class B

Liberty Coach (Liberty Coach) Ophan (1990)

Limited (Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.) Orphan (1992)

Lindy (Skyline Corp.) Orphan (1991)

Little Caboose Orphan (1978)

London-Aire (Newmar Corp.) 574-773-7791 Class A, Motorcoach


MRV Orphan (1985)

M-B Cruiser (Forest River, Inc.) 574-533-1105 Class B

Malibu by Cobra (Van American/Cobra) Orphan (1992)

Mallard (Mallard Coach Co.) Orphan (1992)

Mandalay Coach (Four Winds/Thor) 866-919-4444 Class A

Marathon (Marathon Homes Corp.) Orphan (1995)

Marlin (National RV, Inc.) Orphan (2001)

Marque (Marque, Inc.) Orphan (1982)

Maverick by Georgie Boy (Georgie Boy Mfg. Inc.) Class C

McKenzie (Monaco Coach Corp.) 800-650-7337 Class C

Merry Miler (Merry Miler Inc.) Orphan (1991)

Midas Orphan (1984)

Mid-Engine (Travel Supreme) 800-626-0563, Class A

Midland Orphan (1981)

Mirada (El Dorado Motor Corp.) Orphan (1988)

Mirage (Mirage of Elkhart, Inc.) Orphan (1986)

Mitchell (Mitchell & Sons, Inc.) Orphan (1980)

Mobile Scout Orphan (1979)

Mobile Traveler (Mobile Traveler) Orphan (1990)

Mobile Villa (Mayflower Travel Trailers) Orphan (1987)

Monaco (Monaco Coach Corporation) 800-650-7337 Class A

Monitor (Holiday Rambler Corp.) Orphan (1991)

Monte Carlo (Monaco Motorhomes, Inc. Orphan (1987)

Monterey by Cobra (Cobra Industries) Orphan (1995)

Mountain Aire (Newmar Corporation) 574-773-7791 Class A

Mountain High Coachworks (The MHC Group, Inc.) Orphan (2001)


National RV (National RV, Inc.) 951-943-6007 Class C, Class A

Navette (BBC RV Inc.) Orphan (1996)

New Horizon Orphan (1989)

New Paris Traveler Orphan (1978)

Newaire (Newmar Corp.) Orphan (2002)

Newport by Cobra (Van American/Cobra) Orphan (1992)

Northern Star (Newmar Corporation) Orphan (2005)

Nu-Wa (Nu-Wa Industries) Orphan (1986)


Oakland (Bigfoot Industries) Orphan (1995)

Odessa (Odessa Industries) Orphan (2001)

Odyssey (Leisure Odyssey) Orphan (1991)

Open Road by Tiffin (Tiffin Motorhomes) Orphan (1992)

Optima (Optima Industries) 866-645-7223 Class C, Class A

Outlaw (Damon) 800-860-5658 Toy Hauler

Overland (Mallard Coach) Orphan (1992)

Ozark Traveler Orphan (1979)


Pace-Arrow (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class A

Pacifica (National RV) Orphan (2007)

Passport by Cobra (Cobra Industries) Orphan (1995)

Pastor Coach (Joy Manufacturing) 1932 Technology Place, Long Beach, CA 90810 Class C

Pathfinder (Coachmen) 574-825-5821, Class A

Perris Valley (Perris Valley Campers) Orphan (1986)

Pete’s RV (Pete’s RV Center) 802-864-9350 Class C

Phasar (Itasca Div. of Winnebago) Orphan (1992)

Phoenix by Cobra (Cobra Industries) Orphan (1995)

Phoenix Cruiser (Phoenix USA, Inc.) 574-266-2020 Class B

Platinum (Coach House) 800-235-0984 Class C

Pleasure-Way (Pleasure-Way Industries) 306-934-6578 Class B

Pont-X Orphan (1980)

PonyXpress (Silver Crown, LLC) 269-483-7900 Class C, Class A

Powerhouse Motorcoach 208-589-0015 Motorcoach

Prelude (El Dorado Motor Corp.) Orphan (1988)

Providence (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class A

Pulse (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class C

Pursuit by Georgie Boy (Georgie Boy Mfg. Inc.) 877-876-9024 Class A, Class C


RBR (RBR Corp.) Orphan (1989)

RVC (RVC Inc.) Orphan (1984)

R-Vision (R-Vision, Inc.) 574-268-2111 Class C

Rainbow (RVC Inc.) Orphan (1986)

Ranger (Ranger Trailer Co.) Orphan (1987)

Raven (Firan Motor Coach, Inc.) Orphan (1996)

