RV Advice: Q&A RV Dinosaurs

RV Advice: Q&A RV Dinosaurs

Below are E-mail questions and answers that are related to twenty year and older RVs. You can send your question(s) using the form at the bottom of all our Q&A pages. We answer ALL email that comes in to us, even what other RV web sites forward to us.


This page last updated June 8th containing letters emailed to Pete from January 1 – June 3, 2015.

Fifth Wheels

April 14, 2015 Cindy of Jefferson, Texas writes regarding location of fuse box in 1993 NuWa Hitchhiker II

Where is the fuse box?
Dear Cindy,
Probably under the step going up into the front of the fifth wheel.

January 4, 2015 Fred of Arizona writes regarding location of converter in 1981 HR Presidential fifth wheel

Where do I find the converter in this 5th wheel?
Also, do you know where I can get a repair manual that shows the location of everything?
I just bought this one and am working on it, but need a repair manual.
Dear Fred,
I can’t with the manual (as stated on our Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs, page).
You will just have to look for the converter. It is probably with the breakers and fuses. Look for this behind a vented panel (for air flow).
Pick up a basic RV repair and maintenance manual at: https://www.rvadvice.com/rvbooks.html

Motor homes

June 1, 2015 Rachel of Willson, Pennsylvania writes and re-writes regarding speed sensor issues in 1990 Mallard with Chevy 454

This 1990, a transmission year for this MH, has a fault light that says the speed sensor is bad.
The issue is that there is no speed sensor that we can find on the transmission as reported in the GM work shop manual.
The set up is like that of the 1989 model with air conditioning, fans and other 1989 features–there is no over drive in the transmission, we think this is a hydro 400 4 speed auto without overdrive.
1990 is supposed to have a different transmission. I think this is a ’90 with ’89 parts.
How do we get the red light off if the sensor isn’t there? Could it be on the rear end or some other place? I have the workshop manuals for 1990, it is titled 90) electrical and drive train.
Dear Rachel,
If there is no overdrive, it shouldn’t have electronics to set a light.
GM used the cruise control signal generator on some of the early electronic units as the speed sensor.

Rachel writes back:

Thanks for getting back to me. We resolved it and I’ll share how with you for your future reference.
This motor and chases came from GM– I got the factory print out– and was supposed to have an electronically controlled speed sensor (VSS) mounted either at the electronic speedometer cluster in the dashboard or on the transmission. Mallard switched the dashboard set up and used a mechanical speedometer with cable drive, not the factory issued VSS so the GM part number we ran down was not correct! BTW the original VSS is no longer made and aftermarket sellers want from $100 to $185 bucks for one.
Here is the solution. A truck mechanic I know said, “check the cable, it’s in the cable. We traced the cable and sure enough, in-line, in a hard to see place half way between the dash and the transmission, we found the VSS. We also found the cruise control sensor. The weird thing is the cruise control comes first and it’s a 8 pulse counter, then a short 18′ cable , then the VSS which is a two pulse counter. The existing VSS is/was a mechanical drive unit with male in and male out 5/8 thread. A very simple device.
We searched on line for a unit that met the necessary specifications. I.E. what we discovered via examination and the factory manual specifications–this took some doing– I found a picture of it on Google images and went from there. We found it at a hot rod suppler that specializes in converting foreign cars to use American motors. Jaguars that Run (JagsThatRun) had it in stock for 85 bucks–problem solved. Ironically, the unit we received from JTR is exactly the same unit and manufacture as the original Mallard installed aftermarket part. This was not an NOS part but was new– odd as we could not find that manufacturer on line. Please feel free to share this with your readers.

Pete replies to Rachel

The cable and signal generator you have was actually the GM built the chassis. The original signal generator was a Delco part, but discontinues a long, long time ago. Most of the ones being used today are Dana parts. If you look at the Dana Rosta after market cruise control units, you will see the signal generator. It’s been a long time since I searched for one so the name I mentioned could have changed also. But Gear Vendor also uses that same signal generator for the speed signal to activate their units; and Gear Vender also supplies and sells the signal generator.

June 1, 2015 Richard of Gilroy, California writes regarding no power when turning key on 1987 Southwind with Chevy 454

My question is when I go to turn the key there is no power at all no crank / no lights not even my headlights have power and I turn on that little switch that says main battery I turn it on and still no ignition power or headlights.
Dear Richard,
You will have to trouble shoot from your batteries forward to see where you are losing power. Could be a bad connection or a problem with the disconnect solenoid.

May 30, 2015 Richard of Washington writes regarding loss of power steering in 1985 Southwind

While moving the RV the other day the power steering sped working and I had very little brakes. It sounded and felt to me like I had broke a hose, yet when I checked the hose was intact and the system was full of fluid.
Dear Richard,
I would suspect your pump failed. What chassis do you have?
Some of the old John Deere units used two pumps and two separate reservoirs for the fluid.

May 29, 2015 John of California writes regarding proper fuel pressure for 1990 Fleetwood Pace Arrow with Chevy 454

What is the proper fuel pressure? What is the proper replacement for the Holley regulator? 12804 at 1 to 4 psi or 12803 at 4.5 to 9 psi?
Dear John,
You will want the 4.5 to 9 psi Under full load you will need the 9 psi or at least 8 psi

May 29, 2015 Gwen of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania writes regarding 1988 Sun Vista with Chevy 454 not re- starting when shut off after traveling a short distance

Our RV starts fine and runs well, however after traveling a short distance, at times a half an hour, if we shut it off to sign in or get gas, it then will not start again for a while.
We have changed the starter twice, had the starter shimmed. It has done this since we got it about 8 years ago, other than this problem it runs fine. We are at a loss for ideas. Can you help us?
Dear Gwen,
My question is when it won’t start, will it crank or not?
If it won’t crank you could be dealing with a bad ground between the battery and engine.
If it just “clicks”, you could be having a problem with the hot start relay located on the alternator bracket.
If it cranks and just won’t start, then you need to check and see if you have an ignition or fuel problem.

May 26, 2015 Earl of Shermans Dale, Pennsylvania writes regarding location of engine diagnostic plug in 1992 Fleetwood Flair with Chevy 454

Looking for the engine diagnostic plug
Dear Earl,
Should be under the dash next to the steering column. Check to see if your instrument cluster is hinged, if so, lift up; it could be under there with the fuse panel.

May 26, 2015 Wes of Wade, North Carolina writes regarding looking for replacement head light switch for 1994 Southwind with Cummins engine on Oshkosh chassis

I just need a replacement headlight switch and no one seems to have one.
Any ideas?
Dear Wes,
You can get one from NAPA and make it work. If you call Freightliner and have your VIN they can see you one, but you will also have to purchase a small wiring harness to connect it.

May 26, 2015 Larry of Adamsville, Tennessee writes regarding fuel pump not working in 1991 Fleetwood Bounder with Ford chassis

I’m getting power to fuel pump but it does not come on. Changed fuel pump but still does not come on as long as I use starter fluid it runs, what could it be? A relay, if so, where is it located?
Dear Larry,
On a 1991 it could be a Ford or an Oshkosh chassis. Oshkosh used a fuel pump fuse. Ford used a relay. The relay could be mounted inside on the fire wall near the floor line and steering column, or it could be with the chassis fuse panel outside of the fire wall.

May 26, 2015 Zebb of Cleveland, Ohio writes regarding 1989 Fleetwood Southwind 32′ not liking hills or accelerating

I have heard many stories about these 454 Chevy motor homes struggling up hills and accelerating and an equal number of solutions. My RV seems to run great but doesn’t like hills and accelerating is time consuming.
What can one really expect performance wise from this setup? Is 45mph up a slight hill normal? Should it take five minutes to reach 55 mph on flat roads? What are some problem areas to look for? Has new wires, plugs and fuel (2)/air filters.
Also, the horn quite working.
Dear Zebb,
Sounds like you’re struggling someplace.
A 32′ Southwind should clip right along on slight hills. You should be to 55 mph in a minute or less on flat roads.
I would check to see if the lift pump in the tank is running. Fleetwood sometimes mounted the pump outside next to the tank.

May 25, 2015 Dave of Largo, Florida writes regarding electrical problems with newly purchased 1989 Tiffin Allegro with Chevy 454

Must have been brain dead when I bought this coach. Has electrical problems. Appeared everything worked when purchased-NOT-
Bought 11/2012 Onan quit 5/13. I had to remove and replace gen end bearing, also did brushes, block, points, plugs, carb, updated all electrical parts on gen. Now puts out a clean 118.9 VAC BUT there is no coach power!
Shore power everything works ac-dc all items gen set dc works (but that is battery) no noted blown breakers, fuses OK.
I have only run of the genset one time for a couple minutes after purchase. Now looking back in hind sight I should have put it all together; microwave oven light cooked and melted, Norcold reefer board bad, 120 volt TV quit, A/C motor out, thought it was just age and since run off shore power never gave a thought, until now!
Everything has been replaced and upgraded to new coach standards.
So question is WHAT THE HECK AM I MISSING? Why no gen power to coach?
Dear Dave,
On your old ’89 model unit you might want to look in the box with the shore power cord for a receptacle to plug the cord into when the generator is running, or check to see if maybe you have one side of your transfer switch busted.

May 25, 2015 Stan of Salem, Oregon writes regarding electric steps not working with 1992 Class C

How do I get my electric step to work?

If I play with the magnet, sometimes it works, most of the time, not.
Dear Stan,
Replace your door switch from what you’re stating in your email. The magnetic switches do go bad.

May 25, 2015 Rita of Laurel Hill, North Carolina writes regarding finding wiring diagrams for 1988 Pinnacle with Chevy chassis

Where would I find an owners manual or something with wiring diagrams for this RV? I have two rather thick black and green wires coming from the overhead section of the drivers seat. The ceiling was torn out due to a serious leak and the guy who did it is no-longer around. I have no idea where or what they go to.
Dear Rita,
Try the RV/Mobile Home Hall of Fame (link on our RV Links Page).
I bet the only wiring diagram, even made for it, was for manufacturing the unit, and never in a service manual for repair shops or consumers.

May 25, 2015 Joe of Grand Rapids, Michigan writes regarding whether there is a separate fuse for water pump in 1991 Winnebago Elandon with Ford 460

Is there a separate fuse for the water pump. My pump will run if wired directly but there is no power through the wiring.
Dear Joe,
Look for a water pump controller and check all the switches. Sometimes if they didn’t use a controller they had one switch, usually on monitor panel that was the master switch that had to be on before the other switches would work.

May 25, 2015 Tim of Jasper, Tennessee writes regarding problems with fuel pump in 1989 Allegro on John Deere chassis and Ford drive train

The fuel pump gets power when you turn the switch to the start position but looses power when you release it back to the run position.
I’ve checked the inertia switch it seems to be good, is there a relay for the pump somewhere? Or can I run a hot wire straight to the fuel pump from the ignition switch and not burn the fuel pump up?
Dear Tim,
Yes, there is a relay. You should have a relay tied up someplace under the dash tied up in the wiring harness.
You can run a hot wire straight to the fuel pump, but in doing so, you’re bypassing all safety features.

May 24, 2015 Michael of Las Vegas, Nevada writes regarding tail lights not working on 1984 Allegro motor home with Chevy 454

The rear lights, tail lights do not work. If you have the head lights on the brake lights don’t work; brake lights on and you turn on the left blinker the lights get dim on the left rear and the right rear start a dim blink. Right rear blinker doesn’t work.
Dear Michael,
You need to start pulling lenses and checking and replacing sockets as necessary to get rid of all the feedback from circuit to circuit; you might have to replace a few fuses and bulbs also.

May 22, 2015 Mike of Rocky Point, North Carolina writes regarding fuel pump going out on 1989 Sun Vista on John Deere chassis with Ford 460

My fuel pump went out and I have installed an in line electric rotary style pump. It will crank and run great but it will not stay running it has gas and a filter, I was wondering what style I need to put on it and should I put it near the tank at the bottom or or should I put it near the engine because it has to pump up in elevation from the tank fittings at the bottom and it has to pump a long distance.
Dear Mike,
If there is no pump mounted in front of the tank then the original pump is in the tank. It was usually mounted on a cross member just in front of the tank near the . The Holly red fuel pump is a good replacement pump. Make sure you’re not loosing power to the pump, it could be a bad relay.

May 21, 2015 James of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia writes regarding no interior lights unless plugged into electric in 1979 Triple E motor home

I have no interior lights when not plugged into 110v. I am trying to find the 12 v fuse panel but can not find it anywhere. Do you know where the fuse box is on this 1979 Triple E motherhood ? Not the breaker panel, the 12v fuse panel.
Dear James,
It might not have one. Some of those old models used a series of barrel fuses in-line, maybe under a coach battery or next to the coach batteries.

