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LP: propane; abbreviation for liquefied petroleum gas, which is a gas liquefied by compression, consisting of flamable hydrocarbons and obtained as a by-product from the refining of petroleum or natural gas. Also called bottled gas, LPG (liquid petroleum gas) and CPG (compressed petroleum gas).

Luan: the 1/8" backing board for filon (the fiberglass sheeting use in RVs with fiberglass construction). Luan is the 'base' the filon (fiberglass) is glued on to.

MH: abbreviation for "motorhome".

Minnie Winnie: a brand model of Winnebago.

Motorcoach: term for motorhome on "bus-type" chassis.

NADA: abbreviation for National Automotive Dealer's Association. See Also: NADA

NCC: abbreviation for Net Carrying Capacity. The maximum weight of all personal belongings, occupants, food, fresh water, LP gas, tools, dealer installed accessories, etc., that can be carried by the RV (Technically, the GVWR less the UVW equals the NCC). See also "weights"

OEM: abbreviation for "original equipment manufacturer".

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