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If you are a user that uses "mail block" service on your email please note the email notifications will come from either "Liz" or "Subscriber" at rvadvice.com; and of course any questions to Pete will come from "Pete" at rvadvice.com; so you will need to accept mail from the above email addresses.

If the webmaster receives any returned email trying to notify RVers with the selections they have chosen for "user not found" or "host not found" or "user not accepting email from this address" the email address will be removed from our email notification system. The webmaster receives a lot of returned email for "box full", but does not delete an email notification address for that reason. (Make sure you periodically empty your email trash with your server--not just the trash bin with your email software. Check with your server if you are not sure how to do this).

Not all pages within RV Advice have subscriber "updates" for those pages. Please visit the website often to see when the pages you read, that are not on the notify form below, have been updated with new information. Dates of last updating (for any page), can be found at our "Page Updates". Be sure to hit your "reload or refresh" button after the "update page" loads to insure you are retrieving a current listing of page updates.


Your email address is used ONLY for email notification of the pages you are interested in. RV Advice does NOT give, sell or trade these addresses to anyone or any business. RV Advice will not send you anything other than email notifications. RV Advice is an ANTI SPAM web site!

IMPORTANT: Due to the popularity of Internet viruses/worms RV Advice NEVER sends email with attachments (nor accepts attachments). If you ever receive an attachment from ANY RV Advice email address please don't open it and contact the RV Advice webmaster immediately. Thank you!

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