May 20, 2015 Shayne of Decatur, Georgia writes regarding fuel pump draining battery on possible motor home purchase

I’m interested in purchasing an RV from a seller. He states that the batteries are new but he has had to charge them recently due to something pulling from the battery. He states that he continues to leave on the “Fuel Pump Switch”. Does a stock fuel pump drain from the battery while the vehicle is parked? I’m assuming this could be for the generator.
I know there is not a lot of info here, so thanks for your help.
Dear Shayne,
Constant power to a fuel pump would run the battery down; but I have never seen a manufacturer’s installed on/off switch for the fuel pump on a motor home or gen set in my thirty plus years of working on them. You normally have a water pump switch and that shouldn’t be left on all the time.
Someone could have added a switch for an after market pump. If so, it should only have power to the switch when the key is on and that would eliminate any draw on it.

May 19, 2015 Linda of Olympia, Washington writes regarding location of fuel pump relay in 1990 Fleetwood Bounder on Chevy P chassis with Chevy 454

I need help to locate the fuel pump relay. One source referenced the “shipping panel” ; and while I’m not sure what that is, I’m guessing it’s where the radiator is mounted — however, the relay is not there.
Dear Linda,
Find the GM fuse panel (should be under the dash), then you should see a series of relays next to the GM fuse panel.

May 18, 2015 Tom of Sterling, Virginia writes regarding stuck speedo and tranny stuck in second gear in 1991 Tiffin Allegro Bay with Chevy 454

Coming in from a trip today the speedometer stuck at 15 mph at the same time the volt gauge went to “0” and the tranny would shift but it seemed to be stuck in 2nd gear. What is going on?
Is it the shifting module? I just changed the fluid and it was perfect but I went ahead and changed it anyway. The coach was perfect going and it did make it home but I am at a loss as to why the 15 mph.

Dear Thomas,
Do some trouble shooting starting with fuses (gauge). Then ground connections, speed sensor and wiring connection. Test the alternator, you should have an ideal by then if it is an issue with the ECM.

January 4, 2015 Fred of Arizona writes regarding location of converter in 1981 HR Presidential fifth wheel

Where do I find the converter in this 5th wheel?
Also, do you know where I can get a repair manual that shows the location of everything?
I just bought this one and am working on it, but need a repair manual.
Dear Fred,
I can’t with the manual (as stated on our Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs, page).
You will just have to look for the converter. It is probably with the breakers and fuses. Look for this behind a vented panel (for air flow).
Pick up a basic RV repair and maintenance manual at: https://www.rvadvice.com/rvbooks.html

May 11, 2015 Jay of Tunbridge, Vermont writes regarding brakes in 1990 Winnebago Chieftain with Ford 460

My brakes were replaced with new lines and everything.
When I drive and start braking, the brake pedal works fine when braking, but when I get my foot off the brake, it slowly comes up often I have to put my foot behind the brake pedal to pull the brake up.
Does that mean I have to replace the whole brake cylinder? Or can it be easily adjusted to come up right away after braking?
Dear Jay,
Check the linkage you might actually find a grease cert on it; or just need to be sprayed with penetrate oil. I don’t think you have a problem with the cylinder.

May 9, 2015 Joe of Brawley, California writes regarding trying to replace transmission oil cooler hoses in 1987 Bounder with Chevy 454

We replaced radiator on engine due to overheating issue. We noticed two transmission oil cooler lines going to A/c condenser. We cannot locate the hoses to install new.
Why would you have transmission lines going to A/C condenser, then rerouted back into engine radiator assembly?
I have so much trouble locating parts for this engine and transmission.
Dear Joe,
You can take the line off and go to a parts house in your area and have them made up; really, anyone making hydraulic hose can do it.
They are probably engine oil cooler lines, usually the transmission cooler lines go to the radiator, and the AC condenser also houses the engine oil cooler.

May 9, 2015 Lee of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin writes regarding 1989 Mallard Sprinter with Chevy 454 taking gas slowly when fueling up

When filling my 1989 Mallard Sprinter 454 Chevy with gas, it takes gas slowly. If you have gas coming out of the pump fast, it will not take gas at all, it acts like its full.If it is a slow running pump, it will take gas, but will take 20 minutes to put in 30 gallons. Any suggestions?
Dear Lee,
Unplug the vent line and make sure it runs higher than the filler tube.

May 8, 2015 Nichole of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania writes regarding 1991 Chevy 350 class B with non working speedometer and tachometer

I bought a 1991 Chevy van motor home and the speedometer and tachometer does not work. I’ve changed the speed sensor and that didn’t fix anything. I don’t know what to do now because they won’t pass my inspection without it being fixed. Any advice would be appreciated.
Dear Nichole,
Try and find a service manual for the chassis. Some of those had a small control module under the dash that picked up the signal form the G.C.M.

May 7, 2015 Tommy of Avondale, Arizona writes regarding location of emergency shut off for the fuel pump

Where is emergency shut off for the fuel pump?
Dear Tommy,
Good question. Look inside under the dash around the steering column. I know it has a couple of relays for the pump, usually on the radiator support, next to the horns or behind the battery; but I don’t know that I have ever seen the reset shut down switch on those older units.

May 6, 2015 Carl of New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania writes regarding whether or not to replace blown engine in 1986 Georgie Boy

I am broken hearted, I started down the road for a short trip and the engine blow up 20 miles out of town. Now it sits in my shop and I need to decide if I should try an engine swap.
It looks like the engine has to come out the front and I am sure it is no small job. I have tools and a cherry Picker.But I need someone to tell me if I am crazy to put the time and money into something this old.
Are there any major reason that this can not be done? The frame and the inside are all in good shape for the year but … I just do not know whether to try or not. I even have an engine that should fit if I can find a bell housing to match the trans.
I guess my real question is it time to let go or get to work?
I am sure this is not your typical question but having followed your site your years, I felt if I could ask anyone … It would be you.
If your answer is yes .. go for it then do you have any advise on best approach or pitfalls to avoid?
Dear Carl,
I guess the biggest question would be overall condition of your motor home and how much do you want to put into it?
If you have the tools and the engine, I would say go for it. If it has a driver’s door, that’s usually the easiest way to change it.
Some people pull the transmission and go out the bottom. If the grill was easy to remove, it would usually go through the front.

May 3, 2015 Ray SHOUTS regarding 1994 Itasca Suncruiser motor home not starting, then starting and not shutting down

Dear Ray, You need to find out why the FSS solenoid is not working. You should be able to see it move just by turning the key off and on.
There is an adjustment on the linkage for length to insure that the solenoid is opening and closing, but not opening too far or it will stick and not shut down.

May 1, 2015 Chandia of Mexico, Missouri writes regarding replacing speedometer in 1984 Fleetwood Southwind with Chevy chassis

How do you replace the speedometer; is it all one piece or two?
Dear Chandia,
I can’t remember for sure, but I am thinking that is the GM cluster with speed-o on one side and four gauges on the other side in a circle about the size of the speed-o head. If you can find parts they all can be changed separately.

April 30, 2015 Greg of Hood River, Oregon writes regarding problems with 1973 Winnebago Indian with 413 Dodge after installing new converter

I have a 1973 Winnebago and I just put in the converter and it everything works with the generator on but when you plug into an outlet there is no power.
Also, the water leveling/holding tank/air compressor control won’t work at all. So if you turn on the faucet nothing happens.
Dear Greg,
Look for some switches or breakers to change from shore power to generator. Most of the older coaches did not use transfer switches.
Your water pump system is 12 volt. Make sure you have good coach battery voltage.

April 30, 2015 Rachel of El Cajon, California writes regarding emergency brake locking up on 1976 Winnebago Chieftain with Dodge 440

The emergency brake has locked up, not sure how to fix this issue. Currently can’t drive it due to this and I live in it so I need it drivable so I don’t get a ticket.
Dear Rachel,
I believe it’s a drive line park brake on the back of the transmission. Pull the drive shaft, disconnect the cable from the linkage on the brake assembly; pull the brake drum and find out why it’s stuck.

April 30, 2015 Tom of Wattsburg, Pennsylvania writes regarding finding fuses to trace draw on battery in 1988 Sprinter with Ford 460

Trying to locate second fuse on motor home to try trace draw on truck battery. Found one under dash by emergency peddle, can’t find other or others?
Dear Tom,
Your 1988 Mallard should have the power converter, AC breakers and coach fuses all in the same box. Look behind a vented panel (for air flow), either in a cabinet, wall, or possibly under the sofa or bed.

April 28, 2015 Wolf of Doyle, California writes regarding finding emergency brake cable for 1974 Eldorado with Dodge chassis

Does anybody happen to be parting out a 1974 Dodge MB300 chassis MH, or know of any recyclers where I could pick up a front emergency brake cable for my RV?
Dear Wolf,
You can check some on line RV salvage yards. Measure the length of cable and housing.
If I ever get to where I can get back in my shop, I might have a new one.

April 26, 2015 Bernie of Vienna, Ontario writes regarding three year old problem with brake warning light illuminating intermittently in 1992 Itasca with Chevrolet chassis

On July 26, 2013 the red brake warning light on dash flashes on and off intermittently. Sometimes it will stay on for a period of time and then go off for awhile. I have had this problem for the past three years. Brake fluid and pads are fine.
Could you please tell me the location of the sensor and other possible causes of this problem?
Dear Bernie,
Have you checked the sensor located on your parking brake front pedal assembly?

April 25, 2015 Boettger of Henderson, Nevada writes regarding replacement rear suspension parts for 1989 Fleetwood on Chevy chassis

Rear suspension is using rubber blocks instead of leaf springs, one side has sheared and is now sitting on the bump s.
Where can I find replacement parts or is there another way to fix this?
Dear Boettger,
Mor Ryde suspension.

April 24, 2015 Joe of Kenly, North Carolina writes regarding belt configuration for 1989 Bounder with John Deere chassis

Need to know what the belt configuration is on this RV. 1989 Fleetwood Bounder with a John Deer chassis. It has a Ford 460 V8 with 9 pulleys. Belts have come completely off. If we could get a list of the part numbers for the belts would be good as well.

Dear Joe,
Freightliner parts can come up with part numbers for you and possibly a diagram, but they will need your VIN.

April 24, 2015 Kari of Prince George, British Columbia writes regarding power switch for second battery in 1977 GMC Chevy Van

The motor home is called a Country Classic Senior.
We have just hooked up our 2nd battery for power use to the motor home. We have a fan under bottom of bed that turned in as soon as second battery was connected, great our lights all work, yayyy!
But where is the power switch located to turn second battery on and off? The previous owner said breaker box is next to the fan.
I have found the breaker box. Tried all of the switches and it is not one of them. Do we have to keep unconnecting the battery and reconnecting the battery, or do you know where this switch is located?
Dear Kari,
You might not have a battery disconnect switch for the second battery.
You can add a knife blade disconnect on the ground cable very easily.

April 23, 2015 Robert of Charlotte, Michigan writes regarding how to switch air conditioner from gen power to electric

We just bought this motor home and can’t figure out how to switch the roof a/c from generator powered to electric. Is there a switch somewhere? Can’t find info in the limited manual that came with it.
Dear Robert,
If it has two AC units, one of them may be wired to the genset only. Some of the older motor homes had a couple of breakers to flip in different direction to change from shore power to generator power and some used a toggle switch on the wall.

April 22, 2015 Kathy of Underwood, North Dakota writes regarding gasoline running out of back when idling with 1989 Winnebago SuperChief

When the motor home is idling gas runs out by the back of the motor home. When we drive it, it seems to not run out and was wondering what is causing it.
Dear Kathy,
It could be a busted fuel line or vent line leaking. I wouldn’t drive it until it’s fixed. You can’t see the fuel flying out while you’re driving and you have tail pipes back there.

April 22, 2015 Mike of Yuma, Arizona writes regarding location of fuel pump in 1983 Mobile Traveler with Ford 460

Where is the fuel pump located and is it electric?
Also, the fuel gauge does not work.
Dear Mike,
1983, you’re working on my recall.
If you don’t see a pump on the engine or inside of the frame rail, then it will be in the tank, electric.
The float on the sending unit is the number one failure on the fuel gauge.

April 21, 2015 Rocky of Mound, Minnesota writes regarding front brakes locked up in 1977 Coachmen Leprechaun

My front brakes are locked up, I took the caliper off and checked the piston. It will go in with a C-clamp and come out when I press the brake. Put it all back together and it brakes but will not release.
Dear Rocky,
Sounds like you need new calipers or possibly the hoses going to the calipers.
Apply the brakes, if they don’t release open the bleeder valve to see if the caliper is stuck or if there is a blockage keeping the fluid from returning.