Raven by Forest River (Forest River Inc). Orphan (1997)

Real-Lite (Juno Ind. Inc.) Orphan (1991)

Red Dale Orphan (1978)

Reflection (Forest River) Orphan (2003)

Regal/Great West Vans (Go West Campers) Orphan (1999)

Regal/Triple E (Triple E) 204-325-4361 Class C

Renaissance (El Dorado Motor Corp.) Orphan (1989)

Renegade Custom Coaches (Renegade/Kibbie Kraft) 574-848-1126 Class A, Motorcoach

Revcon (Revcon Motorcoach) Orphan (2003)

Revolution (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class A

Rexhall (Rexhall Industries, Inc.) 661-726-0565 Class A

Riviera by Cobra (Cobra Industries) Orphan (1995)

Roadcruiser (Apeco Corp) Orphan (1980)

Roadmaster (Roadmaster Motorcoach and Trailer, Inc.) Orphan (2003)

Roadtrek (Home & Park Industries) 888-762-3873 Class B

Robinhood Orphan (1979)

Rockwood Orphan (1995)

Roll-A-Long (Roll-A-Long, Inc.) Orphan (1980)

Royal Classic (Glendale Recreational Vehicles) 519-245-1600 Class C


Safari (Div. of Monaco Coach Corp) 800-650-7337 Class A

Sandtana (Sandtana Ind. Inc.) Orphan (1985)

Sante Fe Orphan (1980)

Santek (Santek Trailers) 866-255-5675 Orphan (2003) Custom only MH builder now

Scamp (Scamp Evelands, Inc.) Orphan (1987)

Scottsdale (Newmar Corporation) Orphan (2006)

Sea Breeze (National RV) 909-943-6007 Class A, Class C

Sea View (National RV) Orphan (2001)

Security Orphan (1978)

Select Limited (Travel Supreme) 800-626-0563, Class A

Sellers Motor Corp. (Sellers Motor Corp.) Orphan (1996)

Seneca (Jayco) 800-RV-JAYCO, Class C

Serro Scotty (Serro Scotty RV) Orphan (1997)

Seven Seas by Cobra (Cobra Industries) Orphan (1995)

Shasta (Coachmen Recreational Vehicles Co.) 574-825-5821 Class C

Show Hauler (Show Hauler Truck Inc.) 574-825-6764 Class A, Class C, Motorcoach

Show Trucks USA (Show Trucks USA, Inc.) Orphan (1999)

Sierra (Sierra Motor Corp.) Orphan (1995)

Siesta Orphan (1979)

Sightseer (Winnebago) 641-585-3535, Class A

Silver Crown 269-483-7900 Class A

Silver Eagle Coach Orphan (1993)

Silver Eagle/Tidwell (Tidwell Motor Coach) Orphan (1985)

Silver Streak Orphan (1980)

Skamper (Skamper Corp.) Orphan (1980)

Slumber Queen (Western Canada R.V.’s Ltd.) 604-852-5731 Class B, Class C

Sonoma by Cobra (Cobra Industries, Inc.) Orphan (1994)

Southwind (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class A

Space Craft (Space Craft Mfg. Inc.) 660-463-7520 Class C, Class A

Spectrum Orphan (1989)

Sport King Orphan (1987)

Sportscoach (Sportscoach of America) Orphan (1993)

Sportscraft (Coaches, Inc.) Orphan (1986)

Sprinter (S&S Homes, Inc.) Orphan (1984)

SS-Agile (Roadtrek) 888-ROADTREK, Class B

Starchase Traveler (Starchase Traveler Corp.) Orphan (1990)

Starcraft Corporation, 800-945-4787 Class B, Class C

Stardust Orphan (1981)

Starfire (El Dorado Motor Corp.) Orphan (1989)

Starflyte (Dynamax Corp.) 574-262-3474 Class C

Starlite (Perfect Truck Body) Orphan (1989)

Sterner (Sterner Coaches, Inc.) Orphan (1985)

Storm (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class C

Suite by Georgie Boy (Georgie Boy Mfg.) Orphan (2002)

Sun Hawk (Sunhawk Products, Inc.) Orphan (1985)

Sun N Fun Orphan (1980)

Suncrest (R&R Custom Coachworks) Orphan (1992)

Sunline (Sunline Coach Co.) Orphan (1983)

Sunrader (Sunrader, Inc.) Orphan (1992)

Sunseeker (Champion Home Builders) Orphan (1989)

Sunseeker by Firan (Firan Motor Coach, Inc.) Orphan (1997)

Sunseeker by Forest River (Forest River, Inc.) 574-389-4600 Class C

Sunsport (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Class A

Sun Voyager (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Class A

Super Coach Orphan (1979)

