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Below are questions and answers to RV Advice that are related to service on travel trailers. You can send your question(s) using the form at the bottom of all our Q&A pages. We answer ALL email that comes in to us, even what other RV web sites forward to us.


This page last updated April 15, 2015 containing letters emailed to Pete from January 2, 2015 – April 15, 2015.

April 15, 2015 Joe of Lancaster, South Carolina writes regarding whether to leave slide out “out” when parked for storage

I get different answers on side out. Is it best to leave out or in when camper is parked during winter months or long periods of time sitting in yard?

Dear Joe,

I say leave it in while parked if you’re not going to be using it.

April 14, 2015 Dan of Harrison, Michigan writes regarding slide outs in 2001 Coachmen travel trailer

I have a Coachmen travel trailer; two slide outs, one big and one small. The big one when I push the button to move it, it buzzes and only moves an inch if I keep pushing the button in just inches out, same when it come back in. The little one does it some times.

Are the batteries bad? Everything else works just fine, the batteries are from 2004. The trailer is never moved and is always plugged in to power.

Dear Dan,

I would try replacing the batteries. They have more than lived their life and you don’t want to start trouble shooting until you get the battery voltage correct.

April 14, 2015 Ronald of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania writes regarding replacement solenoid valve for LP gas in 2005 Chinook Glacier

I am looking for a 12v solenoid value for the LP gas. It is the main shut of right off the tank.

Dear Ronald,

Go to your local RV parts source, it should be no problem matching one up that will work.

April 14, 2015 Lonny of Edmonton, Alberta writes regarding no power to Vanguard that has been sitting more than a year

My trailer has been sitting for a year or more. Now plugged into 110 volt supply. No power to unit. Does the trailer need a charged 12 volt system to allow the converter to use 110?

Dear Lonny,

It does not necessarily need a battery to operate, but the battery acts as a backup and filter to the load and helps protect the converter from premature failure.

April 10, 2015 Ryan of Coon Rapids, Minnesota writes regarding bird’s nest in furnace intake vent in 2011 Wildwood X-Lite

I had a bird build a nest in my furnace intake vent. I had it sealed over the winter, but did not reseal after first use this spring. Did not use furnace until recently and when we did, some of the nest material was sucked into furnace blower motor.

Would it be possible to suck it back out with shop vac, or am I faced with taking apart unit? Looking for any advice on how to fix.

Dear Ryan,

You can try the vacuum or air pressure to blow it out and run the fan only (not heat), to help tear it apart and blow it out.

If not, it’s not that big of a job to pull it out and clean it. Pick up a basic RV repair and maintenance manual.

April 5, 2015 Magalis of Houston, Texas writes regarding running lights on 2010 Keyston Outback illuminating

Why are my runner lights on outside of TT on? We are set up at an RV park, not connected to truck tow. Never had this happen before and have had this TT for two years now.

Dear Magalis,

A short in wiring on the pigtail that plugs into the truck. Between tail light wiring and battery charge line.

April 5, 2015 John of Middleboro, Massachusetts writes regarding supporting walls while replacing rotten floor in 2006 Aerolite

This model has the rear slide-out queen bed, with major floor rot and mold in the entire rear, behind the wheels.

With no structural frame in the floor or walls, how do I support the walls while replacing the floor?

Evidently, water has entered through the wheel wells. The passenger side wall has buckled; the sink and cabinet have pulled out from the wall; the electric motor for the rear slide cable system has buckled the corner at the rear wall. No rot or water at roof or walls.

Dear John,

Sounds like a chore. You might have to pull some lower exterior sidewall panels and make up your own supports from sidewall to the ground to hold it while you replace the floor.

April 4, 2015 Craig of Leicester, North Carolina writes regarding not hot water at faucets in 1998 Fleetwood Prowler

I have no hot water at the faucets, only cold. Water in the hot water heater is hot. I do not feel or hear the pump coming on but shouldn’t it be working if cold water is getting inside?

Dear Craig,

You have an anti-back flow preventive on the outlet of the water heater that is probably plugged, or the by pass valve is not properly opened.

March 26, 2015 Larry of Seffner, Florida writes regarding stolen battery in 2010 25′ Dutchman

What size battery do I need someone stole mine?

