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Filon(registered trademark of Kemlite Company): fiberglass sheeting used in RVs with fiberglass sidewall construction. For additional information about fiberglass sidewalls visit http://www.filon.com

Fiver: other name for fifth wheel.

Flat tow: slang for towing a vehicle with all four wheels down on the ground.

FMCA: abbreviation for Family Motor Coach Association. See also: FMCA

Fresh tank: holding tank on RV for storing fresh water.

Full hookup: term for campground accomadations offerering water, sewer/septic and electricity; also refers to a RV with the abilities to use 'full-hookups'.

Fulltimer/Full-timer: someone who travels/lives in a recreational vehicle most of the year.


Gas Pusher: slang for rear gasoline engine mounted chassis on motorhome

Gear Vendor: brand name for an auxiliary transmission designed to give the driver control of the vehicle's gear ratio and being able to split gears for peak performance and at the same time have an overdrive.

Genset: abbreviation for generator set

Grey tank: holding tank of RV for storing used dishwater/bathing water.

GAWR: Abbreviation for Gross Axle Weight Rating. The maximum allowable weight each axle is designed to carry, as measured at the tires, therefore including the weight of the axle assembly itself. GAWR is established by considering the rating of each of its components (tires, wheels, springs, axle) and rating the axle on its weakest link. The GAWR assumes that the load is equal on each side. See also "Weights"

GCWR: Abbreviation for Gross Combined Weight Rating. The maximum allowable combined weight of the tow vehicle and the attached towed vehicle. GCWR assumes both vehicles has functioning brakes, with exceptions in some cases for very light towed vehicles, normally less than 1, 500 pounds. (check your chassis manual or towing guide) See also "Weights"

GVWR: Abbreviation for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. The maximum allowable weight of the fully loaded vehicle, including liquids, passengers, cargo, and tongue weight of any towed vehicle. See also "Weights"


HP: Abbreivation for "horse power".

HR: Abbreviation for Holiday Rambler, a well-known RV manufacturer. See Also: Holiday Rambler

House Battery: battery or batteries in motorhome for operating the 12 volt system within the motorhome, seperate from the chassis.

Hula skirt: term used for a type of dirt skirt accessory some RVers use on the back of their motorhome to aid in the protection from debris thrown from their rear wheels to the vehicles directly behind them or being towed behind them. This dirt skirt is usually the length of the rear bumper and resembles a 'short' version of a Hawaiian 'hula-skirt', hence the term.

Hybrid: term for fifth wheel or travel trailer that has been manufactured to ge "different" than the standard interior living box. Usually by having popout ends over bedrooms that give a "tent" like area for sleeping.


Jackknife: 90% angle obtained from turning/backing fifth wheel or travel trailer with tow vehicle. Jackknifing a short bed truck towing a fifth wheel without the use of a slider hitch or extended fifth wheel pin box can result in damage to the truck cab or breaking out the back window of the truck cab from the truck and fifth wheel "colliding".


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