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Vehicle/Trailer/Towing/Wiring Schematics


Fleetwood Recall # 30711 NHTSA Recall # 03V247000

2003 Jamboree GT class C

Because an LP gas pipe and hose is unsupported and can be pinched during slideout room operation, leading to an LP gas leak or potential for explosion and/or fire. Dealers will inspect/install support hardware for the LP gas pipe and hose as necessary. Owners should contact Fleetwood at: 800-322-8216.

Gas powered Motorhomes on Ford F-53 chassis NHTSA Recall # 03V152000

Brands affected: 2000-2003 Airstream, Safari, Tiffin, Triple E, Winnebago, Georgie Boy, Gulf Stream, Holiday Rambler, Itasca, Jayco, Monaco, National RV and Newmar

Certain models built on the Ford F-53 chassis fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #105 “Hydraulic and Electric Brake System”. The brake system warning indicator may not function as required by the standard. In some motorhomes the brake-system-warning indicator will not illuminate when the ignition is in the “start” position or when there is low brake fluid. Dealers will repair affected vehicles. Info: National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator 888-327-4236

Winnebago 2002-2204 Itasca Sunova and Winnebago Sightseer motorhomes manufactured March 2001-May 2003 (floorplans 27C, 30B, 33L, and 35N) NHTSA # 03V243000

The flame on the cooking range could be forced downward over the burner or a flame outage could occur when the cooking range and furnace are operating at the same time. The downdraft caused from the location of the furnace and cooking range could cause the flame to go out and the LP to continue flowing, leading to a potential hazardous situation. Info: Winnebago: 641-585-6939

Coachmen RV Company NHTSA Recall # 03V081000

Class Cs built December 2002 through February, 2003. Model year 2003 Santana (floor plans 315SS and 278DS), Leprechaun 314SS, 2003 Shasta Cheyenne (floorplan 208 WBSL) and Shasta RVer (floorplan 308 WBSL).

On these coaches the genset exhaust pipe may have been assemble and installed incorrectly, resulting in insufficient clearance to or contact with the chassis fuel fill tube. When operating the genset the exhaust pipe may reach a temperature that could melt and/or ignite the fuel fill tube, leading to a fire. Owners of affected motorhomes should not operate the generator until the unit has been inspected and/or repaired. Info: Coachmen RV 800-453-6064.

Fleetwood Recall # 30505 on 2003 Jamboree R

There are approximately 740 motorhomes being recalled for possible drive shaft problem. On the affected vehicles, intermediate drive shaft may vibrate excessively, which may lead to carrier-bearing failure, and possible loss of control or vehicle damage. Dealers will inspect and repair the coaches as needed. Info: 800-322-8216

Winnebago Industries, Inc. recall on 2002 Rialta

396 2002 Rialta units are being recalled. Dealers will replace rubber valve stems and wheel covers. NHTSA recall number not provided.

Monaco Monarch, LaPalma and Holiday Rambler Admiral on Workhorse chassis, 2000 – 2002.

Fuel line routing needs to be inspected by dealer for possible additional means of securing fuel line, and/or replace the line if damage has occured. Floorplans involved in recall: 30D, 30PBD, 32PBD, 36DPD, 36PBD, 36WDD and 37 WDD. No NHTSA recall number provided.

Winnebago Itasca Adventurer and Sun Cruiser units on Workhorse chassis. LP supply line. Model year 2001

Dealers will replace the black pipe supplying LP gas to the furnace and replace the LP line on 154 affected units. Models are: WPG35U, WPG37G, IPG35U and IPG37G.

Winnebago Journey, Journey DL and Itasca Horison LP tank attachment. Model years 2000-2002.

1.292 units affected. Dealers will inspect LP tank attachment and retighten fasteners in addition to adding lock nuts. Models: WKP361, WKP361LD and IKP36LD are affected.

