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While this is all a matter of common sense, we would like to advise our readers of the following specifics:

  1. All materials at this site are subject to a claim of Copyright, 1996-2014, by RV Advice of the World Wide Web, and may not be reproduced without our express approval. It is our policy in most instances to grant such reprint approval upon request, so long as the reprinted materials are clearly identified as "Copyright 1996-2014, RV Advice of the World Wide Web. Reprinted with Permission of RV Advice of the World Wide Web."
  2. All articles and email submitted for publication at this site become the property of RV Advice of the World Wide Web. RV Advice of the World Wide Web reserves the right to edit all submissions, both articles and email submissions, in its absolute discretion. Further, we reserve the right to post only those materials which we deem appropriate and useful for our readers; and to reject all materials which for any reason we choose not to use at this site.
  3. The opinions expressed at this site represent the view of RV Advice of the World Wide Web (Peter Scalf) and on some pages those of our readers. Readers are cautioned to use their own judgment, and to seek other opinons, with respect to any information which they may find at this site.
  4. While our intention is to present factually correct information at this site, RV Advice of the World Wide Web assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or suitability of any comments, recommendations, suggestions, or other information which is posted at this site. The opinions of RV Advice of the World Wide Web represent Peter Scalf's opinions only, and not necessarilly those of any sponsor of RV Advice of the World Wide Web. We can assume no responsibility whatsoever for inaccurate, misleading, or inappropriate information furnished by Peter Scalf or participating readers. Readers of this site are encouraged to consider a variety of information sources before taking any actions, of any type or description, based on information which is received from or as a consequence of this site.
  5. RV Advice of the World Wide Web has no means and is unable to make any determination about the experience, competence, integrity, or honesty of any of its participating readers. We encourage our readers to seek a variety of information resources, and to make whatever additional and independent investigation may be necessary or appropriate before making any commitments or taking any steps in reliance on any information which is posted at this site.

Privacy Policy

We do not share, sell, trade, or give your email address to any person or business, nor do we share, sell, trade, or give any personal information provided by you to us via our website on our RV Store page when you make a purchase from us or when submitting an email question to us. All information is held in strickest confidence. We do not send emails to anyone (other than to answer a question submitted to us), we do not believe in SPAM, and we do not accept email with or send email with attachments either.

Though we may use your email letter and Pete's reply on our web site, we do not edit the letter (except for grammar/spelling, punctuation, capitalization), and we only use your first name (if provided) and location you are from (if provided).

The only areas on our website where your email address is available for others is our Public Message Board, or areas where you expressedly requested it to be posted. Occasionally we will have someone who has read a letter on our web site want to contact the person that wrote the letter. In those cases we forward the email to the person that orginally wrote in and leave it up to him/her as to whether or not they want to contact the person wishing to correspond with them. Occasionally we receive an E-mail that we want to forward to an RV Manufacturer or after market supplier, but we ask for permission to do so first from the person that sent us the E-mail.

We only post about 40% of the incoming email to this web site. A letter written in to RV Advice may or may not be used on this web site. We personally reply to all email that comes in, but sometimes our reply "bounces back" to us for various reasons (user unknown, unknown email account, etc.). In these cases we have no recourse but to delete the original letter and reply but we make an effort to post these letters on the web site in hopes the sender will read the answer to the question they submitted; but there is no guarantee that these letters are posted to the web site. We answer email as "first in, first answered", but it is impossible to personally answer a day's worth of email each day (a LOT comes in). Most replies are within three business days, sometimes it takes longer depending on the volume of mail we have received, the time it takes to answer the email and whether or not we are in town (information regarding this is kept posted on our "What's New" page.

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