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This page last updated on June 5, 2016 containing letters emailed to Pete from January 22nd – June 5th.

Looking for a diagram of a lift system? This link to Goshen Stamping (a lift manufacturer) might have the diagram you’re looking for on their web site.

June 5, 2016 Sean of Kitchener, Ontario writes regarding problems sliding bed in 2015 Coachmen Clipper

I bought a new Clipper 108st last year. The bed over the front storage compartment slides in and out, but is extremely difficult. I have to pull/push quite hard to move it. The rear bed is fine. I have had it in for service twice and the tech says it is working just fine. Any ideas on why this bed would be so difficult to move? Can I do any diagnosing before going back to the dealer again?
Dear Sean,
Look at the tracks to see if anything is bent or kinked or if there could be some bad rollers or skid pads; and try some silicone spray.

June 3, 2016 Libby of Geraldton, Ontario writes regarding problems with stereo in 2208 Jayco Eagle

When I turn the radio in my camper on it will play for a minute or so then for no reason it keeps switching to DVD and aux. What could be causing this? It is a brand new stereo that the manufacture replaced for me last year.
Dear Libby,
Sounds like either a loose connection or a bad unit.
A loose connection interrupting the power supply or ground could possibly cause it.

May 27, 2016 Tracey of Toronto, Ontario writes regarding water leak found after hooking up city water to 2015 Starcraft

I hooked up my city water connection to the trailer and heard a pop come from underneath the trailer and it started leaking water. The water that was leaking smelled like it was from the black water tank. I have checked the tank and it is fine, no cracks or holes.
What else do you think it could be?
Dear Tracey,
A broken water line. There should be no water going to the tanks until you start running water through the faucets, unless you hooked up to the tank flush

May 23, 2016 Chris of Rockford, Illinois writes regarding 1979 Starcraft top stopping half way when lowering

I just got an older popup camper and I have been having one problem. It cranks all the way up fine but when I go to put it down it stops half way.
The last owner told me to wiggle the poles in the corners so I did and it worked once but now that doesn’t work anymore.
All the pulleys seem to work fine and have not seen any obstructions in the pole tracks. I have been working on this for a week and getting kind of frustrating. Any ideas on what could be causing this? It’s a manual crank too.
Dear Chris,
Sounds like one of the poles is bent. Does it drop or sag to one side or does it come down straight and quit at the same point? If it quits at the same point it’s straight and I would look for an obstruction to the cable.

May 6, 2016 Brandy of Jackson, Michigan writes regarding roof not lifting in 1989 Rockwood

Chain came off the back of the sprocket to lift the roof. The chain is back on, and the front lifts but not the back.
Dear Brandy,
Look and see why it’s not pulling the cables or chain to the rear lift. Sounds like something else came loose whenthe chain had all the slack in it.

May 3, 2016 Mark of Ontario, Canada writes regarding confusion hooking up battery in Fleetwood Bayside popup

I am getting very confused with hooking up my 12v battery onto the trailer. There are three leads, white, black and yellow / black stripe. Can you please advise which lead goes where positive/negative?
I have read that usually the white is negative so does that mean black is positive and I am presuming striped one is for charging battery from tow vehicle, so does that go to positive too?
Dear Mark,
White is ground, black is positive. You might have to trace the striped one to see where it goes. Could be positive or ground, depending on what it’s for; don’t assume.

April 23, 2016 Marvin of Prince George, British Columbia writes regarding cranking up winch too tight on 1991 Fleetwood Shenandoah

I cranked up the winch too tight, unable to get it to release so I can lower it. Is there a solution to this problem?
Dear Marvin,
If you can’t move the crank enough to release the lock or can’t force the lock loose, you might have to loosen a cable to get some play in the crank.

April 13, 2016 Del of Corpus Christi, Texas writes regarding running lights not working on 1999 Coleman when hooked up to tow vehicle

We are preparing for a trip next weekend. We plug the trailer into our vehicle and turn on the lights. Our vehicle lights work, but the running lights don’t work on the popup.
Also, the turn signals, and brake lights work as well. Can you please direct us on what we need to do?
Dear Del,
Check to make sure you’re getting a signal to the receptacle on the back of the truck and then start inspecting and testing the wiring harness on the trailer from front to rear.
Do a visual inspection of the running lights to see if there might be debris built up in one of the lights and shorting things out.

April 9, 2016 Jason of Strathroy, Ontario writes regarding problems lowering 2001 Jayco popup

I have a 2001 Jayco 10V that cranks up just fine, but when I go to lower it, it’s like it stops with a few inches left to go down. If I put pressure on it, it will go down just fine to the point I can latch it normally. Not sure what is causing this but would love to fix it so it doesn’t become a bigger issue.
Dear Jason,
You might try silicone on all of the moving parts and look for any loose brackets or rollers or bent arms.

April 8, 2016 Paul of Enfield, Connecticut writes regarding body parts for 2003 Coleman Westlake and changing LP regulator

Question 1. Seeking front body parts for Coleman Westlake 2003 pop up. Upper front body part that top front storage door is hinged to.
Also, passenger side panel that houses the side entrance storage door.
Question 2. I’m repairing my pop up that some @@$#^%$ crashed into while in winter storage. I had to remove the LP regulator. A brown oily substance poured out of the regulator. There also appears to be this fluid in the piping after the regulator. Is this normal?
Dear Paul,
Yes, it’s normal to get some oily residue in the LP. It it’s not excessive, it shouldn’t be a problem.
See if you can find a Popup Living magazine (or look online), and check their classifieds for Coleman parts.

January 22, 2016 Jason of Wasaga Beach, Ontario writes regarding burnt out dome lights in back of possible Nomad park model purchase

I am thinking of purchasing a 2010 Nomad park model nice unit but one disturbing observation. All the dome lights in the middle of the trailer to the back are burnt out and have browned some of the bulb sockets . The lights on the tip out side are fine. Is this a major concern?
Dear Jason,
It could be a big concern, or it could be as simple as someone had the wrong light bulb in it.

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