1995-2000 (mfg.dates) Pleasure Way Industries, Ltd. (NHTSA recall 01V135) recalling 1,197 Excel and Lexor motorhomes

On certain vehicles the rear brake line may not be properly fastened to the rear axle in the original location. Over time this could cause failure of the rear braking system. Recall fix: Inspection of the rear axle brakes to ensure they are properly clipped to the rear axle, have not been deformed, and there is no interference between the brake lines and any of the rear axle or suspension components. If there is deviation, damage, deformation or interference the lines will be re-aligned, secured and replaced if necessary.

November 1999-June, 2000 (mfg. dates) Ford F-Super Duty motorhome chassis (NHTSA recall 00V254)

Certain chassis may have a misrouted wire harness that attaches to the brake pedal position switch. The wires could rub on the steering column, resulting in a short circuit and a blown fuse, causing the rear brake lights to fail.

Dealers will inspect and, if necessary, repair the wiring harness to the brake pedal switch. For more information contact Ford motorhome customer assistance at: 800-444-3311.

July, 1999 – May, 2000 (mfg. dates) Ford F-Super Duty motorhome chassis (NHTSA recall 00V246111)

Certain chassis may have tie rod ends and/or drag link assembly ends that could have insufficient hardness in the ball stud. This could result in premature wear and separation of the ball stud from its socket.

Dealers will replace the tie rod ends and/or drag link assemblies. For more information contact a local Ford dealer or call Ford motorhome customer assisstance at: 800-444-3311.

April 30, 1999 – March 10, 2000 (mfg dates) Freightlinger Customer Chassis year 2000 XC, XCS, and VCL motorhome chassis (NHTSA recall 00V427)

All effected chassis are equipped with aluminum wheels. On these chassis, the valve stem on the rear inner tire could rub against the wheel and develop a leak. A loss of air on the inner tire, if undetected, could overload the outer tire.

The remedy involves installing a valve stem extension stabilizer. Those affected by the recall should call their Freightliner dealer and have their chassis serial number (the last six digits of the VIN number) handy. Freightliner contact number: 800-385-4357.

December 1997-August 2000 (mfg. dates) Freightliner Custom Chassis (NHTSA recall 00V230002)

On certain chassis built with Caterpillar engines and equipped with Felsted electronic accelerator pedals, the return spings can break on accelerator pedals that are equipped with stainless steel or electroplated wire return springs. If both return springs fail, the throttle will not return to the idle position as intended, and will become stuck.

The remedy involves installing replacemetnt accelerator pedals equipped wtih return springs made out of music wire. Contact Freightliner at: 800-547-0712

Freightliner Custom Chassis recall FL-264 (NHTSA recall 00V279001)

This recall involves 10,460 shuttle buses, RVs, utility vans, and heavy duty trucks equipped with the Meritor WABCO Phase 1, D-version antilock brake system (ABS). The effected vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of FMVSS#105, “Hydraulic and Electric Brake Systems.”

Dealers will remove and replace the ABS electronic control unit on buses and multi-passenger vehicles and reprogram the ECU for all others. Contact Freightliner at: 800-547-0712

1998 (mfg. date) Ford Super Duty F-series motorhome chassis

Ford Motor Company is recalling 19,187 1998 Ford Super Duty F-series motorhome chassis because their accelerator cables are susceptible to freezing when water accumulates in the end fittings. Dealers will replace these accelerator cables wtih revised accelerator cables.

1998 Newell motorhomes

Newell Coach Corporation is recalling 60 1998 Newell motorhomes equiped with Dana suspension systems. A machining operation was omitted from the suspension-arm pivot, causing a restriction in downward suspension travel. Deformation and cracking of the wishbone casing can result. Dealers will replace upper wishbones that have any sign of metal-to-metal contact, and all pivot arms will need to be modified whether or not they show signs of contact.

1998 Coachman Cruise Master motorhomes

Coachman Industries, Inc. is recalling 100 1998 Cruise Master motorhomes built with kitchen slideouts because the flexible LP-gas lines can leak under certain conditions, such as when exposed to heat from the stove for prolonged periods. Dealers will replace the flexible line with a copper line within the slideout.