April 21, 2015 Kim of Smiths, Alabama writes regarding headlights not working on 1987 HR Rambler with Chevy 454

My headlights don’t come on but all my other lights work. Thinking it might be a fuse but not sure where to look.
Dear Kim,
Sounds more like the head light switch or bulbs, maybe the dimmer switch.
I don’t think your Holiday has a fuse on the headlights. I believe it has a floor mounted dimmer switch on your model year. Check for power in and out of the switch. No power in, back up to head light switch. If you have power out of the dimmer switch, go to the bulbs.

April 21, 2015 Bryan of Maxwell, Iowa writes regarding blinkers and brake lights not working in newly purchased 1985 Fleetwood Mallard class A with Chevy 454

When I bought this RV the blinkers and brake lights weren’t working, but the man who sold it to me had them fixed before I picked it up. He said it was some kind of fuse or something.
Now they have sped again, I imagine it’s the same problem, but I don’t know where that fuse would be, the only fuse box I can find is for the entire electrical system of the RV, like outlets, lights, fridges. I haven’t found anything where a fuse would be for blinker lights. Do you know where to look?
Dear Bryan,
It should be located under the dash on the driver’s side. I have seen them over the dog house under the dash as well.

April 20, 2015 Jeff of Charlotte, North Carolina writes regarding fuel leak with 1984 Itasca Sunflyer

I’ve got a fuel leak coming from what appears to be the fuel regulator. It is about 3 inches in front of the fuel pump on the passenger side. It connects to the fuel pump by a straight threaded pipe and the fuel line with a metal fitting. Is that the fuel regulator or something else?
Dear Jeff,
It is the fuel pressure regulator. If you can’t find a GM replacement you can get a Holley after market regulator from a local speed shop.

April 20, 2015 Beth of Clarendon, Texas writes regarding 1976 motor home with Dodge 318 that will idle, but die if put into gear

We have replaced the fuel pump and lines on this vehicle. It will idle, but when you put it in gear it dies. My son is trying to get it moved to a location in the oil field where he is working.
I have suggested a good supply of fuel filters as the vehicle has been setting for several years. Is Mom crazy or could this be a possible fix? Would appreciate any GOOD advice besides burning it. He needs a place to sleep.
Dear Beth,
If he replaced the lines and pump he should have replaced the filters. He could have a bad ignition module causing low spark.
Also, check for big vacuum leaks and a really dirty carburetor.

April 18, 2015 Jo of White Pigeon, Michigan writes regarding auxiliary battery charged and reinstalled incorrectly in 1985 Tioga with Chevy P30 chassis

I recently had my auxiliary battery charged and when it was put back into the front apparently he put the cables back on wrong. In turn, my gas gauge has sped working, my running lights won’t come on, my parking lights won’t come on and I smelled burning plastic inside the camper. I now have black streaks going across my inside roof where wiring should be.
I immediately changed the battery cables to the way they should be but I think the damage was already done. I checked all fuses, all are fine. I have no idea what else I am suppose to do now, but now my auxiliary battery won’t keep a charge like it use to.
Dear Jo,
Start checking fuses on the chassis side first, running lights, parking lights, gas gauge, that’s all on the chassis side. Then you will have to test the battery to see if the battery shorted or if there is a problem with the charging system.

April 16, 2015 Trish of Hudson, Wisconsin writes regarding fresh water tank not accepting water

When filling the fresh water tank it will not accept the water. Is there an air vent or valve that I should be checking? And if so, where would it be?
Dear Trish,
Yes, there is a vent tube that runs from the of the tank to the filler spout where you fill the tank. The plastic strap that holds the cap for the fresh water fill is usually the plug for the vent line and should be removed while filling.

April 16, 2015 James of Effort, Pennsylvania writes regarding location of horn in 1989 class A Mallard on John Deere chassis with Ford engine

Location of horn. Can’t find under hood. There is one on roof. If that is it how do I replace?
Also, just replaced bulbs in tail light all work as far as brakes and turn signal but the back driver side does not go on for just running lights at night w What could be problem?
Dear James,
That’s probably your only horn on the roof, if you can’t see one out front in behind the grill any place. The horn is screwed down to the roof and it’s probably an air horn. Make sure you’re getting air to the horn.
You could have a bad socket or broken wire to your tail light.

April 15, 2015 Terry of Moscow, Idaho writes regarding 1992 Winnebago Chieftain with Chevy 454 blowing fuses when shifted into overdrive

Why does my 1992 Winnebago Chieftain blow fuses when I shift into overdrive? It drives in “Drive” fine but in overdrive it will soon blow a fuse. Once the fuse is blow, it goes into limp-in mode and only goes 35mph. Changing the fuse does not help. It still blows.
Dear Terry,
Have the ECM scanned for trouble codes. It could be a bad solenoid and they did have some problems with the internal wiring harnesses on those transmissions.
You can unplug the wiring harness going into the side of the transmission to see if it’s contaminated with fluid. There is an updated wiring harness for it.

April 14, 2015 Heather of Prince George, British Columbia writes regarding starter problem with 1985 Triple E

Would there be a problem with our starter? We sped for gas and when we went back in to start it as we turn the key we had nothing just one click that’s all. We check the solenoids and tapped the starter and got nothing!
Dear Heather,
It’s probably the hot start relay located on the alternator bracket. If your battery voltage and connection is good, it also could be the starter itself.

April 13, 2015 Peter of Trollhattan, Earth writes regarding 1992 Winnebago Itasca with GM 6.2 liter diesel that won’t shift gears

This RV won’t shift. I had a problem a year ago, but then it ended up with the classic sensor problem that could be seen on the speedometer. Since then it worked like a dream.
Now the speedometer is correct and i have no “transmission” blinking on dashboard, it lights up on ignition and goes out when it starts up. Reverse, normal, works fine but it stays on second gear? I can’t shift to first gear. Limp mode. Oil checked of course. Suggestions?
Dear Peter,
You need to have the ECM scanned for trouble codes to see if it’s an electronic failure or a hard part internal break down.
There was a problem with the internal wiring harnesses on those transmissions.

April 12, 2015 Lyle of Chattanooga, Tennessee writes regarding what type transmission he has in 1990 Tioga E350 with Ford 460

How do I find transmission type for this vehicle? Whether it is a C6 or a E40D.
Dear Lyle,
If it’s a three speed transmission it’s a C6; if it has OD, then it’s an E40D. There will be a button on the shifter or dash to turn on the OD.

April 12, 2015 Carl of Gilbertville, Iowa writes regarding fuel problems in 1987 Tioga with Ford 460

I’m having fuel problems. How can I tell if I have power to the fuel pump?
Also, where is the regulator located?
Dear Carl,
You should have a fuel pump relay mounted on the driver’s side radiator support. You can check for power out to the pump there. It should be a heavy, orange wire.
I can’t remember off the of my head where the regulator is on that ’87, I believe it is on the fuel rail.

April 11, 2015 Thomas of Nashville, Tennessee writes regarding batteries not charging when plugged into shore power in 1987 Foretravel Grandville

Current owner assures me chassis and power train are in excellent working order with all new appliances. When plugged into shore power battery’s aren’t recharging? Am interested in purchasing for my family just want to be able to research how much is involved in straightening out this issue?
Dear Thomas,
If the only problem is the batteries not charging when plugged into shore power it really should not be unreasonable to repair but it could cost from pennies to the thousands, depending on parts.

April 11, 2015 Cody of Sagle, Idaho writes regarding chassis on 1977 Coachmen

I’d like to know what cab Ford used to build this motor home so I can have better luck finding parts to fit it. E350? Econoline? Would (engine) parts for a Bronco fit my motor home?
Dear Cody,
Yes, it was an E350 Econoline cut away unit. Some of your Bronco parts might fit; depends on what you’re wanting to use and if the engines are the same size.

April 11, 2015 Jay of Tunbridge, Vermont writes regarding problems with headlights in 1990 Winnebago Chieftain with Ford 460

Having issues with headlights. Will not turn on when engine running. When engine is off it turns on when pull headlight switch. All other lights works (brake lights, turn signal lights).
Is it the circuit breaker? Relay? Headlight switch? Need to upgrade to heavy gauge wiring?
Tried to download PDF file from Winnebago web site with wiring diagrams, all images are blank.
Dear Jay,
Sounds like maybe you have a problem with the ignition switch; if the headlights are working before turning the switch on but won’t work when the key is on.

April 10, 2015 Larry of Lassalle, Ontario writes regarding 1981 Winnebago with Chevy 454 bogging down

Runs fine starting off, maybe in one mile will start bogging down would pull over shut down. Would restart and everything fine for rest of run.
Dear Larry,
It’s possible that there is a problem with the pick up tube or delivery pump in the tank. And that when you first start out you’re using what fuel is in the lines and it bogs down and shuts off just before the fresh prime in the lines makes it to the carburetor.

April 9, 2015 Darrell of Pahrump, Nevada writes regarding fixing broken four way hazard light switch in 1981 Fleetwood Tioga Arrow with Chevrolet chassis

I have a broken 4 way hazard light switch. Any ideas how to fix it or where to get the part or parts for it?
Dear Darrell,
You have to pull the steering wheel for access. It should be a GM part.

April 9, 2015 James of California writes regarding looking for parts for 1990 Southwind with Ford 460

Location of the gas sending unit,
Also, looking for the hinges for screen door; not the whole door, just the hinge, just the three brackets on the screen door.
Also, the coach is under powered. Is there anything to give the 460 more power?
Dear James,
The sending unit is in the gas tank. Your local parts dealer should be able to get the hinges for you.
There are many options to give the Ford 460 more power. Check out the Gale Banks and TTS (The Turbo Shop), web sites.

April 7, 2015 Bob of Portland, Oregon writes regarding problems running generator in 1988 Dolphin with Chevy drive train

Had fuel tank re-lined, new fuel filters, sending unit rebuilt, new fuel pump, then genset ran for a bit.
We went back to run it again and it starved out. No fuel. Runs fine from other gas source. New shop thinks it is not connected correctly, but it did run fine when it was at the last shop!
Old shop wants to drop the tank again, and if they did something wrong they will take care of it but it looks like I am going to lose a lot of fuel again and probably start all over.
Should I take the gamble? Can the genset be safely connected to the engine supply line?
Dear Bob,
I would suggest dropping the tank and connecting it properly. Look at the fuel line from the generator to the tank. If it’s cracked up, it should be replaced.

April 7, 2015 Andy of New York writes regarding speedometer quit working in 1992 Bounder with Chevy 454

Speedo sped working today. Was fine yesterday and cruise control worked. Do you know if there is fuse for this and can you tell me where the sending unit is?
I looked but can’t find it.
Dear Andy,
I am not sure if that is an over drive transmission or not; it’s in a transitional spot (early ’90’s), when they changed. But I believe G.M. was still using a cruise control and speed signal on the tail housing at that time.

April 7, 2015 Wes of Ohio writes regarding replacement Firestone air bags on rear of 1989 Winnebago with Workhorse chassis

My motor home has the Firestone airbags on the rear. They look like they where factory installed and I need part number of the system so I can get a replacement bag.
Dear Wes,
I have no part number but you can look at the bag and look at a Firestone replacement chart and pick out the right air bag. If you’re dealing with a part supplier the chart is with the application guide.

April 5, 2015 Fran of Philadelphia, PA writes regarding loosing brakes after hearing loud popping noise while running 65 mph with 1996 Winnebago with Chevy 454

While traveling at 65 mph I heard a loud popping sound which I believed was a flat tire.
I visually checked the tires, and then I noticed the brake light was on in the dash board. I checked the brake pedal and found I had no brakes!
My mechanic (phone conversation), said it may be the master cylinder. Any thoughts?
Dear Fran,
I would look at all the calipers to see if maybe one was hanging and blew.
Do you have a parking brake now?
I don’t know how the master cylinder would cause your popping noise.
I would question belts if your power steering got hard.

April 5, 2015 Terry of Lennox, South Dakota writes regarding 1984 Winnebago Chieftain acting like it’s out of fuel when hot or going up hills

Overhauled carb, replaced fuel pump, filters, and cleaned, blew through lines. Acts like runs out of fuel when hot, going up hills, etc. I want to add a lift pump back by the tank as I was told they retrofitted some to fix this issue.
Can you supply a pump part number or a kit part number/other info to accomplish this? Not sure what to use.
Dear Terry,
You probably have a bad fuel pump relay in the tank and it is not working.
If you want to add an electric fuel pump back at the tank you can install a Holley red or blue pump but you will need a relay or pressure regulator so you don’t create a flooding problem at idle.

April 5, 2015 Robert of State Line, Mississippi writes regarding location of brake fluid reservoir in 1988 Elite on Chevrolet P30 chassis with 454 engine

Where is the brake reservoir located?
Dear Robert,
Left front wheel well.

