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RV Advice Public Message Board

We have a NEW board!

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Starting January 1, 2006 (because of non RV related "junk posts"), you MUST register or "join" to post to our board. It is a free message board though, no expense to you.

Our new message board offers many new features to registered members, such as:

1. Once you register (again, it's free), you can create your own profile and can even add a picture of yourself if you so choose.

2. Send messages to any other member on-line.

3. Take part in our various topic on-line polls.

4. Keep your email address "invisible".

5. Be instantly notified via email if someone responds to your post.

6. Send a topic to a friend.

7. Print a thread.

8. Use "Google search" to find a post or topic on our message board only or anywhere on the Internet.

Enjoy using this new board!

Please select this link to enter the RV Advice Public Message Board


Once you have finished a post if you select the "Return to RV Advice web site" text link you will be returned to the index page of RV Advice.

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