’89-97 Itasca and Winnebago Motorhomes

Spare tire could fall off and cause accident.

Models: 10,590 motorhomes made 7/88-9/96.

Itasca models include: ’92-97 Adventurer, ’91 Elandan, ’93-95 and ’97 Suncruiser, ’93-94 Sundancer, ’89-93 Sunflyer, and ’95-96 Sunrise.

Winnebago models include: ’92-97 Adventurer, ’95-96 Brave, ’94 Chieftain, ’91 Elandan, ’92-94 Elante, ’93-94 Minnie-Winnie, ’93 Shell, and ’93-97 Vectra.

What to do: Have dealer install a support bracket.

1995 Itasca Suncruiser motor home

Awning attached to slide-out room could unfurl, break loose, and cause an accident.
Models: 424 motorhomes made 8/94-4/95

What do do:Have dealer install arm locks, antibillow studs and brackets, and wind deflectors.

1991-1995 Fleetwood motorhomes

Warning indicator may not come on if pressure in front-brake air reservoir falls below 60 psi. That could reduce braking performance or suddenly engage emergency brake system.
Models: 1175 Class A on Spartan chassis, including ’91-95 American Eagle and ’94-95 American Dream models made 2/91-6/95

What to do:Have dealer install wiring harness that properly connects low-pressure switch to warning indicator.

Recalls-Travel Trailers/Fifth Wheels/Campers

National RV, Inc. 1998-2001 Sea Breeze and Palisades fifth wheels

1,272 Sea Breeze and Palisades fifth wheels are being recalled. Dealers will reinforce the gooseneck structural steel assembly. NHTSA recall number not provided.

Jayco 1996 – 2000 Designer fifth wheels and travel trailers.

12,281 units effected. Dealers will add or replace fasteners used on the underfloor. NHTSA recall number not provided.

Monaco Coach Corp. 1999-2001 Medallion, Grand Medallion and Lakota, Holiday Rambler Imperial, AlumaLite, Alumascape, and Presidential fifth wheels and travel trailer (recalling 6,148 units) (NHTSA recall 01V112/Monaco recall R01005)

On certain trailers the wire supplying 12 volt DC to the holding tank monitoring system display panel was installed without proper circuit protection. Recall fix: will install a 6-amp circuit breaker on the 12 volt DC wire supplying voltage to the holding tank monitor panel display.

Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. 2000-2001 Prowler, Wilderness and Terry fifth wheels Recall (NHTSA recall # 00V379) Fleetwood Recall # 01117

On certain models excessive flexing and/or twisting of the chassis structure that supports and secures the center axle hangers can occur. This can lead to abnormal tire wear, and tearing of the chassis main rails may occur. This condition can lead to a loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of crash.

Dealers will reinforce the chassis by adding steel supports to the main chassis rails above the center axle hanger and will add a cross member in the same area.

Jayco Inc. 1998-2001 Jayco Eagle and Heritage Folding Trailer Recall (NHTSA recall # 00V382)

On certain models a flexible brake hose is not clamped in position away from the tire, which can lead to chaffing of the hose, causing a leak of hydraulic fluid. This could result in a loss of trailer brakes, increasing the risk of a crash.

Dealers will add a clamp to the brake hose.

Dutchmen Manufacturing Recall

Dutchmen Manufacturing, Inc. is recalling 105 (2000) Dutchmen Zephyr and Breeze travel trailers. On certain models wooden boards were mounted between the axle brackets and the frame. The boards could deteriorate or compress enough to allow the metal bracket of the axle mount to press downward against the bracket side mounting bolts. This contact could create a shearing force across the bolts, allowing the axles to separate from the travel trailer. Dealers will replace the wood with steel tubing. NHTSA Recall # 00V049

1995 Holiday Rambler Imperial travel trailer and 5th wheel

Slide-out room could open suddenly.
Models: 313 trailers, with one or two hydraulically operated slideout rooms, made 6/94-11/94

What to do:Have dealer remove remote power switches on hydraulic motor and limit operation of slide-out room to primary switches mounted inside trailer.