Super Nova (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Class C

Superior Orphan (1979)

Surf Side (National RV Inc.) Orphan (2001)

Surveyor Orphan (1979)

Surveyor by Forest River (Forest River, Inc.) 574-533-1105) Class B

Swinger (Georgie Boy Mfg. Inc.) Orphan (1984)

Swinger by Georgie Boy (Georgie Boy Mfg. Inc.) Orphan (1998)


Telstar (Firan Motor Coach, Inc.) Orphan (1995)

Terra (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class C

Teton (B&B Homes Corp.) Orphan (1984)

Thor Industries West (Mountainhigh) Orphan (1999)

Tiger/Provan (Provan Industries) 803-955-3001 Class B

Tioga (Fleetwood Enterprises) 800-444-4905 Class C

Titan-Champion (Champion Home Builders) Orphan (1992)

Tommy (Auto-Form Corp.) Orphan (1987)

Touraco (Honey RV) Orphan (1988)

Tourmaster (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Class A

Tradewinds (National RV, Inc.) 909-943-6007 Class A

Trail-Seeker (Camp Industries) Orphan (1989)

Trans Star Orphan (1986)

Trans-Van (Champion Home Builders) Orphan (1991)

Transmaster (Georgie Boy Mfg.) Orphan (1984)

Transporter II (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Toy Hauler

Transporters Unlimited (Moody Enterprises) 972-524-9844 Class A, Class C, Motorcoach

Travco Orphan (1986)

Travel Cruiser (Tec RV Co.) Orphan (1981)

Travel Mate Orphan (1981)

Travel Queen (Travel Queen Motorhomes) Orphan (1989)

Travel Ryder Orphan (1988)

Travel Supreme (Travel Supreme, Inc.) 800-626-0563 Class A, Motorcoach

Travel World Orphan (1980)

Travelaire (Travelaire Canada) 403-347-6641 Class C

Travelaire/Go West (Go West Campers) Orphan (1997)

Travelcraft (Travelcraft by Craft Products) Orphan (1990)

Travelcraft (Craft Products, Inc.) Orphan (1994)

Traveleze (Traveleze Industries) Orphan (1986)

Travelmaster (Travelmaster RV’s) Orphan (1998)

Travette Orphan (1980)

Trek Orphan (1978)

Trendsetter (United Specialties, Inc.) 574-206-9406 Class B, Class C

Triple E (Triple E Canada Ltd.) 204-325-4361 Class A, Class C

Trophy Travelers Orphan (1980)

True North (True North Corp.) Orphan (1986)

Tsunami (Forest River, Inc) 574-389-4600 Class A, Class C

Tuscany (Damon Motor Coach) 800-860-5658, Class A

Turtle Orphan (1998)


Ultra (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Class C

Ultra Super C (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Class C

Ultrastar (Firan Motor Coach, Inc.) Orphan (1995)

United Specialties 269-483-2400 Class C, Class A


Vacationeer Orphan (1980)

Vanguard (Vanguard Mfg.) Orphan (1986)

Vectra (Winnebago) 641-585-3535, Class A

Vega Orphan (1980)

Velocity (Georgie Boy Mfg.) 877-876-9024 Class C

Ventana (Newmar Corporation) 574-773-7791

Ventura by Cobra (Van American/Cobra) Orphan (1991)

View (Winnebago) 641-585-3535, Class C

Vista Cruiser MB (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Class B

Vista Cruiser Mini (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Class C

Vixen (Vixen Motor Co.) Orphan (1989)

Vogue (Mitchell Coach Mfg.) Orphan (1998)


Wanderlodge (Blue Bird Wanderlodge) 478-825-0330 Class A, Motorcoach

Weekend Warrior 951-940-5556 Class C

Westhaven (Firan Motor Coach) Orphan (1995)

White Pine (White Pine Campers, Inc.) Orphan (1983)

Windsong (Forest River Inc.) 574-389-4600 Class A, Class C

Winnebago, 641-585-3535 Class A, Class B, Class C

Wolverine Orphan (1979)

Work-N-Play (Custom Vehicles, Inc.) 574-264-4355 Class C


Xplorer, (Xplorer Motor Homes) 574-293-1775 Class B, Class C


Yellowstone (Yellowstone, Inc.) Orphan (1990)

Yellowstone (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787 Class A – gas

Yellowstone (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787 Class A – diesel

Yellowstone Cruiser (Gulf Stream) 800-289-8787, Class C


Zimmer (Zimmer Motor Coach Corp.) Orphan (1988)