April 4, 2015 William of Leesburg, Georgia writes regarding troubles with turn signal and brake lights in 1999 Fleetwood Southwind on Ford chassis

We are having trouble with left turn signal and brake light. We have check the fuses under the dash and all are good.
Also, we have checked the bulbs and they are also okay.

What else can we do to fix this problem?
Dear William,
Check the turn signal switch. Check the fuses under the hood in the Ford panel also. And inspect the wiring going from the main wiring harness in the rear to the tail lights and turn signal flasher.

April 3, 2015 George of Earth writes regarding getting better gas mileage with Chevy 454 engine

I have a 1991 Fleetwood Bounder on a Chevy chassis with a Chevy 454cid engine. What, in your opinion, would be about the best rear end gear ration to get the best gas mileage?
Really curious about the best way to gain the most mileage. The 454 is really thirsty.
Dear George,
I can’t remember if they had switched over the overdrive transmission in 1991 or not. If not, and even if they did, you might want to look at a Gear Vendor for controlling and improving the gear ratio.
You might also look at a free flowing exhaust kit for maintenance and enhanced performance and fuel economy.
Changing the gear ratio in the rear end might not be the best answer.

March 31, 2015 Milton of Shreveport, Louisiana writes regarding loose wire in engine bay of 1988 Fleetwood with Chevy 454

I bought this motor home a month or so ago. It is in pretty good shape, except my current problem is there is a gray (dirty white), wire that is hanging loose in the engine bay. It goes to the electric fan relay. When I touch it to positive, fans run. I thought if I spliced it to the AC clutch, it would run with AC on. It only runs if the AC is OFF. Where does that wire go?
Dear Milton,
Look for a fan relay located on the radiator support near fan or above on the firewall.

March 31, 2015 Bill of Atlanta, Georgia writes regarding wanting to lower rpms in 1984 Georgie Boy Cruise Air II with Chevy 454

Is there an overdrive equivalent for the transmission in my 1984 Georgie Boy Cruise Air II? I would like to lower the RPM’S a little and be able to tow at least at 65 MPH.

Dear Bill,
Check out Gear Vendor. A life saver for your old rig.

March 29, 2015 Raymond of Eunice, Louisiana writes regarding fuel PSI for 1988/89 30′ Tiffin Allegro with Chevy 454

I need to know what the fuel PSI is for this model .
Dear Raymond,
Three-four pounds at idle at carburetor and should maintain fourteen pounds under load.

March 28, 2015 Shane of Spokane, Washington writes regarding gasoline leaking out before full when pumping gas at gas station in 1985 Pinnacle

When pumping gas in starts to leak out before it’s full but if I use a 5 gallon can never leaks what do you think the problem is?
Dear Shane,
I would check the vent hose between the tank and filler spout.

March 26, 2015 Heidi of Lake City, Florida writes regarding location of code reader plug in 1991 Fleetwood Bouncer with Ford F53 chassis

My check engine light came on. I have a code reader but I cannot find the plug on the motor home.
Dear Heidi,
Look under the engine cover next to and left of the side of the of the radiator next to the start solenoid.

March 26, 2015 Letha of Plainview, Texas writes regarding buying tires for 1978 Itasca motor home

Do you know where I might find tires for a 1978 Itasca Suncruiser motor home?
Dear Letha,
Any tire shop should be able to help you. But if you have 15 1/2″ rims, you might have to replace the wheels.

March 25, 2015 Mary of Sacramento, California writes regarding no running water in 1978 Fleetwood Flair

Brought the ole Fancy Turtle out of setting around for eight years because I need to live in it until real home has a valid co. When hooked up to hose water pressure builds up but not maintained when faucets are opened thus no running water. Cannot see or hear major water blow out. Water pump does not come on but there is no water in the holding tank. There is and has been a medium leak in the water pump hoses but not enough to s flow to fixtures completely.
Any ideas how to trouble shoot or how to fix?
What is the best source for replacement parts if or when needed? It did surprisingly well in driving down 500 miles from Oregon a month ago so I have new respect for the ol’ reptile!
Dear Mary,
I would replace your city water connection. It has a one way check valve that is probably clogged. Also, clean the aerator on your faucets. Any RV parts supply should have the plumbing parts you need.

March 25, 2015 Harold of Pahoa, Hawaii writes regarding height, width and weight of 1988 Gulf Stream Suncrest motor home

I can’t seem to find anywhere the height, width and weight of my 1988 Gulfstream Suncrest motor home. Model M-2729.
Dear Harold,
All I can tell you is get a measuring tape out and measure height and width, then take it to a set of scales (truck s) and have it weighed.

March 25, 2013 John and Brenda write regarding charging issues in old Sportsmen with Dodge 440

We just purchased this motor home I believe it has a 440 motor in it, we are having both electrical charging issues from the alt. to the battery.
We have replaced the alternator, battery and voltage regulator but the dash gauge still indicates it is still discharging and the new battery is not charging while it is running.
In addition after parking it this winter we started it, put it in gear and it moves however, when we step on the brakes the front wheels lockup and the rear duallies continue to push.
We need assistance as soon as we can get it as we are moving and do not want to lose our motor home.
Dear John and Brenda,
Check the battery isolator for your charging issue.
Clean up your front brake caliper slide rails and get your front brakes operating properly. The rear wheel cylinders are probably froze up and not allowing the rear brakes to operate.

March 24, 2015 Ralph of St. Cloud, Florida writes regarding having no tail lights or marker lights on 1985 Jayco with Chevy 350

I have no tail lights or rear marker lights. Brake lights back up lights and turn signals all work. I have been trying to find wiring diagram with out any luck. The under carriage is all incased so cannot trace wires. Fuses are all ok. Any advise would be very much appreciated.
Dear Ralph,
I would pull the tail lights and see if you can find power at the back or trace the wire from the tail light to the wiring harness along the frame rail.

March 24, 2015 Ray of West Lebanon, New Hampshire writes regarding replacing starter in 34′ 1994 Itasca Suncruiser with Cummins engine

I replaced the starter on my motor home. I replaced the Delco with a Nippon however I find that I have two wires; a red 14/16 gauge and a black 10 gauge. These wires run together from the front of coach, these wires have round lugs with a 3/8″ hole; they are not long enough to connect to terminals on the starter.
Dear Ray,
Sounds like ignition wire that does to the center terminal on the solenoid with the battery cable. Look up ahead, you should be able to find a zip tie you can cut and get some extra length on your wires.

March 23, 2015 Jon of Sterling, Virginia writes regarding location of fresh water pump in 1990 Fleetwood Flair

I am trying to find the location of the fresh water pump. I can’t find it. It sped working so I can’t follow the noise.
Dear Jon,
All I can say is start looking under sofa, bed, cabinets and in the rear of the storage compartments near the water hookup and fresh water tank.

March 20, 2015 Lee of Tahlequah, Oklahoma writes regarding “clunking” 1994 Newmar Country Aire

When driving over bumps or rail road tracks I hear a clunking sound coming from under the driver’s side.
I had the shocks, brakes replaced and the suspension checked with no problems.
It sounds like something is loose under the steering column. The steering is not loose.
Dear Lee,
It’s probably a body support. Sometimes they can be almost impossible to find and they are more of a nuisance than a problem.
If the noise just started or is changing then it might need attention.
It can get expensive sometimes to just keep paying people to search for it.

March 20, 2015 Larisa of Terre Haute, Indiana writes regarding low oil pressure in 1978 motor home with Dodge 440

Our RV has low oil pressure we have tried replacing oil pump. But still low?
Dear Larisa,
Put an external oil pressure gauge on it to verify pressure. If it still reads low and you have a new pump on it, it could mean excessive bearing wear.

March 20, 2015 Gene of Athens, Tennessee writes regarding drive belts for 1987 Itasca with Ford 460

I need belts for the motor home I would like to have a diagram as how they are replaced. One of them is missing but would like to replace them all three.
Dear Gene,
It should have five belts. I don’t have a diagram but you can contact Freightliner’s customer service with the VIN and they can assist you with parts.

March 19, Tom of Michigan writes regarding putting new brake master cylinder on 1986 Foretravel Grand Villa with Chevy 454 with Chevy chassis

I was told I need a new brake master cylinder and that I would have to have a complete brake job done. Is this true? It only has 48,000 miles on it.
Dear Tom,
It very well could be. I don’t know the specifics of what’s taking place. Get a second opinion if you skeptical.

March 17, 2015 Joseph of Forsyth, Missouri writes regarding fuel coming back out of fuel spout in 1990 Fleetwood Bounder with Ford 460

Have a 1/4 tank of gas. When I try putting gas in it, whether engine is running or not, after about 1/4 gallon it comes back out of the fuel spout. I don’t get it, very puzzling.
Dear Joseph,
Check your vent hose between the tank and filler spout. If the hose or spout is not plugged or sagging below the filler hose, you might have a stuck roll over ball in the filler hose.

March 16, 2015 Harry of Mimbres, New Mexico writes regarding location of master brake cylinder in 1990 Mallard with Ford 460

Need the location of the master cylinder so I can add brake fluid. Very little brake need more brake. Thank you. Also, type of fluid as needed
Dear Harry,
DOT III (3) fluid. Reservoir will either be in left front wheel well or on fire wall, driver’s side, maybe setting high.

March 15, 2015 Robert of Newport News, Virginia writes regarding location of fuel pump relay and inertia switch in 1990 Mallard with Ford 460

Where is location of fuel pump relay and inertia switch?
Dear Robert,
The switch is probably mounted on the inside of the steering column support bracket. The 1990 should have a fuse in the fuse box under the dash. If it’s an early chassis using a relay, it probably is tied up in the wiring harness under the dash.

March 14, 2015 Ernest of Marana, Arizona writes regarding finding brake pads for 1988 Fleetwood Southwind with Ford 460 on a John Deere chassis

Where can I get brake pads for my motor home? Went to my local Freightliner dealer and the kid behind the counter didn’t seem too interested. Gave him the VIN and the part # from the manual with no results. Everything else with the brakes seem fine. Just need pads. Only has 56,000 miles on it.
Dear Ernest,
Your local NAPA or truck parts house can match them up.

March 13, 2015 Jack of Kingsburg, California writes regarding shorting out ignition switch when replacing in 1990 Fleetwood Pace Arrow with Ford 460 on John Deere chassis

I was replacing ignition switch on column and I was trying to get the rod that comes down the column from key switch in the ignition switch hole and adjust switch so it would start. I heard a loud pop or spark and now there is no power to ignition switch.
The head lights also don’t work, but the tail and parking lights do work. I checked all the fuses and breakers and relays under the hood and under dash that I could see. Can you tell me where whatever blew is located?
Dear Jack,
Check at the starter solenoid for a blown fuse link.

March 12, 2015 Bud of Eastmoline, Illinois writes regarding location of fuel shutoff switch in 33′ 1991 Tiffin Allegro Bay with Ford 460

Is there a fuel shutoff switch and where is it located?

Dear Bud,
There probably is, located on the inside fire wall or steering column support next to the floor and steering column.

March 11, 2015 Jack of Lund, Nevada writes regarding removing brake drum from transmission shaft of 1988 Fleetwood Southwind with Chevy 454

I’m trying too remove the engine and transmission. There is a large drum brake on the output shaft of the transmission. How do I remove the drum assembly so I can remove the transmission without cutting the cross member out?
Dear Jack,
There is a bolt in the center of the hub and drum assembly to remove and then pull the drum off.
The cross member should be bolted in and needs to be removed anyway.

March 11, 2015 Charley of Fruithurst, Alabama writes regarding replacement oil dipstick for Ford 460

I need an oil dipstick, Ford and Holiday were both much less than useless. When I bought it the oil dipstick was missing.
Dear Charlie,
I don’t know what to tell you id you can’t find it through Ford. You might look online at RV salvage yards.

March 10, 2015 Kenneth of eka, Kansas writes regarding Ford 460 that runs good sometimes and dies and won’t start the next in 1976 motor home

What could make this Ford 460 run great sometimes and just die and won’t start the next? After setting awhile it will start and run great, then die.
Dear Kenneth,
Fuel pump or ignition module or even the coil.

March 10, 2015 Doug of Jonesboro, Louisiana writes regarding replacement fuel switch for 1985 Holiday Rambler Classic with Ford Econoline 350

My fuel switch went bad (leaks). Need a replacement part, can you tell me who might I contact to buy one? I have looked high and low, unable to find the part. I can replace it – got to find it.
Dear Doug,
If you’re writing about your tank transfer switch, you might have to purchase an after market unit and make it work.

March 8, 2015 Jennings of Mims, Florida writes regarding having problems locating replacement ignition control module for 1994 Damon Challenger with Ford chassis

I am having problems locating the placement of the ignition control module. I have replaced all the components of the ignition system, but cannot locate where the ignition control module is mounted. Please help.
Dear Jennings,
On firewall, driver’s side; or possibly just behind the radiator, near and to the side of dog house next to driver’s foot.

