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Below are E-mail questions and answers that are related to twenty year and older RVs. You can send your question(s) using the form at the bottom of all our Q&A pages. We answer ALL email that comes in to us, even what other RV web sites forward to us.

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This page last updated June 28th containing letters emailed to Pete from April 6, 2012 - January 12, 2013.

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January 12, 2013 Bill of Palm Springs, California writes regarding where to find replacement air bag system for 1989 Winnebago Chieftain with Chevy 454

Where can I get a replacement air bag system for this motor home? I took it in to be repaired and they replaced the pumps and bags but they don't stay up more than two days. They didn't do that before because I used them to level the motor home.

Dear Bill,

Are you talking about front or rear? Some of those units had the Jet Air Ride on the rear; and some used the Firestone Air Ride front and rear. The Firestone parts are no problem to get. If it's the Jet Air Ride, it could be a little more difficult to find.

I would look for air leaks in the air lines and fittings first though.

January 8, 2013 Stan of Clearwater, Florida writes regarding location of fuse box for coach side of 1981 Winnebago with Chevy 454

Where is the fuse box located at for the dash lights, brake lights and other stuff on a 1981 Winnebago with a Chevy drive train?

Dear Stan,

Look at the dash, just above the dog house, and see if there isn't a section across the bottom that will pull off to access the fuse panel.

January 1, 2013 Bud of Burlington, Ontario writes regarding how to change in-tank fuel pump in 1987 Eurocoach with Ford 460 on John Deere chassis

How to change the in tank fuel pump in this motorhome and electrical circuit (wire colour), and fuse location or panel.

Also, is there a fuel filter in the gas line outside the gas tank?

Dear Bud,

Let's see, where we start. First, you drop the tank to get to the fuel pump, unless it happens to be mounted right in front of the tank, or you can access the top of the tank without dropping it.

Then there is a fuel filter along the inside of the driver's side frame rail and also a filter in the carburetor. The manufacturer used a fuel pump relay on the early units instead of a fuse. It is usually located tied up in the wiring harness under the dash.

I can't help you with an electrical circuit, but if my memory is correct, it will be an orange wire going to the pump.

December 30, 2012 Wayne of Fentress, Texas writes regarding what pressure his fuel should operate at with 1987 Fleetwood Limited with Ford 460 on John Deere chassis

I have a bad fuel pressure regulator and I was wondering what pressure it should operate at?

Dear Wayne, It should run between 4-7 psi, but be able to run at 14 psi under full load.

December 28, 2012 Mark of Logan, Utah writes regarding electrica surge while camping causing problems with 1984 Georgie Boy Cruise Air II

While camping last summer and hooked to shore power the house lights went real bright and even melted my porch light. Also, heater fan and water pump ran faster but only when plugged into shore power.

I have since replaced the power converter which is located under the driver side bed and it is still doing that. Could it somehow be getting 24 volts instead of 12 volts?

I'm using only two batteries; one for coach and other for house.

Under the hood, right on fire wall there is what looks like a solenoid thing. Could that be bad and combining both batteries to make 24 volts?

Also, do you know where I can get the clear plastic circuit film that goes on the back of the instument cluster; ie., fuel gauge, oil pressure, water temperature, etc. It is brittle and some traces are broke. All gauges are non working.

Dear Mark, I don't believe you're getting 24 volts, but you could have a bad diode in the isolator or another open circuit that is causing the power converter to over charge.

I don't know if GM parts could get the print circuit for you, but look in your chassis fuse panel for a blown gauge fuse.

December 23, 2012 Al of Medina, Tennessee SHOUTS regarding 1989 Mini Winnie that won't start after sitting several years and wanting to drain old gas out of system


Dear Al,

You will probably have to pull the tank to clean it. You might try disconnecting the fuel line from the fuel filter and pumping it out, but it depends on how much fuel is in it. Sometimes you can remove the filler spout and pump the fuel out.

December 18, 2012 Keith of Earth writes regarding traveling speed for newly purchased 1987 Fleetwood Pace Arrow for trip from western Michigan to lower Florida

I just bought a used 1987 Pace Arrow (Fleetwood). It has a Chevy 454 and a 3 speed transmission. I plan on being one of the crazed individuals on the road this Saturday, 22 December, to take the family from Western Michigan to Sebring, Florida to visit the in-laws for Christmas. Is it okay to drive 65 mph in that thing for long distances, or must I go slower to avoid blowing the engine? I won’t be going through any mountains, .just some hills in Kentucky and eastern Tenessee (I-69-I-65-Ala 234-I10-I75 is the route; picking up I-75 in northern Florida and going south).

