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Chosen to be the "FIRST" award winner!

What you are doing is a great service to not only RVers but the RV industry as well. It's a unique and innovative use on the Internet. Keep up the good work.---Don Magary-President of RV America On Line and editor of RV News Magazine--The Voice of the RV Industry
Congratulations! Your Site is currently featured as one of the "Best of the Net" Again, congratulations and let's keep on rolling!---Michael H. Yeaw--RV Travel

You folks are really performing a very valuable service...I'm telling all RV newbies about how helpful you are!---Grace in New York City

Any dealer who will support an internet site as good as this, deserves my consideration for making a purchase.---Joe

Thank you so much for creating this page and devoting your time to answering the many questions of us novices.---Bob of Coral Springs, Florida

Thanks for your patient attention! Hope you find many good sponsors!---Tom

Thanks for the quick thorough response. You just saved me a bunch of money. Thanks again and keep up the good work---Stan

Thanks for providing such a valuable service. You are truly a Good Samaritan. Thanks again.---Bill

This is a great idea that I'm sure will be much appreciated by all Rver's.---Dave

We're enjoying your site here very much. Good work.---Tom

Thanks again for one of the most interesting and informative pages on the web for RVer's.---Bill

A Yahoo search led me here. Nice Site.---Randy in Alaska

This is a great place to visit... often!---Paul

Thanks for all your help. You have provided more than one answer to my questions on this page. It's great to know you're here.---Paul in Michigan

You have a GREAT site, and I'm sure many RVers enjoy it.---Bob

Hi Liz & Pete.. You folks are doing a great job with the RV Advice access---Roy

I e-mailed a question to you...and recieved a very timely response - we really appreciate this RV Advice!!---Jim of Perris, California

Very interesting and helpful site. Thanks for the fine effort.---Dr. Klein of New York

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