March 6, 2015 Kim of Clarksburg, West Virginia writes regarding finding replacement parts list for Fleetwood Southwind

Where can I find a replacement parts list for a 1986 Southwind by Fleetwood motor home; i.e. bumpers, trim, etc.?
Dear Kim,
You can try All Rite Products and/or RV salvage yards. Use an Internet search engine to find the latter.

March 6, 2015 Chris of Tallahassee, Florida writes regarding upgrading transmission in 1988 Winnebago Chieftain with Chevy 454 to improve fuel mileage and reduce engine wear

I am interested in upgrading the transmission to something with an overdrive or a fourth gear of some type to improve the fuel mileage and reduce wear on the engine. I am interested in doing this as I want to be able to travel in it more often. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Dear Chris,
Look into a Gear Vendor. It will give you more control and also comes as a complete bolt on kit; instead of converting the transmission and all the electronics to with it and make it work right.

March 6, 2015 Bob of Newbury Park, California writes regarding problems finding replacement shift indicator assembly for 1994 Winnebago Itasca with Ford F53 chassis and 460 engine

Trouble finding replacement for ‘shift indicator assy’. two Ford part numbers, F2US-7B053 and F6US-7B053AA are not identifiable by Ford.
Winnebago P/N 111904-01-000 cannot be ordered (obsolete?).
Part is described as 23 inch cable/indicator assy. Unable to absolutely identify an after-market part.
Dear Bob,
Go back to your Ford dealer and see if they can’t locate it through Ford after market parts. Some time back Ford turned over a lot of Ford van parts to an outside source they should be able to go through.
Your steering column is probably the same as the E-350 van.

March 5, 2015 Michael of Wayland, Michigan writes regarding replacing brake calipers and pads on newly inherited 1985 Allegro with Chevy chassis

Just inherited a 30ft Allegro. Very new to the RV world. My question is, I need to replace brake calipers and pads. Where can I find part numbers? Is there GM vehicle that I can cross reference?
Dear Michael,
If you clean the calipers up you will find a casting number that your NAPA dealer or a truck part dealer can cross reference to get your replacement calipers and pads.
Your local GM parts department can take the VIN and get you part numbers too.

March 5, 2015 Mark of Yakima, Washington writes regarding cruise control not working and choke light staying illuminated after a ten minute s in 1987 Itasca with Chevy 454

When I turned off the motor home everything was working. Ten minutes later started it again and choke light stayed on and the cruise control sped working. Checked brake switch, fuse, replaced electric choke. Out of ideas. What am I missing?
Dear Mark,
Got a fuse blown someplace to cause the choke light to come on.
Check all the fuses in the panel under the dash.

March 2, 2015 Ron of Kalama, Washington writes regarding running lights, brake lights and dash lights intermittently going out while driving newly purchased 1978 Coachmen Leprechaun with Ford 460 home

We just got this motor home and it has been restored.
The last owner said he changed all the bulbs throughout the rig.
In bringing it home the running lights/brake lights/ and dash lights all started going out and then a few minutes later coming back on.
Do you think it’s a wiring problem or a bulb problem?
When I turn the head lights on the left turn signal lights up, is that normal?
Dear Rona,
Sounds like you have some contamination in the light fixtures causing a short. I would start with that left front turn signal, to see which lights it is and make sure they put the right bulbs in. I have seen single element bulbs in a dual wire socket before.

March 2, 2015 Todd of Phoenix, Arizona writes regarding 1979 HR with Ford E350 hard to start and keep running

Starts hard, dies. Turned up idle, runs fine until warmed up, then stalls sping in gear, etc. pretty sure the vacuum and emissions stuff is wrong.
Can’t find a good diagram for this unit, its like a transvan. Can I replace the 4180 carb with a Holley 6619? Is there an OD transmission that will bolt up to the 460? I can’t afford Gear Vender.
Dear Todd,
You can replace the motorcycle carb with a Holley if you choose. The emission is all the same as an E-50 Ford van.
You can find an OD tranny to bolt in but the problem is changing all the electronics.

March 1, 2015 DJ of Longbeach, California writes regarding dim wittingly changing out clearance lights on 1987 Fleetwood Komfort

I have a 1987 Fleetwood Komfort. I had the bright idea to chance the clearance lights to a newer round style. Now I have a short in turn signals. I have no idea where to start at to fix this problem. HELP ME, PLEASE!
Dear DJ,
Start with your wires to your clearance lights. If you replaced the side marker lights as well, you probably got into the turn signal wires and will need to look and see where you got them crossed up.

March 1, 2015 Miles of Jackson, Michigan writes regarding starting problems with 1989 Cruise Air with 350 engine

I’m having starting issues. I changed spark plugs, wires cap and rotor plus replaced fuel pump filter but I’m having an issue with finding the relay to the fuel, cause the fuel pump runs constantly with the vehicle in the on position so its flooding the engine. So all I need is help with figuring it out please.
Dear Miles,
I can’t remember an ’89 Cruise Air on a van chassis or a class A with a 350, so are we sure?
The class A relay was mounted inside engine compartment next to the driver’s foot.
The van should be next to the fuse panel with the other relays.

February 28, 2015 Jimmie of Montgomery, Alabama writes regarding blown O-ring for steering and brakes on 1993 Pace Arrow with Chevy 454

It blew an O-ring on the relay valve for the steering and brake system, and lost all of the fluid. I changed the O-ring and refilled the fluid, and now I can’t seem to get all of the air out of system. What is the best way to bleed the system?
Dear Jimmie,
Good luck, it can be a bear!
It’s supposed to be a self bleeding until. You can try getting weight off the front wheels and with the engine running turn wheel lock to lock a few times, then turn ignition off. If will spew fluid out each time you shut it off and you will need to refill each time until you get the air out.
It’s also a good time to make sure the parking brake shoes are adjusted properly.

February 28, 2015 Todd of West Palm Beach, Florida writes regarding 1988 Winnebago Chieftain with Chevy 454 slowing down after five miles travel and filling cab with gasoline odor

I have a 1988 Winnebago Chieftain with Chevy 454. On long roads after about five miles I can start smelling gas in the cab and it starts slowing down even though the accelerator is to the floor. After pulling over and letting it idle it will run again just fine also this does not happen in s and go traffic.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Dear Todd,
Sounds like a bad fuel pump relay and losing power to your delivery fuel pup in the rear.
If you can’t find a relay you can wire around the relay and fuse the wire going back to the pump.

February 27, 2015 Larry of Salem, Oregon writes regarding leak in left rear airbag on 1990 Winnebago

Left rear airbag has a hole in it. Looking for replacement bag, part # FI-W01-358-9260.
Dear Larry,
I don’t know which air bag system it’s using, the part number doesn’t look familiar to me. Mobility RV Parts, they are the Winnebago connection to sell parts to the public.

February 26, 2015 Steve of Omaha, Nebraska writes regarding replacement bulb for signal light in 1976 Sportscoach with Chevy chassis and 454

What kind of bulb replaces a signal light? Where can I find it? Parts store has given me several wrong bulbs.
Dear Steve,
Is it a single element or duel element bulb? It should be a 1157 or 1156 bulb you can get at any parts store, unless someone has switched out the light sockets.

February 26, 2015 Carol writes regarding 1983 Southwind no oil showing on dipstick

I bought this a few years ago planning to live in it while house is built so haven’t had it on the road much. Pretty ignorant on vehicles. Don’t need it now and want to sell so doing a bit of maintenance. Checked oil dip stick and showed nothing! thought it was maybe dry so added 4 qt. of oil and still nothing showing. Wgat’s up?
Dear Carol,
Is the stick busted? It holds sever quarts of oil.

February 25, 2015 John of Anderson, California writes regarding how to determine if fuel pump has gone bad in 1991 Pinnacle with Chevy 454

I need to verify the fuel pump is bad so I want to locate the fuel pump relay and the fuse that controls both, also if possible how to test the fuel pump.
Someone told me some times there is more than one fuse in the system.I think the fuel gauge is also not working, how does this play in. I have looked at what literature is available on line and no luck.
Dear John,
The fuel pump relay is going to be in the panel next to the fuse box with three or four other relays. You can pull the fuel filter loose, connect a hose to the fuel line to control the spray and turn the key on, it should pump for a few seconds and it should pump while cranking.

February 24, 2015 Clark of La Paz, Mexico writes regarding location of master brake cylinder in 1993 Fleetwood Coronado with Chevy 454 and refrigerator no longer cooling

First question where do I find the brake master cylinder to put fluid?
Second, my fridge was working fine, now it won’t get cool.
Drove it down the Baja in propane mode. Something must of affected it, the freezer still works fine. Any suggestions?
Dear Clark,
Master cylinder is in the left front wheel well behind the engine heat shield.
What type of refrigerator? It could be simple like a thermistor, or cleaning it; or it could be worse and be a bad cooling unit.

February 24, 2015 John of East Moline, Illinois writes regarding hooking up vacuum lines for dash heater in 1986 Georgie Boy on Chevrolet P30 chassis with Chevy 454

Heater panel on dash has vacuum lines RED, BLUE, BLACK, and WHITE. Where they attach the plastic coupler was broken. I’ve found one in a junk yard, but have no idea how/where they are to be placed in this coupler because there are seven holes for vacuum lines, I know some of them get plugged.
Dear John,
Sorry, I’m not going to be much help for you here. I have done a few and it’s “trial and error”.

February 24, 2015 Keith of Holyoke, Massachusetts writes regarding “Ground Hog’s Day” with 1989 Winnebago Chieftain bogging down after three hours running

Long story short vehicle runs splendidly for 3 plus hours, long sustained climbs (economy gauge at zero ) Then ten miles from destination begins bogging like it is running out of fuel. Get off highway, nurse to campground, stalls won’t start. Call hook. Garage replaces fuel filter and cracked fuel line. Leave to go home. Vehicle runs splendidly (see above), for 3 plus hours. 10 miles from destination bogs like running out of fuel. Nurse it home. Shut off. Note: Removed new fuel filter cut in half no visible debris in filter.
Dear Keith,
Sounds like the pick up tube in the tank is busted or the delivery pump in the tank is going bad.
If the pickup tube hose is cracked, it will run great until the fuel gets below the crack in the tube; then it will start sucking air and lagging until it gets low enough to not pick up fuel at all.

February 23. 2015 Charles of Williamsburg, Iowa writes regarding changing differential in 1990 Fleetwood Southwind with Chevy 454

Our mechanic is rebuilding this engine and tells us if we do not change the differential we will not be able to drive over 45 mph. We would like to know how much this will cost to change the differential rear?
Dear Charles,
You probably can’t find a differential that will fit and do what you’re looking for.
There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to maintain 55-60 mph.
You can look into a Gear Vendor, so that you can lower the rpms, still maintain your speed while having the ability to control your power curve through all the gears.

February 22, 2015 Roger of Priest River, Idaho writes regarding changing out 1986 Winnebago Chieftain to diesel

When I got this motor home, the engine had thrown a rod. I have a diesel engine in good shape and am in the process of converting to the diesel. I have the engine in and now am trying to connect all the wiring.
I could really use an electrical schematic on the gas engine. I have the schematic for the diesel. My wife is typing this right now, as I am in the motor home trying to figure this out. I took it apart last fall, so have forgotten a lot of what wires went where. Can you help me?
Dear Roger,
Your best bet would be to get a GM service manual for it. The manuals aren’t very expensive and will very useful in the future.

February 22, 2015 Jon of Manhattan, Kansas writes regarding curing motor home allergies after setting for a year in 1992 Fleetwood Flair

When the motor home was parked a year ago everything worked when we started to get it ready and to service it will no longer drive it just bogs out and has problems staying running, we have drained the tank and put new fuel in and that helped but we believe to be the catalytic converter.
Any suggestions on what type to buy, will any that is suggested for a Chevy 454 work or is there certain things I need to look at?
Dear Jon,
I say fuel filters. May be fuel pump not building up enough pressure. Are you getting a “check engine” light? Have you check the air cleaner for animals?

February 22, 2015 Nate of Noblesville, Indiana writes regarding routing belts in 1984 Excalibur with Chevy 454 without air pump

Needing info regarding, V belt diagram how many belts should there be, V belt routing and belt size’s. I have tried three different auto parts stores for this info, no one can give me a correct answer. I keep breaking belts while driving.
Dear Nate,
If the air pump has been removed, that’s a common problem.
You check for cracked pulleys on the water pump and crank that happens sometimes, but you probably won’t get success with your belts until you replace the air pump.
You should have three belts, one for power steering, one power steering and AC and one for water pump, alternator and air pump.