Cobra and Rockwood 5th wheels and travel trailers

Chassis wire harness could be pinched or cut, causing loss of control or complete brake failure.
Models: 43,330 trailers made 5/87-8/95, including ’88-96 Cobra Salem and Sierra; ’90-96 Cobra Corsica and Sandpiper; ’90-95 Cobra Scottsdale; ’91-96 Cobra Lumina; ’92-96 Cobra Sunrise; ’91-96 Rockwood Prestige and Lumina; ’91-95 Rockwood Royale; and ’93-96 Rockwood Wildwood

What to do:Have dealer take up slack in chassis wire harness and secure harness to frame of trailer with single eye wire loop.

Recalls-Other Products

Samsung Electronics Microwaves Manufactured between May, 2002 and July, 2003  NHTSA # 03E04400

Samsung in cooperation with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a recall of microwave ovens sold in the U.S. and installed in RVs within the past three years.

Samsung has determined that the microwave ovens may bein operation unassisted and result in smoke and fire. Anyone who owns an RV with these ovens should unplug the microwave or leave the door ajar. Repairs will be performed by a Registered Service Center Representative. Customers should contact Samsung to arrange for free, on-site repair of their microwave.

Service arrangements and more information can be obtained at:

1-800-932-3837 M-F between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM EST. Note: Have your name, address, model number, date of manufacture, and serial number (from inside label) ready prior to calling for service.

Email: [email protected] Provide you name, address, model number, date of manufacture, and serial number (from inside label) within the body of your email.

Fax: 1-973-556-1525

The new models included in this recall are: MR1031WB, MR1032BB, MR1033SB, MR1351WB and MR1352BB. These microwaves were built between May 2002 and July 2003 and installed in RVs sold during that time frame.

Models affected by the earlier recall notice include: MR5491G, MR5491G01, MR5492W, MR7493G01, MR6698WB, MR6699GB and MR6699SB.

You can locate the model number and manufacture date of your oven on the inside of the microwave door.

Microwave oven models MR1031UWC, MR1031CWC, MR1032UBC, MR1032CBC and MR1351WB manufactured after May 2003 and MR1352WB manufactured after August 2003 are not included in this recall. No other Samsung microwave ovens are involved in this recall.

For more information call the Samsung Customer Care Center at 1-800-932-3837 or visit http://www.samsungusa.com/microwaveovens.

You may also visit the NHTSA web site at http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/problems/recalls/recallsearch.cfm (The NHTSA campaign number is 003E04400. The expansion is listed at 04-E-031.

Norcold Gas/Electric Refrigerators built from January, 1987-May, 1995.

Norcold has voluntarily recalled the gas/electric refrigerator models, built from January, 1987 through May, 1995 listed below. If your refrigerator model’s serial number is in the chart, it requires immediate service. You can find your model and serial number on the inside right of your refrigerator cabinet.

Continued operation using propane gas of a refrigerator under this recall could result in a fire.

If you own an affected model: Immediately switch your refrigerator’s controls to AC power (or DC power, if available, while in transit). No LP gas power operation should occur because it could create an unsafe condition. Contact a dealer/service center to arrange a service date soon. The gas valve in your refrigerator will be replaced at no charge. Call Norcold at 1-800-667-3005 with any questions.

  • Model 442 Serial Number 01000-08255
  • Model 443 Serial Number 01000-11972
  • Model 452 Serial Number 01000-14302
  • Model 453 Serial Number 01000-05418, 54195-54208
  • Model 462 Serial Number 00001-120909
  • Model 463 Serial Number 00001-05210
  • Model 482 Serial Number 00001-24398
  • Model 483 Serial Number 00001-03518
  • Model EV452 Serial Number 01002-10327
  • Model EV462 Serial Number 01000-01283
  • Model EV463 Serial Number 01266-01283
  • Model EV482 Serial Number 01000-01204, 18827-18828, 89158
  • Model EV483 Serial Number 01050-01319
  • Model 874EG2 Serial Number 01000-03988
  • Model 874EG3 Serial Number 01000-02347
  • Model 875EG2 Serial Number 01000-24711
  • Model 875EG3 Serial Number 01000-05696

