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We are your FREE recreational vehicle web site!

This web site has been created to help answer the questions to fullfill your quest of "living the dream" because Pete (RV Advice), of RV Chassis Master, Inc. sees a numerous amount of people living and traveling in their RV who aren't really "living the dream", simply because they don't quite understand the quirks and mishaps that can occur in the normal course of operation of their RV.

The Q&A pages on this website are composed of postings of emails received on a daily basis from RVers asking questions to Pete about their recreational vehicles, tow vehicles, towed vehicles, appliances, RV accessories, etc. They are real questions with candid answers without using "rocket science". You can send in an email question yourself from any of the webpages and you will receive a personal reply, as well as maybe seeing your letter posted on this website a few weeks after you receive your answer. We only ask for $1.00 to help us to help you. You will be billed on a separate, secure email. Because the Q&A pages are email questions and answers that are posted, the pages change with each new batch of email posted, along with the questions asked and answers given; so visit often, or become a free RV Advice subscriber! (see below).

There is SO MUCH information within this web site this "main" page only scratches the surface of discovering the wealth of information found within this 200+ page web site. This is the original RV web site that many others have copied, and ranked as one of the best recreational vehicle web sites on the Internet!

You ask the questions, we give the answers. Then we post about 40% of the letters and answers on the Q&A pages. The Q&A Catagories are:

But we're not just a Q&A web site! We have lots of information and articles! Using our navigation map found at the bottom of every page within this web site you can also find:

We are your RV web site!

Choose from the many RV categories listed on our site map below. The webmaster post new letters almost each and every day to one page or another on this website, so come back often or fill out our email Notification Form either at this link or found below in the "web site navigation map" to request email notification of the pages that interest you the most.

Please browse our website for your answers before writing to Pete. We have found that 60% of all the answers of the questions asked can be found within this web site and it takes up to three weeks to receive a reply once you send an email to us, so make sure you browse the web site (especially our Q&A RV FAQs page) before you send an email.

You can send an email using the form found on any of our Q&A pages found on the navigational map located at the bottom of every page.

Browse our website first, if you can't find your answer, send us an email. We will answer you. We answer ALL email personally, even the email that other RV web sites forward to us to answer for them, but due to the large daily volume of email it does take up to one month to receive a reply. Email is answered by Peter Scalf, of RV Chassis Master, Inc. as "first in, first out", BUT please do NOT CALL him for FREE advice at his business! That is what this web site is for! All the postings you see on this web site are from folks just like you, they had questions, they wanted answers. Though we don't post every question and answer to this web site, we do post about 40% of the daily incoming E-mail, so the pages on our web site constantly change with new email postings.

VERY IMPORANT: We do NOT have any AOL E-mail addresses, so please do not write to the folks on AOL with E-mail addresses that are similar to "RV Advice", they aren't us and they don't want our E-mail.

The ONLY  RV Advice E-mail addresses end with @rvadvice.com (that is "adviCe" with a "C"a noun; NOT "adviSe" with a "S" a verb).

Before using the Navigation Map below, or our search engine, you are highly advised to check out our "Page Updates". This section of RV Advice gives you complete information on what you can find in each and every section or page of RV Advice and the last time a particular section was updated. Please note: there something updated almost every day.

There is a navigation map and search engine located on every page within RV Advice so you can navigate comfortably and confidently through this large 200 + page web site.

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Have Fun!

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