February 21, 2015 Wayne of Glencoe, Minnesota SHOUTS regarding how much Freon 1993 Winnebago with Chevy 454 holds

Dear Wayne,
Surprisingly enough it’s probably between 2-3 pounds.

February 21, 2015 Deana of Carencro, Louisiana writes regarding location of second brake reservoir in 1990 Ford F53 chassis motor home

I’ve never heard of two brake fluid reservoirs on an RV but we have found one above the driver’s side tire. Can you assist me in locating the second if there is one?
I’m asking for some friends who are musicians on tour and would truly appreciate any help you can offer. I am told that it is a 1990 Ford F53 RV.
Dear Deana,
If it has a tag axle it could have a vacuum operated master cylinder under the coach, usually near the rear axle. The reservoir is part of the master cylinder, has a 1/4″ bolt going through the center of the cap from the .

February 21, 2015 Ken of Rothbury, Michigan writes regarding leaking fuel in 1993 Tiffin Allegro Bay class A

The poor thing is leaking gas from the carbon canisters.
The cruise control didn’t work when I bought it and the leaking started on a trip from Seattle to Michigan. It seems to start and s leaking leaving a rusty residue on the canisters. I’m just guessing it’s fuel, really don’t know.
Should I have it towed to a shop or drive it the ten miles? I drove it from Montana to Michigan with it acting up.
Dear Ken,
I would drive it the ten miles, if it doesn’t seem to be running too rich.
The carbon canisters may just be contaminated and need replacing.
The fuel cap may not be venting, or if the manufacturer has a separate vent for the fuel tank, it could be plugged.

February 20, 2015 Dusty of Edmondton, Alberta writes regarding problem with 1988 Champion Ultrastar running with Chevy 454

Installed new 750 Edelbrook plugs and wires set timing so she starts good and it pulls good but has started popping back thru cab. What would you suggest?
Dear Dusty,
Check to make sure you haven’t burnt one of the new plug wires, and vacuum lines to the diverter valves. If the diverter valves are not working, it can run hot and backfire.
I have see the exhaust manifolds cherry red from vacuum lines leaking or crossed.

February 20, 2015 Carlos of Tonopah, Arizona writes regarding no clearance lights with 1981 Winnebago Chieftain on Chevrolet P30 chassis

Having trouble with no clearance lights. Changed the light switch, with no luck, blowing the 15 amp fuse when I turn on switch. Have head lights on driver’s side okay, but the passenger side is very dim.
Any ideas?
Dear Carlos,
Lets start with poor ground on passenger side head light; and probably a bad light fixture blowing the fuse.

February 19, 2015 Harry of Seaford, Delaware writes regarding fuel tank size of his 1985 Pace Arrow with Chevy 454 and Chevy chassis

Can you please tell me the approximate fuel tank capacity on this class A? The fuel gauge isn’t working properly and my son is traveling home from California to South Carolina after serving ten years in the Navy and we are trying to calculate the distance between fuel ss to prevent running out of gas. I believe it is a 37′ model.
Dear Harry,
I would guess a 40 or 60 gallon tank. If it is an after market tank I would guess 60 gallon; if it’s a flat GM tank I would say 40 gallon.

February 19, 2015 David of Milford, California writes regarding draining fuel out of 1990 Southwind with Ford 460

I need to drain the fuel out of my motor home. It has one single very large tank. I have tried many ways but cant get the gas out. Is there a plug to put a hose in? This is driving me nuts.
Dear David,
The best way is to disconnect the fuel filter, rig up a hose to catch fuel in a container, turn key on and pump it out. If it’s below half a tank, you can pull the filler hose loose and put your drain hose in that way.

February 19, 2015 Ted of Cedar Hill, Tennessee writes regarding engine running hot in 1984 Bounder with Chevy 454

I am having an engine running hot problem. Can set and idle, does not get hot. Drive on Interstate after about 20 miles or so sounds like engine changes and gets hot. Soon as s immediately began to cool down start driving again after another 15 miles maybe less, hot again. Water pump as been changed. Help!
Dear Ted,
I would have the radiator cleaned and replace the clutch fan.

February 18, 2015 Jeffry of Tishomingo, Oklahoma writes regarding finding master brake cylinder location in 1992 Fleetwood Flair on Chevrolet chassis with 454

I need to find out where the brake master cylinder is. I looked under driver steer tire fender well. didn’t see it.
Dear Jeff,
Look again, there should be a metal heat shield blocking off the engine with a square hole cut in it about equal with the engine fan.
If you stick your hand through that hole the of the master cylinder should be a little lower than the bottom of the cut out.

February 17, 2015 Don of San Diego, California writes regarding sluggish 1989 Honey with Chevy chassis

I took a 200 mile round trip to Ensenada this weekend, on the way back 1/2 way, started being sluggish and slow climbing hills, down to 35mph, got to the border and waited 2 1/2 hours to cross, ran perfect at idle and slow speeds, finally on the US side, last hill only 15 mph.
Downhill could get up to 50 mph. When this occurs, service engine soon light comes on, but when turned off then restarted, light goes out until the hill problem again.
This coach has 28k original miles. It seems to me to be fuel supply problem because when climbing hill and pressing more on the accelerator seems like it wanted to stall, fuel pump is six months old, supposedly the person I bought from replaced the carb one year ago. Maybe filters? I did fill it up in Ensenada with 91 octane Mexican gas.
Also, can you tell me where the gas filters are?
Dear Don,
You should have one fuel filter along the frame rail and one fuel filter in the carburetor where the fuel line connects; that is, if it’s a unit with a carburetor.

February 14, 2015 Lois of Kent, Washington writes regarding squeal when turning 1985 Holiday Rambler Alumalite with Chevrolet 454

When trying to turn there is a squeal and it won’t turn real easy. I want to ‘assume’ it is low on power steering fluid. Where do I find the dip stick/fill tube for a 454 Chevy in a 1985 Holiday Rambler Alumalite motor home?
Dear Lois,
You should have a reservoir out front, driver’s side next to the radiator.

February 14, 2015 Buddy of Lincoln, Illinois writes regarding chassis wire shorting out and causing problems with 1989 Winnebago Itasca

Had a power wire shorted out, found problem fixed, started fine. Next day tried to start and nothing happened as if the battery was dead battery. Is fully charged can’t find any power or ground wires with a problem. Checked fuses all are good some rust at power connections but cleaned still nothing. Any help that can get me on the right path to fix would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Buddy,
Start checking fuse links. You’ll probably find fuse links next to the starter or a hot start relay on the alternator bracket.

February 14, 2015 Sarah of Occoqua, Virginia writes regarding finding exterior plastic end wrap that attaches to bumper on 1988 Winnebago Chieftain

Do you know where I can find the right side plastic end wrap that attaches to the bumper and goes around and attaches to the coach?
Dear Sarah,
If you look in a FMCA Motor Home magazine, or perhaps even the FMCA web site you should find a company advertising factory direct Winnebago parts. If this company can’t get it you can try All-Rite Products or even use an Internet search engine to look for “RV Salvage Yard”.

February 14, 2015 Chuck of Declo, Idaho writes regarding no power to 110 electrical outlets in 1979 Winnebago Chieftain

After working fine for six months, I lost power to all 110V electrical outlets. Lights are still working from battery.
Breakers are fine and I’ve looked all over for a reset switch and can’t find one. Where do I look, what does it look like, and is there something else I should check?

I don’t think that you would have a transfer switch unless someone added it.
But, if you have power to the breaker box that would eliminate anything from the shore power receptacle to the breaker box.
Check with an AC voltage tester to see if you have power coming through the breaker. If you have power after the breaker, look for a GFI breaker. If you can’t find a GFI breaker, go to the receptacle closest to the breaker and check for power at the back of the receptacle.

February 13, 2015 Billy of Alabama writes regarding 1987 Tiffin Allegro with Chevy 454 that won’t charge after replacing alternator and battery

Replaced alternator and battery. Still won’t charge. What is next step?
Dear Billy,
Check fuse in fuse panel under the dash. Check to see what type of battery isolator is being used.

February 11, 2015 Guilherme of Manteca, California writes regarding jacks not going all the way down after door step motor and gear box were replaced in 1993 Fleetwood Pace Arrow with Ford chassis

I had a door steps motor and gear box replaced. After that job done all jacks don’t go down all do way, blew turn signal fuses and all gauges go like crazy back and for, and I don’t have the instrument panel lights on if I use the cruiser control speed the engine light came on, the brake light is on, all was ok till I had this job done. What you recommend what I can do?
Dear Guilherme,
First, you need to take it someplace and find out what’s wrong. I believe something happened other than just the motor and gear box, unless the ground strap for the step is handling the ground for the whole 12 volt system and they didn’t get a good ground when they put it back together. Even if they shorted the battery wire to the step, it should have blown the fuse.

February 11, 2015 Guilherme of Manteca, California writes regarding jacks not going all the way down after door step motor and gear box were replaced in 1993 Fleetwood Pace Arrow with Ford chassis

I had a door steps motor and gear box replaced. After that job done all jacks don’t go down all do way, blew turn signal fuses and all gauges go like crazy back and for, and I don’t have the instrument panel lights on if I use the cruiser control speed the engine light came on, the brake light is on, all was ok till I had this job done. What you recommend what I can do?
Dear Guilherme,
First, you need to take it someplace and find out what’s wrong. I believe something happened other than just the motor and gear box, unless the ground strap for the step is handling the ground for the whole 12 volt system and they didn’t get a good ground when they put it back together. Even if they shorted the battery wire to the step, it should have blown the fuse.

February 9, 2015 Jimmy of Sparks, Nevada writes regarding needing to raise rear up 3 inches on 1990 35′ StarCraft on Oshkosh chassis with Ford 460

Tried to get info from Starcraft but they don’t even have the owner’s manual. I have the Oshkosh chassis manual but it does not show what the rear suspension is.
Mine has no leaf springs or air bags, I need to raise the rear up 3 inches to match the front air bag suspension. I drag my rear when entering or leaving driveways.
It seems it has shocks in the rear but I’m not sure if those are supposed to air up when I start the motor home.
Dear Jimmy,
Sounds like you are describing the Mor Ryde suspension. You can find Mor Ryde on-line.

February 8, 2015 Jimmy of Riverside, California writes regarding no power to fuel pump in 1984 motor home with Ford 460

I have no power to fuel pumps or change over. Where is the fuel safety switch?
Dear Jimmy,
I don’t know if it has a safety switch. I think they used relays normally mounted on the radiator support or by the battery, if my memory serves me correct.

February 8, 2015 Lloyd of Oliver, British Columbia writes regarding problem with propane in 1976 class C

Motor home on propane only. Fuel gauge in dash reads past full at all times. Checked wiring to tank, seems to be intact.
Also, fuel gauge for interior use shows half all the time.
Dear Lloyd,
First, you will need to do some trouble shooting and find out if your problem is wiring, or in the LP tank. And look to see if the manufacturer used one or two sending units on the tank.

February 7, 2015 Milton of Lancaster, Pennsylvania writes regarding fuel gauge not working in 1987 Holiday Rambler with Ford E350

My fuel gauge does not work. Reads empty. Is there a way to access the sending unit in the tank from the inside without having to drop the gas tank?
Dear Milton,

February 7, 2015 Joshua of Strasburg, Colorado writes regarding air conditioner fuse location in 1984 Fleetwood Southwind

Air conditioning fuse location
Dear Joshua,
Chassis fuse panel; marked “heater” or “blower”.

February 7, 2015 Tammie of Edmonton, Alberta writes regarding blowing head gasket on 1977 Triple E with Chevy 454

Just blew what I suspect as the head gasket. Fluids such as oil and coolant are mixing so that’s pretty well the diagnosis. Head is inside vehicle under doghouse closest to driver’s side. Wondering how extensive it is to fix this labor wise and what is needed to do so?
Can I find this procedure on the web site?
Having difficulty finding a dino mechanic and was wondering if one was mechanically inclined, if I could do it myself. Much appreciated and extremely important needed info, as my employment counts on it.
Dear Tammie,
A good mechanic can get in there and repair it. If the oil pan has to come off, it’s easier to pull the engine.

February 6, 2015 Bruce of Thorold, Ontario writes regarding braking issues with 1992 34′ Winnebago Adventure on Oshkosh chassis and Cummins drive train

I feel that I require too much applied brake peddle pressure (in a quick s application of the brakes), which could put us in a serious situation, in s and go driving (city). I understand the hydraulic pressure to the booster is from the power steering pump.
I’m going to change the oil Is there any adjustment on the spool , to help with the increased oil flow from the pump (steering), to add more pressure on the master cylinder? The brakes, I think are Bendix Power/Max, installed by Oshkosh, sold to Winnebago as a unit chassis.
Or what do you think I should be looking for to lesson this applied pressure on braking?
Dear Bruce,
Instead of changing the oil in the pump, I would flush the brake fluid, clean and lubricate the brake caliper slide rails and check the pivot points of the brake linkage to make sure it’s moving freely.

