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Current Advertisers/Banner Sponsors of RV Advice of the World Wide Web


Our popularity among the Internet RV community is phenomenal. RV Advice of the WWW has an average now of over 600,000 hits per MONTH, with average of 50,000 unique visitors/subscribers per MONTH, that's more people than most RV magazines subscription base at less than a 1/10th of the advertising cost!

Though the majority of visitors to RV Advice are from the United States a growing number of visitors from the rest of the world is steadily growing. More than 5% of the visitors are from Canada and the United Kingdom and there is a steadily growing number from Italy, Israel, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Japan, Korea, France, Belgium, South Africa, etc.

In addition, with the standard of advertising banners on the Internet having a .05% (or less) average of click-through rates, our web site averages a click through rate of over 6.0%!  But more importantly than having higher standards than the rest of the Internet, it doesn't matter how many people "click-through" to your web site if they don't PURCHASE anything from your company. This web site often brings good results, otherwise it's doubtful we would have the same advertisers for over ten years.

Why are our advertising rates so low in comparison with other comporable Internet sites? Simple, we don't have a large"staff" to pay and we are sourced in many publications, not just on the Internet. One example: Jane Pauley "Your Life is Calling", article "Living and Traveling in an RV" 6/14/2010 in AARP magazine listed three RV websites (and there are hundreds), as a resource for RVers and rvadvice.com was one of the three listed! RVIA of Canada has rvadvice.com listed as a resource as well. We have and had in the past articles with our URL published and excerpts from our web site in newspapers around the US and Canada, campground directories, etc.

Current Advertisers/Banner Sponsors on the RV Advice of the WWW site - (including their link or contact information and their location within this web site. Banner Sponsors or national advertisers are featured in bold type)

In alphabetical order:

  1. Aqua Saver - Q&A Appliances and Accessories
  2. Canoe Creek Campground 407-892-7010 - Florida
  3. Motorhome Classifieds - Index
  4. National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) - FAQs - Neato Info - California
  5. Normandy Farms Campground - Massachusetts
  6. RV America Insurance - RV Links - California
  7. RV Chassis Master, Inc.- Tennessee
  8. Shady Lane Cabins & Motel - Missouri
  9. Timeshare Sales - RV Travel
  10. Tommy's RV Park, Storage and Antiques - 910-948-3886 - Travel Guide national sponsor-all 50 states
  11. Vacation Rental - RV Travel Guide

Advertising Available

Classified Ads:

Your text classified ad listed on the page (or pages) of your choice for only $.25 per word (non-commercial) or $.50 per word (commercial). Select this link "Classified Ads" (.pdf format) for mail-in form you can print with advertising deadline schedule.

Text Link Advertising:

Please note: No web site necessary to advertise with text links! We can use an email address or phone number.

The RV Manufactures pages (for RV Manufacturers only) is not listed on the .pdf form listed below to fill out. RV Manufacturers must submit their own list of models and types (travel trailers, class A, etc.) along with their check to RV Chassis Master, Inc. 2364 Hwy. 91, Elizabethton, TN 37643-6913

Select this link "Text Links" (.pdf format) for mail-in form you can print out.

RV Manufacturers pages (for RV manufacturers only-includes all RV Manufacturer model names, catagories and text links). Life time text link on our RV Manufacturers pages $50.00.

$60.00 per year for text link on our RV Links page. Save money with life time text link for $300.00 (This form of advertising is NOT on the .pdf form listed above. Call with credit card information and URL info or mail with check to address below:

Send check and information to: RV Chassis Master, Inc., 2364 Hwy. 91, Elizabethton, TN 37643-6913 or call 423-474-2051 with credit card information.(Advertising only calls).

ALL Banner advertisers also get included a FREE TEXT LINK on our Sponsor page in alpahbetical order and free banner on our state travel guide page their business or headquarters is located in.

Contact webmaster for banner sending information and billing at: Liz @ rvadvice.com (remove spaces before sending email) or call M-F, 9-5 eastern time): 423-474-2051 (Advertising ONLY calls).

"Want a full page color ad on our web site with link to your site?"> $4,000.00 per year. Any page but index page (rvadvice.com).

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Updated August 11, 2011