Dear Larry,

Depends on where your battery was located. If it was in a plastic box, measure the box to see what size will fit in it. It will be a group 24 or 27 deep cycle 12 volt battery.

March 18, 2015 Chris of Logansport, Indiana writes regarding upgrading wall outlets in 1985 Wildwood

What to upgrade wall outlets with? Will house boxes work in the wall with no box now?

Dear Chris,

They should. No reason why you can’t get what you need from Home Depot.

March 16, 2015 Randy of Monroe, IA writes regarding battery dying in just 24 hours in 2004 Fleetwood Prowler

Would it be beneficial to carry a second battery coupled together? The battery storage is located just ahead of the entrance door at the midsection of unit. There is a upper level to place a second battery.

Just purchased this used unit with dealer stating the battery inside was new. At home hooked to 110 AC over 24 hours then left unhooked overnight and the battery was dead.

Dear Randy,

The second battery would be a plus. But, you need to find out what is draining the battery or you will just have two drained batteries.

March 11, 2015 Wayne of Orillia, Ontario writes regarding slide out room suddenly going in on it’s own in 1998 33′ Fleetwood Terry

When I plugged the 120 V power in, the tip out suddenly went in. Disconnected power and tried the battery, tip out went in. Held switch in “out position” tip out went in. Checked fuse looked okay. To keep tip out in the out position I had to cut the positive lead wire at the motor.

What causes this and how do I check to see if I have a short in the system?

Dear Wayne,

I would start by testing the switch, then check to see if the manufacturer is using relays or a controller to reverse the motor, or maybe just the switch.

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The electric bunk beds in the back won’t go up. Can’t even hear it trying to.

Dear Amber,

All I can say is get to the switch and the motor and see if you have power to the unit. You might get lucky and have a blown fuse.

February 25, 2015 Cory of Eau Claire, Wisconsin writes regarding running lights turning on in 2004 Coachman travel trailer at seasonal site

My trailer is on a seasonal sight and left plugged in all summer. Occasionally when sitting around the fire I will notice all my running lights are lit. After about 20 minutes or so they will shut off.

Is there maybe a problem or something I should be looking for?

Dear Cory,

Look for contamination in the receptacle that plugs into the tow vehicle.

February 25, 2015 Ron of Mead, Colorado writes regarding flood light coming on in 2010 Keystone Cougar

Flood light came on when it was turned off. I have taken off electric panel and disconnected the wire but it still stays on. What now?

Dear Ron,

Pull the light and find out which wire is shorted and supplying power to the light.

February 19, 2015 Gene of Elizabethton, TN writes regarding interior beeping in 2005 Flagstaff

I am getting a beeping noise coming from the inside of the travel trailer. It is parked at my home with no power to it what could it be?

Dear Gene,

Smoke alarm or CO detector probably caused by a low battery.

February 13, 2015 Karen of Porterville, California writes regarding extremely low water pressure in 2010 Forest River Wildwood

I have a 27 ft travel trailer with one slide. Wildwood by Forrest Rivers.

I’ve used it a few times but for no longer then a few days at a time. Now I’m living in it temporarily and since I’ve got it out of storage and brought it here the water pressure is so low and getting worse everyday. It’s affecting my black tank now.

I actually unhooked the hose and just filled it up with water to use it that way and there was no change. What is the problem?

Originally I thought it was just the water pressure here on the citrus ranch but no, that’s been ruled out.I’ve ALWAYS had GREAT pressure except this time. It trickles out!!! HELP!

Dear Karen,

Check the aerators on your faucet. You city water fill valve, if it has one, make sure it is closed; or your check valve on your city water hookup.

But, if the pressure from the pump is low also, I would say it’s the aerators on your faucet. They often get filled with mineral deposits and other debris in the water.

February 10, 2015 Scott of Perryville, Missouri writes regarding getting water out of fresh water tank overflow in 1995 HR Alumalite

I’m getting water out of the fresh water tank overflow so I assume the check valve in the fresh water pump is bad. Where is the pump located? I have a 1995 Holiday Rambler Aluma Lite 31′ travel trailer.

Dear Scott,

Probably up inside of the underbelly of the trailer. It’s possible to get water out of the over flow if the tank is over- filled or also, not setting level.

February 6, 2015 Rick of Okeechobee, Florida writes regarding radio for park model

Looking for a replacement for the Executive 3000 radio.

