About Us

Fredrick Pridmore has over 30 years mechanical experience in automotive, trucking, heavy equipment, and recreational vehicles. His certifications include:

  • ASE Master-Medium-Heavy Duty Trucks
  • ASE MACS-IMCA Refrigeration
  • Various ASE auto certifications
  • Oshkosh Truck: M, X and V-Line
  • RVDA Certified
  • Level II Onan Generator
  • 6.01 LP Gas license
  • Service Manager training through: Spaders, Winnebago, Fleetwood, and Spartan Motors.
  • Specializes in RV chassis and performance accessories, towing packages/braking systems and diesel engine performance.

After a long day working at his own RV service center, Fredrick spends his “free time” answering email questions at home from around the world that come in from his RV Advice webpage, which is his wife’s “labor of love” she created after listening to him say many times that many RVer’s need a better understanding of their RVs in order to “HAVE FUN”. Click here to Contact us.

Fredrick’s biggest objective in the RV industry is to abolish the little quirks that keep people from enjoying their RV.

Edith Weston does not have over 30 years experience in anything mechanical. Her certifications are only those related to piloting single engine and high performance aircraft, FCC communications licenses, CPR, emergency first aid, computerized machine stenography equipment (court reporting), and accounting.

Before the birth of RV Advice of the WWW she used to: paint (oil and acrylic), draw (charcoal), write/publish (short stories and poetry), carve wood, do needlework (crewel, tatting, embroidery, needlepoint, cross stitch), macrame, crochet, knit, breed exotic birds, read books, hike, write songs, play musical instruments (organ, alto recorder, guitar), donate time to humanitarian groups, and most importantly fresh water and saltwater FISH!

After a long day of working on RV Advice (more “behind the scenes” work than anyone could imagine), she spends any free time managing to squeeze in sniplets of the things she likes to do.

Edith’s biggest objective in the RV industry is to enlighten yet entertain the RVers that visit the RV Advice web site and their business location.

Okay, okay, John and Ben and all the others that say they want “pictures” of the webmaster and pictures of Fredrick here are a few to hopefully make you chuckle.