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This page last updated May 26, 2016 containing letters emailed to Pete from January 22, 2016 - May 22, 2016


May 22, 2016 Jim of New Salem, Pennsylvania SHOUTS regarding what size generator he needs to operate air conditioner and whether he can drive with refrigerator running on propane

answer Dear Jim,
It depends on what size air conditioner you want to run and what other A/C items you want to run at the same time; or be able to run at the same time. I would suggest no smaller than a 4.0 KW for a minimum.
You're not supposed to operate your RV with the gas valve turned on while traveling. However, many people do, but you have to remember to turn off the refrigerator before filling up with fuel at the gas pumps (igniting gas fumes with a flame = explosion).
Play it safe and put dry ice in the refrigerator box. It you keep the door closed, and the refrigerator was already cooled down before leaving your refrigerated items should be just fine while traveling from point A to point B for that day.


May 20, 2016 Jesse of Atascadero, California writes regarding getting service manual for 1995 Fleetwood Bounder 40' with Ford 460

I have a 1995 Fleetwood Bounder 40 footer, on a Ford 460 gas engine chassis. Where can I get a service manual for this vehicle? Bounder said to contact Ford. Any ideas?
answer Dear Jesse,
Ford parts can order you one for the chassis; a basic RV repair and maintenance guide book will work for the coach side.


May 19, 2016 Martin of Clinton, Oklahoma writes regarding location of VIN on 1977 Citation

I have a 1977 TT 29 foot Citation. I have a title, VIN 773561071576013. I am restoring it and need to know where the VIN is printed on the frame. I am having trouble getting it registerd, if it is on a plaquerd can I get a replacement?
answer Dear Martin,
It's probably not on the frame and I don't know how you could get a new plaquard. You should be able to apply for a rebuilt title. Check with your state. Links can be found on our Travel Guide page for Oklahoma at:


May 5, 2016 Michelle of Sacramento, California writes regarding reset button staying illuminated on water heater in 2000 Komfort travel trailer

The light on the button marked "water heater reset" stays lit up. Is that right or wrong or a problem? I'm about to buy this so any help would be appreciated.
answer Dear Michelle,
That usually indicates a problem.
Some of the electric water heaters they will put a light at the switch to let you know if a red light is illuminated, it has shut down. On LP units the red light indicated the water heater didn't light.


April 26, 2016 Jan of Waverly, Ohio writes regarding refrigerator light is only thing working on refrigerator in 1986 Southwind

My fridge was working fine. Now all it does is the interior light comes on. It doesn't get cold in fridge or freezer. It is a Norcold.
Also, the furnace just blows cold air where it used to heat well. These two problems didn't happen at same time though. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I love my dinosaur.
answer Dear Jan,
Pick up a basic RV repair guide book. You can read about the refrigerator and furnace, get a few helpful tips; so you can get enough knowledge to explain the problem to a tech for help.


April 20, 2016 Lesli of Manchester, Tennessee writes regarding bedroom and bathroom lights not working in Gulf Stream Innsbrook

The bedroom and bathroom lights do not work. But the rest of the camper does. One bulb is blown and I have not replaced it. Are the lights like Christmas string lights or is there another problem?
answer Dear Lesli,
Sounds like maybe a fuse.
No, the lights are not like Christmas lights; one bulb should not take out a whole section. Different areas have seperate fuses.


April 12, 2016 Chris of Aurora, Oregon writes regarding location of city water hose connection on 1987 Komfort 5th wheel

Where is the city water hose connection located?
answer Dear Chris,
Should be left rear of trailer in a compartment or on the sidewall.


April 11, 2016 Susan of Bastrop, Texas writes regarding how to open window/stone cover on 1984 Fleetwood Wilderness

How do you open the window cover over the front window over the hitch and propane bottles?
It has a pin on each side connected to the trailer that goes into the slot on each side of the cover. Seems like the pins would need to retract to release it so it can slide up and open and be a little awning for the window but I am clueless. I have pulled on them but nothing happens and it just seems I will bend them off the trailer rather than release the gravel cover.
answer Dear Susan,
You're right. Pull the pins and raise it. The sliding arms might be stuck. Look for wing nuts on the arms that you can loosen and free up the slides.


