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Park Model: Type of RV that is usually designed for permanent parking but is shorter in length than a traditional mobile home. All the amenities of a mobile home but not built for recreational travel.

Part-timers: People who use their RV for longer than normal vacation time but less than one year.

Patio mat: Carpet or woven mat for use on ground outside of RV. Used whether or not a concrete patio pad is available where camping.

Pitch-in: Term for a RV campground "get-together", usually means "pitching-in" a covered dish or casserole.

PO: Abbreviation for "pop-up" camper.

Pop-out: Term for room or area that 'pops-out' for additional living space in RV. This type of expanded living area was more common before the technology of slide-out rooms became popular and available.

Popup/Pop-Up: Folding camping trailer. See also: Internet Popup Newsgroup

Porpoising: A term used to define an up and down motion with a RV.

Primitive camping: Also known as "dry camping", boondocking. Camping without the modern convenience of full-hookup facilities of city/well water, sewer/septic and electricity. Primitive campers rely on 'on-board' systems for these conveniences; generator, batteries, stored water, etc.

Puller: Slang for front engine motorhome. Term most often used to refer to front mounted diesel engine motorhomes.

Pull-through: Term for a camping space (whether in campground or not) that only requires the driver to "pull-through" or "drive-through" to access the camping spot, and upon leaving (after camping) you again just drive forward to leave or exit the camping space.

Pusher: Slang for rear engine motorhome. Term most often used to refer to diesel engine motorhomes.


Reefer: Slang for "refrigerator". Refrigerators are often found in either a "two way" or "three way" operating mode. Two way: has a gas mode and an AC mode. Three way: has a gas mode, AC mode, and 12v DC mode. The coolant used in RV refrigeration is ammonia. The two most common manufacturers of RV refrigerators are Norcold and Dometic.

Road Wander: Term used to describe a lack of ability to maintain the motorhome in a straight, forward travel without constant back and forth motion of the steering wheel.

RVDA: Abbreviation for Recreational Vehicle Dealer's Association. See Also: RVDA

RVIA: Abbreviation for Recreational Vehicle Industry Association. See Also: RVIA


Screen room: Term for screen enclosure that attaches to the exterior of a RV for a "bug free" outside sitting area. Some screen rooms have a canvas type roof for rain protection as well.

Shore Power: Electricity provided by an external plug to external power source

Slide-in: Term for a type of camper that mounts on a truck bed, because often this type of camper "slides-in" to the truck bed.

Slide-out: Additional living space that "slides-out" either by hydraulics, electricity or manually, when the RV is setup for camping.

Slider: Slang for slider-hitch. See Slider-hitch.

Slider-hitch: Referring to a sliding hitch used on short bed trucks for enabling them to tow fifth wheels, allowing them sufficient clearnance to jack-knife the trailer.

Snowbird: Term for someone in a northern climate that heads "south" in winter months.

SUT: Short for sport utility trailer. Can be either a fifth wheel or travel trailer with a built in cargo area for ATV's, bikes, motorcycles, mopeds, or other "toys" you want to take with you inside your RV.


Tag Axle: A dead axle behind the drive axle that helps support the weight of the overhang and gives you a little more GVW capacity so you don't have to put the full load on the drive axle. Most tag axles are good for supporting 4-5,000 pounds.

Tailgunner: The end RV or vehicle in a caravan (see Caravan).

Tip-out: Term for room (generally in older RVs) that "tipped-out" for additional living space once RV was parked. Newer RVs mainly use 'slide-out' rooms.

Toad: Term for a "towed" vehicle.

Toy-hauler: Term for fifth wheel, travel trailer or motorhome with built-in interior cargo space for motorcycles, bikes, etc.

Tranny: slang for transmission

Triple towing: Term for three vehicles attached together. Usually a tow vehicle pulling a fifth wheel and the fifth wheel pulling a boat. See also: RV Advice Neato Info or RV Travel Guide for towing laws.

TT: Abbreviation for "travel trailer".

TV: Abbreviation for "tow vehicle". See also: Chevy trucks, Ford trucks, Dodge Trucks, Internet Newsgroup:Dodge trucks, The Diesel Stop, Turbo Diesel Register, BD Engine Brake, Inc., Tow Ratings.


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