What do you think?

Dear Keith,

Depends on the condition of the engine, but I wouldn't push it over 65 mph. Slowing down to 60 mph makes a big difference. You have to remember that 55 mph was the speed limit when this Pace Arrow was designed.

You might look at a Gear Vendor if you want to keep it and run the current speed limit now.

December 14, 2012 Jay of Ozark, Arkansas writes regarding location of master cyclinder on 1985 Sportscoach with Chevrolet chassis

Where is the master cylinder located? My RV brakes are soft. I think it needs fluid but cannot locate.

Also, is the power steering fluid located in the front?

Dear Jay,

Master cylinder is in the left front wheel well. A hole is cut out of the engine heat shield right at the top of the master cylinder so you can pop off the retainers and lift the cap up and out of the hole. You will need a light to see the fluid level.

December 11, 2012 R. of Glendale, Arizona writes regarding problems with rear leaf springs on 1993 34' Itasca class A with P30 chassis

Rear spring (leaf), at rear perch are twisting chassis and are starting to hit floor of RV when they are under normal load. I am having the front and rear springs redone by a reputable spring installer and he found the problem when raising the vehicle up to rework the rear springs.

Any ideas as to a cure?

Dear R.,

Inspect it for broken body supports, especially if re-arching the springs did not correct it. You might be able to correct it with air helper springs.

November 19, 2012 Traveler of Hagerman, Idaho writes regarding finding sewer hose connector for 1984 Tiffin Allegro

Do you know of any place where I can get a sewer hose connection to fit this motorhome? The ones currently available commercially don't fit! They're too small. It's the connection at the outflow end that I can't find a fitting for

Also, this motorhome has two batteries and the one in front does not hold a charge even though it's a new battery. Do they need to be connected in-line together?

Dear Traveler,

I am not sure what you're into on the sewer hose connection. I question if maybe it's been replumbed. The hose connector has been standard for years. Some of the older dump valves were a different size.

October 17, 2012 Joe of Simi Valley, California writes regarding rear lights not working on 1983 Fleetwood Southwind with Chevy drive train

I have a 1983 Southwind Eagle 1 by Fleetwood with a Chevy 454 engine. It has been sitting for a few years.

My problem is that the tail lights, reverse lights and rear running lights do not work. Brake lights and rear turn signals are very dim. I changed tthe bulbs, and cleaned the light sockets. The tail lamp fuse has continuity. I checked the wiring at the sockets with a test light (6 to 12 volts) and get nothing. I checked the wires attached to the head light switch on the dash board and get voltage from all the wires except two, a white and a yellow wire.

Is this a bad switch causing the problem? If not, what is it? Please help. Oh and yes, I did have the light switch turned on when checking for voltage.

Dear Joe,

If your front clearance lights and parking lights are working, that should rule out the light switch.

I would go under the rig at the rear where the manufacturer tied the wires from the tail lights to the main wiring harness and check there.

If you have no voltage, start tracing the wiring harness forward to the bulk head connector. Look for breaks or melted wires along the frame rail.

October 14, 2012 Greg of Trion, Georgia writes regarding back up lights and fuel gauge not working in 1978 Georgie Boy with Dodge chassis

I don't know if you can help since this motor home is so old, but I would appreciate it if I could put it in reverse. Back up lights won't come on and one fuel gauge does not work.

Dear Greg,

The back up light switch was on the side of the transmission, check to see if you have power in and out of the switch when in reverse. Test the sending unit on the tank that the gauge doesn't operate on.

You might want to see if the switching valve has been replaced and not providing the gauge signal for the second tank.

October 4, 2012 Tom of East Bridgewater, Massachusetts writes regarding trying to find a throttle cable for 1986 Fleetwood Pace Arrow with Chevy 454

I am trying to find a throttle cable that fits this motor home because without it, it's stuck in my driveway. I have looked everywhere and even had a mechanic try to find one.

Do you know where I can find a throttle cable that goes from the gas peddle to the linkage on engine for a 1986 33' Fleetwood Pace Arrow?

I would really appreciate ANY help you could give me as its been sitting in my driveway for seven months when it broke.

Dear Tom,

You should be able to take the VIN and get one through your local GMC parts supply. You might find a truck parts house that can build the cable for you.

October 1, 2012 George of Wetmore, Michigan writes regarding removing chrome wheel covers from 1987 Pace Arrow without damaging them

How do you remove chrome wheel covers without damaging them? I cannot pop them off like a normal hubcap as I am afraid they will be bent or damaged.