April 7, 2016 Laurie of Balto, Maryland writes regarding whether it is safe to leave antenna up in rain

Is it safe to leave the antenna up when it rains?
Our friends just used their antenna for the first time, then their roof leaked bad.
answer Dear Laurie,
You should be safe to use the antenna in the rain.


February 5, 2016 Mike of Bradenton, Florida writes regarding how to clean out fresh water holding tank

We are just getting into RV'ing. I want to know how and if I should clean out the fresh water holding tank.
Each time, so far, we have hooked up to the campsite water supply and used a filter. Does the water go through the fresh water tank into shower, sink, etc?
There is a hose hookup to camp water, but right next to it is a place to put water, I suppose. When do I use this side of water system?
Also, do I empty tank before I leave camp site. Feel dumb asking all these simple (not to me), questions, but hope you can explain. NO booklets came with RV.
answer Dear Mike,
I would dump black, then gray tank before leaving campsite. It's not mandatory but you don't want to leave waste in the tank for too long.
When hooked up to city water the water does not flow to the fresh water tank. You should flush the fresh water tank before using it after long periods of storage, or install an Aqua Saver so you can properly clean your fresh water tank between uses. You use the fresh water tank and water pump when "city water" is not available.


February 3, 2016 Jeff of Lincoln University, Pennsylvania writes regarding whether or not he should support slide-out while extended

I have two powered slide outs; one for master bedroom and one for living area. Do I need to support them in anyway when they are out and in use? Will they bend or break with the weight of furniture and weight of people?
answer Dear Jeff,
No. Maybe if you were going to be set up for a long extended period and not setting level it possibly could be helpful.


February 1, 2016 Scott of Palm Springs, California writes regarding parking brake on 1997 Fleetwood Allegro with Chevy 454 and using electricity with motor home

Two questions please:
First, to get the transmission from park to any gear is difficult. I'm told there is a transmission brake that prevents the transmission from accidentally flipping into gear. True? How do I shift into drive without great effort?
Second, can the lights in the cabin be plugged directly into a 30 amp 110v on site while camping and avoid using the batteries and generator? If so, how?
answer Dear Scott,
First, pick up a basic RV repair and maintenance guide book (, for information on how the different systems should operate.
When you plug into 30 amps the power converter should automatically kick in and supply DC power to the 12 volt accessories and also charge the coach batteries.
It should not be a challenge to shift into gear. The auto park is controlled by the shift linkage and should release when the shift lever is moved out of park. If you're fumbling with the shift lever to get the brake to release, get someone to check the park brake linkage.


February 1, 2016 Diane of Arnett, Oklahoma writes regarding whether 2009 Rockwood is a four season trailer

Is this a four season trailer?
answer Dear Diane,
I really don't know but I would guess it's probably not. But that doesn't mean you can't use it in all seasons. You just need to be aware of what you need to do to protect in extreme weather conditions.


January 31, 2016 George of Calgary, Alberta writes regarding gearing down going down big hills with Winnebago Chieftain

Is it ok to gear down going down big hills?

answer Dear George,
Yes, definitely.


January 24, 2016 Alex of Aransas Pass, Texas writes regarding arctic package lable on control panel of 2004 Forest Rivers Georgetown

In our motor home on the control panel there is a switch, labeled "arctic pac". What is its function or purpose?
answer Dear Alex,
Should be heaters for the holding tanks or water lines.


January 22, 2016 Diana of Indian Hills, Colorado writes regarding location of tanks in 2002 Montana

Where is the galley tank? The tanks are not covered in the manual we have.
Our Domenic fridge has become a freezer--what's the problem? --- HELP! We are presently living full time in our RV.
answer Dear Diana,
The tanks are usually mounted under the coach not far from the dump valves. The large 3" pipe goes to the black tank or to toilet; the smaller 1 1/2" pipe goes to the grey tank or sinks, and or showers (if no tank).
The fresh water tank could be under a cabinet, bed, couch, etc.


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