February 6, 2015 Jeff of Trabuco Canyon, California writes regarding 1992 Bounder with Ford 460 occasionally not wanting to start

During my last trip the RV would occasionally not start. Turn the key and nothing, no dash lights or electrical of any kind. Moving around the shift knob and jiggling the key the RV would start as normal and run great.
Upon retuning home It would not start regardless of how much key jiggling, etc. I did, There was no electrical.
If I use the auxiliary power button the engine will reluctantly start and the dash lights come on but the engine will not run properly. It chokes and smokes and diesels until I shut it off.
The truck and coach batteries are relatively new and both hold a charge.
I have searched around the web and have found nothing helpful.
Dear Jeff,
You’re losing power coming into the ignition until the auxiliary start is pushed.
I would check all the maxi fuses, the chassis battery disconnect solenoid and bulk head connector of the main wiring harness going through the firewall.

February 6, 2015 Ken of Ocala, Florida writes regarding replacing ignition switch without a key in 1988 Winnebago with Chevy 454

How do you replace the ignition switch WITHOUT the KEY?
Winnebago WCN 31RT Motor home with GMC P30 chassis where the switch is in the dash.
Dear Ken,
If you don’t have a key, you will have to break out the tumbler to get the bezel off. A small slide hammer works well.

February 3, 2015 Bob of Biloxi, Mississippi writes regarding steps, back up camera and rear air ride lift pump sped working in 1995 Winnebago Vectra with Chevrolet 454

Electric steps, back up camera and rear air ride lift pump sped working. Steps still work with switch at door, but not from ignition. All of the fuses are good for each component.
Is there a relay or separate power source that comes from the ignition that I’m overlooking?
Dear Bob,
Could be a small 12 volt breaker in the box with the battery isolator solenoid; driver’s side fire wall. Look real close, some of them have a very small pin on the side to reset the breaker.

February 3, 2015 “Wit’s End” of Township, Pennsylvania writes regarding location of fuel pump assist relay in 1987 Winnebago with Chevy 454

Is there a relay for the assist fuel pump? if so, where is it located?
The unit was parked for a few years. It was low on fuel when I purchased it so I just filled the tank with fresh fuel. It ran good for about a year.
This year it will run really strong for about 6 or 7 miles. It will shut down, and as you coast along it will restart itself with a slight backfire. all the electronics in the distributor are now-new gas lines and filters. Seems to shut off under load.
I’m at my wits end.
Dear Wit’s End,
Inside the engine dog house next to the driver’s foot.

February 2, 2015 Patrick of Northridge, California writes regarding how to check brake fluid in 1970 Winnebago with Dodge 413

It’s a single piston system. I need to check the brake fluid level, I had inside carpeted. I noticed driver’s side under carpet is a plywood floor board, is that the access panel?
Dear Patrick,
It was on some of them. You might be able to get it from the wheel well.

February 1, 2015 Rich of Oregon City, Oregon writes regarding brake applying when turning steering wheel in 1985 Pace Arrow with Chevy 454

I put a new power steering pump in because the other one was leaking. I hadn’t driven it for a year and a half working on different things. Went to drive to get new DEQ tested, found brakes locking up on me. While I was moving it around noticed every time I turned the steering wheel the brake pedal went down, applying brakes. All the hoses seemed to go back just like before and fittings only fit on certain ports. Could you give me some ideas as what might be the problem?
Dear Rich,
It must have a hydrostatic brake booster and if you have all the hoses correct, then it must have air trapped in the system.
You can try getting the weight off the front axle and turn the steering wheel back and forth, lock to lock, with the engine running to work the air out of the system.

January 30, 2015 Stan of Las Vegas, Nevada writes regarding RV smoking badly after installing new master cylinder on brakes in 1977 Pace Arrow with 440 Dodge

I just installed a new master cylinder. When I step on the brakes the RV smokes like it is on fire. I believe brake fluid is being sucked into the intake. I let it run with the foot off the brake and smoke clears up.
Is there a check valve sticking or is it being sucked through brake booster?
Dear Stan,
It’s being sucked through the brake booster.

January 30, 2015 David of Titusville, Florida writes regarding replacing old gasoline in 1991 Allegro

It had old gas. I took old gas out and blew out the lines; put new gas in, but the lines are not full. What do I do?
Dear David,
Crank it over to prime the systems. The fuel pump should run to prime the system when you turn the key on.
You might have to cycle the key on and off several times.

January 30, 2015 Wade of Okotoks, Alberta writes regarding nothing working inside 1991 Fleetwood Southwind when auxiliary batteries are on

Nothing works on the inside of my motor home when on auxiliary batteries even though they charge fine and hold a charge everything works fine.
If I’m plugged into shore power or running the generator this problem is intermittent and it is not because the disconnect switch is engaged.
Dear Wade,
You have a disconnect solenoid that has to be engaged to supply power from the batteries.
If the solenoid is good and you’re getting power through it, go to the power convertor or fuse panel to see if you’re getting power from the battery.
The manufacturer could have an air line breaker between the solenoid and the connection inside.

January 30, 2015 Grant of Fort Morgan, Colorado writes regarding idling problem with 1989 Winnebago Chieftain with Chevy 454

Bought this ’89 about a month ago and drove 200 miles and ran fine. Suddenly it developed an idling problem when I start it runs for a while and dies. It runs if you give it fuel and when I drive it runs until you coast or s then it dies.
Dear Grant,
I would start checking vacuum hoses to see if they are busted.

January 30, 2015 Nancy of Gallup, New Mexico writes regarding 1987 Komfort motor home with Chevy 454 dying if any stress is put on the engine

My motor home dies if it has stress on the engine. It won’t go up a hill or go over 35 mph. If I give it any gas it will choke out and die.
I had the gas pump replaced, it still has the same problem.
The mechanic told me I had to clean out the gas tank that the sock type filter is clogged. I have a 96 gallon gas tank. Is there anyway to clean it out with removing it?
Dear Nancy,
No, there is no way to clean the tank without removing it. It has a fuel pump relay that powers up the delivery pump in the tank; that should be checked first.

January 29, 2015 Steve of Louisville, Kentucky writes regarding location of converter in 1983 Fleetwood Jamboree

Batteries will not charge when unit is plugged in. Need to know location of converter.
Dear Steve,
Start looking under sofa, beds, in cabinets, etc. It should be located behind a vented (louvered), panel (for air flow). It may be part of the breaker and fuse box. Sometimes they are behind the same vented panel for the refrigerator.

January 28, 2015 Brad of Lawton, Oklahoma writes regarding 1978 Minnie Winnie bogging down on large upgrades

I have a Econometer from Sunpro installed on the steering column. It helps with saving on fuel. When I go up any large upgrades the motor home bogs down to a very low speed. It won’t let me do any acceleration to get the speed up. The speed I’m talking about is 25 MPH to 12 MPH.
I have pulled over to let it rest for an hour and it will do fine for a little bit. After the little bit it will start doing it again.
I’m not sure if it is the Econometer that is causing the problem or a fuel delivery problem. It could be also a vacuum problem also because the Ecometer only has a wire for power and a vacuum hose that goes to the engine.
Please help!
Dear Brad,
It’s not your meter. It’s a fuel delivery problem. Possibly fuel filters or an electric delivery fuel pump, possibly in the tank causing the problem.

January 28, 2015 Michael of Grand Forks, British Columbia writes regarding needing new ac compressor in 1993 Damon Challenger with Chevy 454

My chassis air conditioning needs a new compressor and receiver/drier so I ordered the parts for a P30 chassis but none of it is the right stuff. No air conditioning people that I have talked to know the right parts and part numbers.
I have looked at a couple of other Chevy chassis RV’s of the same vintage and they have the same system I do so I believe that is the proper system for those years. I sure hope you can help me.
Dear Michael,
Take the model and serial number off the compressor and dryer. You have to go to a parts store or take the parts with you and match them up. You can look on the AC box outside and see; it’s probably an Evans unit. No P-30 parts.

January 26, 2015 Dave of Long Beach, California writes regarding function of 3 prong voltage regulator next to wiper motor on 1975 Four Star mini-motor home with Dodge 360

A green 3 prong voltage regulator with H8D imprinted on it mounted next to the wiper motor has had the insulation melt. What does it run and what could I use for a replacement?
Dear Dave,
You need to determine first if it was actually the voltage regulator or the module for the emission system. If it’s the voltage regulator and your alternator is not charging you can switch it to an alternator with a built in regulator.

January 26, 2015 Paul of Lakeside, California writes regarding looking for transmission control module for 1993 Allegro Bay diesel

Need to find a transmission control module #360 for a 1993 Allegro Bay diesel.
Dear Paul,
Any Allison transmission shop should be able to help you. You could also try some on line salvage yards. Just do a Yahoo/Google search for “RV Salvage”, probably find some in your area.

January 26, 2015 Dieter of Lumby, British Columbia writes regarding intermittent starting 1989 Crossair with Ford 7.5 engine

Some times the engine won’t start, except I do lift the gear shifter a little bit up, where I be able to adjust something if there is a switch or some type of adjuster on the gear box below is nothing.
Dear Dieter,
You can check the ignition switch located on the steering column inside the coach, near the floor; or check the neutral switch on the side of the transmission.

January 25, 2015 Mark of Vancouver, Washington writes regarding where to find emergency brake cable for 1983 Pace Arrow on P30 Chevy chassis

Need an ebrake cable, original. Took out Gear Vendor and need a shorter (original), cable.
Dear Mark,
The original cable should be there. They added an extension to the cable when the Gear Vendor was installed, about 18 inches long.

January 25, 2015 John of Mentor, Ohio writes regarding not being able to get 1987 Freedom motor home to start up with Ford Econoline 350

I have 1987 class C Ford Freedom motor home which I can’t find any manuals or info on. It has a 351 motor. It is an Econoline 350. I can’t get the engine to fire. Cranks over but I don’t think it is getting gas to the carb. Fuel pump is working. Is there a fuel filter or filters in line or in carb?
Dear John,
There should be a filter along the frame rail and also in the carburetor at the fuel line connector.

January 23, 2015 Mary of Ely, Nevada writes regarding how to access water leak under shower in 1988 Georgie Boy

I have a water leak under the shower in the bathroom but I can’t get to the leak from in side of the motor home. There is a door that leads to the plumbing for the shower but there is no room to get in to it. I need to get the plumbing diagram for the shower, I have traced all the water lines and not leaks, but the water is leaking from under the shower on the floor of the hall way.
Dear Mary,
If you can’t access it from the bottom, you either have to open up the floor or remove the shower enclosure.
There should be under skirting between the frame rails and the interior floor you can open for access, unless you have cross members, exhaust, etc., in that area and in the way.

January 23, 2015 Brittany of Casper, Wyoming writes regarding grounding something out after tightening bolt on alternator of 1979 Sportscoach

I was tightening a bolt on the alternator and grounded something out.
I was told it’s probably the main power fuse but I can’t locate it.
Dear Brittany,
Check the fuse links. I don’t know what chassis you have. The fuse links are usually connected to a solenoid.

January 23, 2015 Mary of Ely, Nevada writes regarding how to access water leak under shower in 1988 Georgie Boy

I have a water leak under the shower in the bathroom but I can’t get to the leak from in side of the motor home. There is a door that leads to the plumbing for the shower but there is no room to get in to it. I need to get the plumbing diagram for the shower, I have traced all the water lines and not leaks, but the water is leaking from under the shower on the floor of the hall way.
Dear Mary,
If you can’t access it from the bottom, you either have to open up the floor or remove the shower enclosure.
There should be under skirting between the frame rails and the interior floor you can open for access, unless you have cross members, exhaust, etc., in that area and in the way.

January 22, 2015 Howard of Easthampton, Massachusetts writes regarding location of fuel pump relay on 1987 Minnie Winnie with Ford 460

Where is the fuel pump relay located?
Dear Howard,
Should be on the radiator support by the batteries or horn.

January 21, 2015 Diana of Texas writes regarding not being able to find fuse box for 1993 Dutchmen with E350

I can not find the fuse box for the chassis. It is not where we have read online. Such as under the brake or on side panel on driver side.
Help just need to replace fuse which has drove us crazy for two days.
Dear Diana,
Pull the carpet back or floor mat, someone may have covered it.
The chassis fuse panel is on the driver’s side back toward the fire wall by the emergency brake.

January 21, 2015 Rick of Reno, Nevada writes regarding location of fuel filters in 1984 Sportscoach with Chevy 454

Where are the fuel filters located?
Dear Rick,

Along the outside of the frame rail and a carburetor inlet.