Tekonsha Engineering Company (NHTSA # 01E036) Recall of 10,026 (1994-2001) SurePull trailer hitch receivers

Tekonsha SurePull trailer hitch receivers sold for use on certain Chevy Blazer, Oldsmobile Bravada and GMC Jimmy SUVS are being recalled because the hitches were mislabeled as to their weight distributing capabilities. These hitches could fail if overloaded, causing the support arms to break without warning, possibly causing seperation between the towing vehicle and the trailer. Tekonsha is notifying distributors and OEM and will replace the defective hitches free of charge.

Grand Hall Enterprises (NHTSA 01E014) Recall of 66,000 propane regulators manufactured between 1/96 – 12/99

Certain model 6000 automatic change over regulators, used with propane fuel, contain two rubber diaphragms in which the second diaphragm can tear under pressure, resulting in a propane leak, and possible fire in the presence of an ignition source. Recall fix: return of regulators to store of purchase for a replacement regulator free of charge.

Kwikee Products Company, Inc. Electronic Step Control Voluntary Recall

Recall on electric step contols (black box) part # 90950600, serial numbers #0093822 through 0103007, sold approximately between July 1, 2000 and October 1, 2000.

The effected controls incorporate a purple wire that connects the porch light or other 12-volt switch to Kwikee’s under-step light. This wire may cause the step to retract without warning when the porch light is energized, creating a risk of personal injury or property damage.

Owners are urged to inspect all step contols purchased during this period and to determine whether the serial number on their control falls within the range listed above. The defect can be remedied by cutting the purple wire at the base of the control, or, Kwikee will supply a replacement control. Purple wires on some of the controls already may have been cut off by the time they reached the customer.

For more information on this voluntary safety recall (#00E-077) contact Kwikee at 800-736-9961. Kwikee suggests all customers who purchased a control whose serial number falls within this range make the call.

Timeless Information

U.S. Towing, Motorhome and Road Laws (has now moved to our RV Travel Guide section for each state)

Dinghy Tow Guide

Looking for what vehicles are towable four wheels down, or what modifications are needed? Motorhome Magazine publishes this annually in their January issue of Motorhome magazine, but now has this information on the Internet and can be found at: http://motorhome.tl.com/dinghytowingguide/

N.A.D.A. Guidebooks and Appraisals

They will also research the value of a single unit for $30.00 (these are also items no longer listed due to age) and provided this “new” number for folks to call: 888/232-6232. Tell them RV Advice of the WWW referred you!

Natural Cure for Motion Sickness while traveling

A British scientific study found that ginger is more effective than Dramamine in sping motion sickness. You can purchase candied ginger in Asian food markets and chew on it while traveling, or you can buy ginger supplements in a health food store, then take two 500-milligram capsules about an hour before embarking on your trip and one or two more capsules every four hours while you’re traveling.

Assisted Traveling Leads

Independent Mobility Systems 800/467-8267 (van conversions)

National Rehabilitation Information Center 800/346-2742 (a place for information and referrals for almost anything related to disabilities)

Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America703/524-6686 Website is http://www.resna.org

Alliance of Technology Access 800/455-7970 or email to ataftae @ aol.com (they publish a guide listing manufacturers and funding sources)

Ford Mobility Motoring Program 800/952-2248

Getting Off Of Catalog Mailing Lists

This address will only address catalog companies which are members of the Direct Marketing Assoc. (and I understand almost all of them are members). You must write to them and request that your name be taken off its mailing lists. Write to:
The Direct Marketing Assoc.
PO Box 9008
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Meanwhile you can donate those stacks of catalogs to a nursing home or hospital.

Vehicle/Trailer/Towing/Wiring Schematics (more to be added)

Six-way motorhome and tow car schematics

Seven-way trailer connectors with flat pins

To find TOW CAPACITY when towing behind a Versahaul motorcycle carrier