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This page last updated April 11, 2015

  This is where you will come to get information on the RV Advice web site in general. If you are wondering why there are not new postings, you can come out here and see that perhaps we are away on vacation or at an RV rally or show.

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April 11, 2015 

Our customers know we closed our business RV Chassis Master the end of September, 2014 due to a failed medical procedure done in June that the revision is finally going to be done within the next two weeks.  But during that period of time Pete just has not had the heart to keep up with the tons of email even though it sits printed on a desk.  We are deciding what direction to take RV Advice in at this time.  We're been around a long, long time out here on the Internet answering email questions sent in us, all in the hopes we perhaps were helping folks.  We know the Internet has changed, and is constantly changing and that "email" is "old school" and not an effective way to communicate.  Pete is going to resume answering the email that comes in while he mends from this next, and hopefully last, surgery; but we are going to decide whether we want to make "how to" videos to share on UTube or perhaps live feed on Meerkat, or even perhaps utilize our Facebook page for photos, videos and RVer communication that way.  I'm even up for the idea of selling the site, since we're in a forced retirement right now, but perhaps it won't come to that.  We just want to figure out where we want to take RV Advice now.  Your feedback would be most appreciated.  What would you like see happen to RV Advice of the World Wide Web?  Send me an email and let me know: liz @ rvadvice.com (remove spaces before sending email.  Thank you.

February 22, 2012

It's been a long time since I've updated this page, sorry about that! Changes are being made with RV Advice. I have changed all the email forms (albeit, not happy with them); I may put the old email forms back up until I find a form with the new CAPTCHA capablities I like.

I have added the U.S. States and Canadian provinces to our email notification form as this section within RV Advice is getting more and more popular each day. One of the addtional features I'm adding to the U.S. states is a link to the "speed traps" of each state, found under the RV laws of each state. The other feature being added to both US and Canada are links to city FaceBook pages.

I am in the process of "revamping" the entire site to bring it into the new decade. I am planning to add features that will enable you to share with others photos, videos, etc, similar to what you would find on FaceBook, MySpace, etc.

I am also planning to add RV Advice "live", so you can type your question and get your answer typed back to you immediately and not have to send in an email and wait for a reply, although both of us have caught up with the email and Pete generally has the answer out within three to five days currently. We actually did this "live questions and answers" over ten years ago, but it was only available for two hours in the evening (8:00 pm - 10:00pm eastern time zone), Monday through Friday, and it wasn't very popular; so after a few months, we just ended it. When we implement it this time it will be during business hours, and not at night, and it will be a private format (like any other online live customer service), not in a public forum.

Please, just bear with me. Though I've been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis since 1988, it changed course in 2008 and is now getting worse. Twice last year I lost the use of my right arm/hand for about a month, but after three days of IV steroids by home health care nurses, got most of my right hand/arm back, albeit, considerably weaker. I never know from one day to the next whether something on my body will "work" or not, or if I will have enough energy to do things. I'm not looking for a pity party, just stating some facts. This site is one of the things that keeps me going though. I've made a lot of nice Internet RV friends out here, some I've even met in person! :)

Because of my not being able to type it has put me behind on posting Q&A's to the web site (since I also have to edit the letters for spelling, etc.), but I have been working on editing them each and every day and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, so I should start rolling some updated pages out soon.

I have also changed Internet servers, which has saved me a boat load of money, which is a good thing; with the RV industry collapse and the bad economy I have lost 95% of my advertisers either from going out of business or they just don't have the advertising budget. Hopefully it will turn around soon, I at least need enough money to maintain site expenses.

To share some RV Advice insider information with you, since you, the visitor, are why we are a popular RV web site! Our current ranking world wide is 473,399 (not too shabby with over 10 million web sites and growing)! Our US ranking is 92,879. We've had a 40% increase in global users (visitors), within the past three months alone. Most of our users are between 55-64. There are currently 310 Internet web sites that have added links on their web site to RVAdvice.com. Last year in an article by Jane Pauley for AARP, on folks taking up RVing after retirement, she listed only three Internet web sites for AARP members to visit: 1. RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association), 2. RVADVICE.com (yeah! How cool is that! Big smile!) 3. I can't remember the site name, but it was a site on ranking RVs.

So I thank you tremendously for helping to make RVAdvice so popular! Now....if we can only think of a way to get it to earn income!

Also, all you RVers out there that have your own non-commercial web site or FaceBook/LinkedIn/MySpace, etc., page; if you're not already on our RV Links page (under RVer Homepages), email me your URL and I'll be happy to list/link you for free! If you have a commercial page it's only $60.00 a year for the RV Links page.

February 1, 2009

Widgets have been added, splattered all through out the site. If you have a widget suggestion, by all means pop me an email and let me know.

September 24, 2007

A classified ad area has been added to RV Advice and is accessible from all the Q&A pages. If interested in advertising on RV Advice just visit our Sponsor page and select the "classified ads" .pdf file, print, complete and send in.

March 8, 2007

I have added a "chat room" on our Public Message Board. Though we both have busy schedules at this time (trying to move ourselves and our business to Tennessee), we are hoping in the not too far distant future to schedule a time when Pete will be "live" for questions and answers in the evening hours. We did this in the past and it was a huge success and greatly appreciated by folks wanting an answer "right when they typed it".

Also, I have "decluttered" our RV Links page. It was full broken links.

January 1, 2007

You asked for it, you got it. Now within all the states and Canadian provinces on our Travel Guide page states and provinces with free dump stations are listed.

April 1, 2005

The webmaster has posted her annual April Fools day page. You can only access it through "Page Updates" found at the bottom of any page or by selecting this link to RV Fools.

February 3, 2005 "one stop" list of advertisers/sponsors found on Sponsor Page

Since this web site is so large, the webmaster has put a list of all advertisers/sponsors found within the entire web site in one central location in alphabetical order. This list also has the link or contact information to the advertiser/sponsor as well as a link to the page within RV Advice that they primarily advertise on. This "one stop" list should aid the reader's search for "what page did I see that ad on?" You can view this list directly at: http://www.rvadvice.com/sponsor.html.

September 22, 2004 A "new" public message board has replaced the old one

After experiencing problems with the old message board (flooding/spamming/etc.) we took the old board down, but have now replaced it with a new board we think people will enjoy using.

This new board has many features the old board didn't have such as: the ability to create your own profile, including a picture of yourself if you so choose; instant messaging other members online, keeping your email address "invisible", instant email notifications if someone repsonds to your post, email a topic to a friend, print a thread and even use a search engine to find a post or topic. Visit our new board at the "same old address" at:


March, 1998

We always encourage everyone to read Legal before browsing the website.

If anyone has a song they would like to hear just let me know the song title and type of song it is (i.e. country, new age, etc.)

Well that's all we have for now, thank you

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