January 21, 2015 Sim of Lexington, North Carolina writes regarding finding wiring diagram for 1977 Dodge motor home with 440 engine

I am looking for a wiring diagram and a fuel sending unit.
Dear Sim,
Can’t help with the wiring diagram, but you might be able to get a sending unit from Transfer Flow fuel tanks.

January 20, 2015 Sandra of British Columbia writes regarding belts burning up when using 1984 motor home after setting for a year

Motor home sets for a year, I go to use it and I smell burning rubber, after an hour of driving and the belt has or nearly burned off, either power steering, and/or fan belt, if belt still on after trip, 400 km, so slack, can push back to pulley. Problem/Solutions?
Dear Sandra,
Solution would be new belts adjusted to the proper tension so they won’t slip.
Also, if you change all of your batteries after sitting for a year, before you start the engine, there will be less strain on the belts.

January 18. 2015 Harry of Red Bluff, California writes regarding parked and setting motor home flooding easily after drive it for a while in 1978 Winnebago with Dodge 440

Besides the temperature going up and down when I drive it long and up hills, My guess on that is thermostat and a radiator flush wouldn’t hurt. Set for two years or more.
My real question is when I drive it for a while and park it smells like gasoline, and I look, no leak or anything, but floods easy. Maybe to much fuel in the carburetor?
Should I replace every rubber line. Motor runs strong and starts up first key pull, but if I drive a lot, it tends to not start so fast like it’s flooded. Would love your advice.
Dear Harry,
Usually your problem is the carburetor. The float bowl on those will start leaking and it runs good; but when you turn off the warm or hot engine it continues to dump fuel in the intake manifold causing the smell and flooded hot start.
Octane boost might help with lowering the temperature gauge.

January 17, 2015 Gary of Grass Valley, California writes regarding 1994 Thor Pinnacle with Chevy 454 failing fuel evaporation portion of smog test

We failed the fuel evaporation portion of the smog test. Diagnosis suggests that a hose connected to the fuel filler neck is bad. Mechanic said dropping the fuel tank wasn’t an option. He tried to pull the neck and hose out through the fuel door. Couldn’t do it. Wondering what to try next? It’s under the toilet, but the toilet is over the waste water tank. Pull that tank? Any notions about solutions would be appreciated.
Dear Gary,
If you can’t pull it out the front, you have to do what it takes to make access to remove it.

January 16, 2015 Larry of Canton, Georgia writes regarding rewiring torn out ignition in 1978 Fleetwood Tioga with Dodge chassis

The ignition had been torn out of the column when I bought the coach. I replacing it with a simple dash switch.
What wires do I hook up from column to fire both cab and coach panels? Getting fire at cab panel, but can’t get fuel from tank because fuel pump fuse is in coach panel.
Do I need the secondary battery to complete the circuit? The coach will start and idle, until you put load on by acceleration, then starves out and dies. Please help, I’m lost here .
Dear Larry,
There really shouldn’t be an igniter wire for the coach side; but if they did put in an ignition powered fuse panel on the coach side, it will be trial and error to find the wire or run a new wire.

January 13, 2015 Rosanne of Baldwin Park, California writes regarding where to put power steering fluid in 1990 Pace Arrow

Where do I put the power steering fluid?
Dear Rosanne,
The reservoir should be outside on the fire wall. Normally next to the radiator.

January 12, 2015 Richard of California writes regarding 1983 Sea Eagle with Chevy P30 chassis sometimes stalling on grades

Intermittent stalling on grades. If I remove air cleaner and push down on rear flap of carburetor it will start back up, run for a while then stall on a hill.
Is this a fuel pump problem or carburetor issue?
I replaced the inline fuel filter on the chassis and the problem remains.
Dear Richard,
It could be a bad pump in the rear or the pick up tube in the tank has rotted.

January 11, 2015 Darlene of Scappoose, Oregon writes regarding finding carburetor for 1985 Itasca with Chevy 454

I am looking for a carburetor for my 1985 Itasca motor home. Any ideas where I can purchase one?
Dear Darlene,
Go to your local parts store and get an Edelbrock replacement for it.

January 11, 2015 Wez writes regarding fuel problem with 1990 Ford Econoline with E350

I have a problem getting fuel from the tank to the fuel pump on the chassis under the drivers side.
Where do the lift pumps in the tanks get there power from?
The fuel pump reset switch, does it control the lift pumps and the pressure pump (drivers side on chassis)?
Dear Wez,
On your F-350, if you have a fuel pump on the frame rail then you shouldn’t have pumps in the tank and you probably have a problem with the pickup tube in the fuel tank or cracked fuel lines going to the tank.

January 10, 2015 James of California writes regarding whether air conditioner is R-12 or R-134, getting both air conditioners to run simultaneously, and increasing horse power in 1990 Southwind on John Deere chassis

First, where can I get the screen door hinges?
Second, is the air conditioning R-12 or R-134?
Third, it has a 30 amp plug and when I plug it in only one air conditioner works but when I run the gen set 7kw it runs two. How can I make both air conditioners work at once? When I plug it in can it be rewired for a 50 amp plug?
Also, the Ford 460 has only 250 hp what can I do to boost the horse power to 350 or 500 hp with out pulling the motor out and will the C6 three speed take the xtra hp?
Dear James,

R12 is what is in the unit if it has not been changed over already.
You can get hinges from a RV parts supply.
Only one air conditioner should run off the 30 amp. Camping World sells a unit you can put in and run both airs, but only one at a time; it will surge back and forth automatically between the two air conditioners. And yes, you could rewire it.
There are many options for increasing the horse power. The C6 will hold, up to a limit.

January 9, 2015 Kevin of Orange, California writes regarding replacement vacuum hose connection for dash AC in 1984 Winnebago with Chevy 454

I am looking for a replacement vacuum hose connection for my dash AC. The connector is plastic and about the size of a nickel. My local tech is telling me the part cannot be located and he can “build” one for 2 hours of labor at $120.00 dollars an hour. Is there anywhere that stocks and sells these “vintage” parts?
Dear Kevin,
I don’t know where to tell you to look. You could try an Internet search engine for “RV Salvage yards” but then if you find one, what kind of condition will it be in?
Two hours to sit down and figure out the routing and hook up the hoses and get things working properly is fair time.

January 8, 2015 Ryharris of Mission, British Columbia writes regarding brake booster on 1976 one ton GMC Chevy Van with 350

Which brake booster is on my motor home?
Dear Ryharris,
I am guessing on the 1976, it’s a vacuum booster. Some of the newer units used a hydraulic booster.

January 7, 2015 Mike of Santa Clarita, California writes regarding taking out rear running lights on 1992 Tioga while soldering a wire

I was changing out front roof marker lights, needed to tack a wire with solder while lights were on and all the rear running lights on coach went out. Cannot find the fuse.
The Ford running lights work fine and switch seems good. Ford based fuse under hood for trailer lights seems good and under the dash for running lights good. Seems to be continuity through the system. Any ideas? I have to believe there is an inline fuse somewhere but not able to find.
Dear Mike,
If your tail lights are working then it’s not a fuse.
You might have to start at the head light switch; if the fuse is good and you have no tail lights to make sure you have power out of the switch, and to determine if you have shorted a wire to the rear.

January 6, 2015 Ernie of Marana, Arizona writes regarding trouble shooting brake system on 1988 Fleetwood Southwind with Ford 460 on John Deere chassis

How do I troubleshoot the brake system on this RV? I have no pedal feel on the brakes. All I’ve done is change all the brake pads. Now the brakes are very soft. Did I do something wrong?
Dear Ernie,
The trouble shooting is standard hydraulic braking. I would start by bleeding the brakes.

January 6, 2015 Tammy of Nielton, Washington writes regarding location of hydraulic reservoir in 1989 Gulf Stream Classic

I need to find the location of the hydraulic reservoir for the leveling system.

Dear Tammy,
All I can say is start crawling around under it until you find it. It should be located between the body and outside of the frame rail.

January 4, 2015 Curtis writes regarding losing power to fuse box in 1988 GMC with Chevrolet chassis

I lost all power to fuse box and the engine won’t start. Is there a master fuse? Where do I start looking for the problem?
Dear Curtis,
Battery connections, disconnect switching fuse links at starter and hard start solenoid, bulk head connector on wiring harness through fire wall, ignition switch.

January 3, 2015 Ike of Wheeling, West Virginia writes regarding backup lights not working in 1989 Coachmen Catalina with Chevy 454

My backup lights will not work. Bulbs okay, fuse okay. I can not find switch or what ever makes lights operate. Changed park /neutral switch. Did not help.
Dear Ike,
If it’s not on the neutral switch, it’s on the side of the transmission; a single wire plug.

January 3, 2015 Alan of Concord, North Carolina writes regarding dismay over five hours labor to drop gas tank in 1984 Allegro with Chevy chassis

I was quoted five hours of labor to drop the gas tank and replace the gas line that has dry rotted.
Is there any other way to get to it without dropping the tank?
What if I cut a hole in the floor? Seems much easier to me.
Dear Alan,
You will spend more time cutting through the floor and trying to patch it back. Five hours is fair.

January 2, 2015 Jeff of Ocklawaha, Florida writes regarding 1986 Pace Arrow with Chevy 454 that won’t start

It won’t start. I used to hear a humming when I turned the key on, then it would start. Now there is no noise and it won’t start.
Does it have an electric fuel pump; and if so, where?
Dear Jeff,
Most of the old GM chassis had an electric pump in the tank. But Fleetwood was good about putting an external pump back next to the fuel tank. You should also have a manual pump on the engine.

PopUps/Truck Campers

May 25, 2015 Jennie of Sacramento, California writes regarding hooking up battery to converter in 1981 Coleman

How do you hook up a battery to the inverter box? I do know there are two additional wires that are there on the tongue of the trailer. I am assuming where there was one before.
Also, does using this batter power the outlets?
Dear Jennie,
I believe you’re talking converter and not inverter. The battery does not power up the outlets unless there actually is an inverter wired in.
The two wires on the tongue of the trailer should be your ground and positive cables, and the convertor should already be in line.
 Travel Trailers

April 29, 2015 Corey of Regina, Saskatchewan writes regarding hooking up water in 1977 Taurus travel trailer

I am trying to hook up the water in my 1977 Taurus travel trailer. I’m wondering is there a switch to turn on the water pump when I need to use it? Or does it run on some sort of pressure valve when I turn the faucet?
Dear Corey,
It could be either. You will need to find the pump and see if it’s electric a hand pump.

April 19, 2015 R of Depoe Bay, Oregon writes regarding not being able to find fuse box in 1972 Comfort trailer

A friend in our RV park can’t find the fuse box for his 1972 Comfort trailer to get the refrigerator to work.
Dear R.,
May not have a fuse box in a 1972 model. It could have in line barrel fuses.
If you’re lucky, maybe in the battery box or behind the refrigerator.

April 4, 2013 Cathy of Oshawa, Ontario writes regarding hand cranked roof vent in 1993 Golden Falcon

The large hand cranked vent clasp broke and then the wind ripped off our vent. It is approximately 23 inches (a larger vent on these older trailers). I have been unsuccessful in locating a replacement. We will more than likely have to replace the whole vent.
Can you please advise me where to go to purchase this?
A trailer sale store said it had to be custom made and they ordered it for us, at $125, ,but they ordered the wrong size.
I would like to try and find one a little cheaper. Right now us crazy Canadians and our duct tape, is covered with a plastic garbage bag and ducted taped. It has not leaked in the past two summers, but would very much like that vent opened for airing out the trailer.
Dear Cathy,
Your local RV parts should be able to help. Ask for an escape hatch, instead of a vent.

March 23, 2015 Doug of Superior, Wisconsin writes regarding DC side fuses blowing in 1988 Mallard

Fuse in the DC side of panel keeps blowing The hood fan and the antenna booster each is a separate how do i trace down the shorts?
Dear Doug,
Pull the booster and the fan to see if the units are shorted or if it’s in the wiring.

March 12, 2015 Dale of Arkansas City, Kansas writes regarding no 12 volt power unless plugged in with 1993 Gulf Stream Innsbruck travel trailer

I do not have any 12 volt power unless plugged in; not even leveling jacks.
Dear Dale,
Check your connection at the battery and the ground to the frame. And look for an in-line breaker on the positive wire between the battery and usually before it enters the trailer. Then check where the battery wires connect to the fuse panel.

January 13, 2015 Dreamer of Bosque, New Mexico writes regarding accessing water lines behind bathtub in 1984 Holiday Rambler

How do you get to the water lines along outside wall, behind bathtub?
Dear Dreamer,
You might have to pull the bath tub or the wall panel at one end for access.

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