RV Survivor!

Grand Prize: Aqua Saver by PJB Company, donated by PJB Company-Winner: Dennis Evans of Westfield, Wisconsin (a RV Advice email subscriber)

1st Prize: Hitch Spotter by Patington, Inc., donated by Patington, Inc.-Winner: Sherry Strahla of Bolingbrook, Illinois (a RV Advice email subscriber)

2nd Prize: Taming the Wild RV Video by RAM ADVentures donated by RV Chassis Master, Inc.-Winner: Ronald Kelly of Picayune, Mississippi. (a RV Advice email subscriber)

3rd Prize: Amsoil Spray Spot and Stain Remover donated by RV Chassis Master, Inc.-Winner: Leo Horton of South Lake Tahoe, California (a RV Advice email subscriber)

4th Prize: package of Awning Inserts by PJB Company donated by RV Chassis Master Inc.-Winner: Larry Nichols of Clear Lake, Iowa. (a RV Advice email subscriber)

Will You "SURVIVE"?

Answer the 25 multiple choice questions below and the "tie-breaker" questions to see if you might become an RV Advice "RV Survivor"

This contest ended March 30, 2001. Correct answers are in red

1. You go to purchase your first RV. To survive the "price pitch" you have the knowledge that most dealers have a:
A. 25-40% markup
B. 5% markup over MSRPC. 15% markup

2. While searching for a used travel trailer you find an Ambassador by Rolls International. You survive by knowing:
A. Book value is $11,920 B. It's made in Indiana C. It's an orphan

3. You encounter a RV with heated holding tanks. You instinctively know:
A. This is silly B. Tank odors will be worse C. this is part of an arctic package

4. You purchase a brand new fifth wheel to also tow your boat behind. After the purchase you discover:
A. Triple towing is not legal in all states B. You just voided your new 5th wheel warranty C. Both A. and B.

5. Another tribal member complains of opening his refrigerator and having a strong ammonia odor. You know this is an indication of:
A. coolant leak B. burner assembly needs cleaning C. lower control board needs replacing

6. LPG gas detectors are located along lower walls because:
A. no other electrical wiring to get confused with B. to be unnoticeable C. LPG sinks as it is a heavier than atmospheric air gas

7. In order to operate properly a two way refrigerator must also have this:
A. interior storage fan B. 12-volt power supply C. must be fully stocked with food

8. Dry camping means camping:
A. without water B. in the desert C.without hooking up to utilities

9. An axle lock is used for:
A. the ability to use levelint jacks B. enabling certain vehicles to be towed four wheels down C. hold king pin in place

10. You encounter another tribal member in a campground that tells you he uses a "slider". You know without seeing he:
A. has a slide-in camper B. has a tow dolly C. tows a fifth wheel (This was one of those questions you had to read carefully before answering and for this reason was the most commonly missed). Though a "slider" can also be referring to a truck camper, note the wordage of the question. "...he USES a slider", not he "owns" a slider. GOTCHA!--evil grin)

11. A tribal member tells you they have a "cabover". You survive by knowing they are referring to a:
A. Class A B. Class B C. Class C

12. You begin fish-tailing as a tractor trailer passes you. To get back under control you need to:
A. speed up B. change lanes C. slow down

13. You encounter a tribal member who tells you he has numerous black streaks on his RV. You survive because you know these are from:
A. improper gas flame B. rubber roof C. exhaust fumes

14. Another RV tribe invites you to a "pot-luck". You are to bring:
A. waterproof matches B. a guest C. a covered dish

15. When members of a RV tribe gather with their RVs it is called a:
A. festival B. rally C. festival

16. Before storing your RV for extended purposes this is a "must" do:
A. wash RV B. fill propane C. dump/flush holding tanks

17. A good tribe member knows a connected house battery should be checked/maintained for this at least once a month:
A. fluid level B. terminal end connections C. melted wires

18. A common problem with water heaters not working properly is often caused by:
A. no water B. orifices blocked by spiders/mud daubers C. no propane

19. You know traveling with your pet along that:
A. the tribe will eat it B. you travel with rabies/vaccination papers C. pet will be a nuisance

20. In a tribal council you are asked how often wheel bearings should be repacked. You survive by stating:
A. if it ain't broke don't fix it B. when they get wet C. once a year or every 12,000 miles

21. You need to detemine the "exact" weight of an orphan trailer. You:
A. search for original owner's manual B. have it weighed C. add length and height then divide by width

22. Another tribal member has placed their refrigerator on its side. This lets you know that:
A. they are trying to break up coolant blockage B. they are defrosting the unit C. they need a heating element

23. A tribal member tells you he has a class A diesel "puller". You smile because you know:
A. the driver and passenger must yell to talk to each other B. the engine is located in the front C. both A. and B.

24. A tribal member tells you they have a "wide-body". You survive by knowing this means:
A. slide-out rooms B. RV is over 8' wide C. RV has tag axle

25. "Wherever You Go We're Always Here" is the slogan of:
A. the highway patrol B. I.R.S. C. RV Advice of the WWW (could be a slogan of the other two mentioned - smile)

Tie Breaker: Pre-RV pioneers would often carry this to help assist in starting a fire:
A. charred cloth B. gunpowder C. piece of glass
D. None of these (only a few people knew this)

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Thanks for playing and Good Luck!

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