Any ideas?

Dear Rick,

Unless you are just wanting to keep it original; go to Best Buy and pick out a replacement. If you want the exact replacement look through your paperwork or on the radio for information on how to contact the manufacturer.

February 1, 2015 Mark of Texas writes regarding power issues in 2009 Keystone Outback travel trailer

My 2009 Outback has some sort of a power issue. I leave it plugged in at my house at all times and have never had any problems. The other day I noticed that the right side of the plug was charred a bit. I went in to check the camper and the lights, ac, fridge does not work. I changed out the charred end and still nothing. My outlets in my camper do work though. Checked all of the fuses and they are all good.

Dear Mark,

Check the breakers and your power converter, and check the condition of your battery.

January 28, 2015 Al of Freeland, Michigan writes regarding battery charger for travel trailer

Since the stock battery charger on the trailer isn’t powerful enough to charge deeply discharged batteries quickly, can I attach a good three stage charger to my two battery bank without it harming the electrical system of the trailer? I would prefer not to disconnect the batteries every time I charge the batteries.

Dear Al,

Yes, your three stage charger should not be a problem.

January 26, 2015 Lisa of Chicago, Illinois writes regarding power cord on travel trailer cut from vandalism

My trailer’s power cord was cut, vandalism. They left about two inches of cord hanging from trailer, is there any “extra” cord usually left in the lock panel where cord goes into trailer?

Dear Lisa,

Depends on how much was pulled out before they cut it. If they pulled all the loose cable out before cutting it, then all that’s left is from the cut to where it connects.

January 23, 2015 Howard of Hewitt, Texas writes regarding electrical problems in 2006 Montana

I’m have bought an electrical management system but not sure where to wire it.

Before transfer switch, can I put it right before the main breaker that feeds the trailer,.that should cover all of the trailer or does the shore power go straight to the transfer switch first?

Dear Howard,

Depends on what you have bought.

The shore power cord should go directly to the transfer switch. If you’re putting it in for surge protection, you want it in line before the transfer switch.

January 21, 2015 Toby of Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania writes regarding battery not charging in 2004 Fleetwood Prowler

I am having trouble with my converter not charging my battery. It is a simple 30 amp system. I can not determine the size (amp), of the charger in relation to the converter. Can you tell me the correct charger size so that I can ge the correct converter?

Dear Toby,

You want a 30 amp converter for a 30 amp system.

January 19, 2015 Ventta of Monroe, Michigan writes regarding location of fuse box in 1995 Salem

Where is the fuse box and my refrigerator went out. Some say it might be the fuse

Dear Venetta,

Start looking for a louvered panel (for air flow), until you find it. Along the floor line inside, inside cabinets, inside storage compartments, etc., until you find it.

January 19, 2015 Jean of La Pine, Oregon writes regarding leak with newly purchased 2001 General Coach Citation Supreme

Just purchased “as is” from dealer – no owner’s manual available. Ran hose to city water port and flushed all lines – no leaks no problems. Then started filling fresh water tank – after a few minutes started to leak from under camper.

No access to fresh water tank but hot water tank and everywhere else is dry. Turned off water, turned pump on and it continued to leak until tank was empty.

Dear Jean,

Sounds like the tank is busted.

January 14, 2015 Janet of Hemet, California writes regarding problem with 12 volt lights in 2004 Fleetwood Prowler

Need advice on our 12 volts lights. At night time only the lights go down very dim for about 10 minutes then go back on. Sometime they go back off immediately again and other times they go out maybe 20 minutes later. When they go dim it effect the meter to the point it almost stops. Trying to figure out if it is our rig or the parks power pedestal.\

Dear Janet,

I question if you’re trying to run the unit off the power converter and no battery?

I suspect your power converter and not the park; unless you have an AC volt meter plugged in and your losing AC voltage.

January 2, 2015 Randy of Farmington, New Mexico writes regarding replacing worn out slide room seal on 1999 Gulf Stream Sea Hawk

Living room slide seal worn out. Can a person replace this himself, and where do you get the right seal?

Dear Randy,

You should be able to do the job yourself it you have the necessary tools, ladders, etc.

You should be able to get the seal from Gulf Stream, All Rite Products, or possibly McMaster Carr.

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