Dear George,

Usually you have a couple of lug nuts holding them on. Sometimes the caps over the nuts are covers, you pull the caps, and then remove the nuts.

September 28, 2012 Sue of Las Vegas, Nevada writes regarding intermittent stalling on grades with 1984 Winnebago Chieftain with Chevy 454

Intermittent stalling while going up a grade; engine will turn over but takes about 10 minutes to restart. After four hours of driving to Vegas (not to hot), going up grade past Baker it stalled wouldn't start for one hour, then it was fine. What's up?

Dear Sue,

I suspect a problem with your delivery fuel pump in the tank or the pick up tube in the tank.

September 27, 2012 Al of Thomasboro, Illinois writes regarding replacing cruise control in 1988 Fleetwood Southwind with Chevy 454 and P30 chassis

I am looking to replace the cruise control for this RV. My reason for replacing it is because the servo is making a "running" noise that I hear whenever I put the ignition switch in the ACC position. The noise reminds me of an old electric clock motor that has run dry. The cruise control that is currently on the RV is from 'travelaccessories a division of A.R.A. MFG.'

QUESTION 1: Is there a replacement for this servo?

QUESTION 2: Is there a newer aftermarket cruise control that you would recommend for replacement of my old cruise control equipment?

The RV has a engine with a 4BBL carburetor.

Dear Al,

I don't know that you could find a replacement servo. Dana Roster makes after market cruise control kits. Probably your local NAPA store would know of an after market cruise control kit.

September 25, 2012 LaVoy of Ashford, Washington writes regarding replacing electric steps on 1991 Fleetwood Bounder with manual Stromberg Carlson steps

How do I replace my worn out electric steps with manual (STROMBERG CARLSON) steps?

Dear LaVoy,

Best way possible. Remove the old step (bolts from the bottom), fit in the new step and see what you need to do to secure it.

September 22, 2012 Louis of Cape Coral, Florida writes regarding location of fuel pump in 1988 Itasca Sunflyer with Chevy 454

Is the pusher fuel pump located in the tank on this vehicle?

Is the regulator on the right side frame rail just past the wheels?

Is the regulator able to be removed without touching the pump or lines to the pump?

Dear Louis,

If there is not an external electric fuel pump in line, then the pump is in the tank. The regulator is mounted to the right side frame rail next to the tank and can be changed separately, but you have to disconnect the fuel lines from the regulator.

September 19, 2012 Charlie of Pollock, Louisiana writes regarding interior electrical problems with 1986 Allegro

I am having an electrical problem. The whole unit runs off the generator just fine, but when you plug in to an electrical outlet it runs off battery until the battery dies and it is the same battery the generator starts from.

Is there a converter somewhere that has to switched?

And the generator will not stay running, is there an inline filter?

Also, I cannot get the hot water heater to light up. It has a self ignitor and it sparks but does not light. Is there a gas switch for the hot water?

Dear Charlie,

First, you need to repair the charging system and get it to charge the battery while plugged in, possibly the converter. Then you need to make sure you have full voltage when trying to light the hot water heater. If you have low voltage, it will spark, but not light.

If the stove will light, the gas is on, so the water heater should light.

You do have a fuel filter for the generator but you also need 12 volts for the generator to run, if the voltage is low, it will quit.

September 12, 2012 Alex of Lynnwood, Washington writes regarding whether 1984 Pace Arrow came with stock cruise control

Did the 1984 Pace Arrow come stock with cruise control

Dear Alex,

Yes, but Fleetwood used an after market Dana system. It was not a GM cruise control.

September 4, 2012 Ted of Margaree Forks, Nova Scotia writes regarding locating belts or part numbers for the belts on a 1990 P30 Chevy chassis

My belts are destroyed and I would like to find part numbers for them.

Dear Ted,

Most parts stores that still have books should be able to look them up in their Gates or similar catalog.

September 1, 2012 Gary of Cuba, New York writes regarding check engine light on in 1987 Allegro with Chevy chassis and Chevy 454

Check warning light is on. Can't locate connection for diagnostic. I think it may be oil pressure switch causing it to stay on. Replaced it on the road but the harness to it has two wires and the replacement for a 454 engine only has one connector. The pressure on the gauge stays pegged at 60 psi. Tried disconnecting the battery to reset but it comes back on.

Dear Gary,

I am not sure it has a test port. If the gauge is pegged, the light won't go out.

You need to find the right sending unit and get the oil pressure gauge working; that's more important than the "check engine light".

September 1, 2012 Easyrider of Vancouver, British Columbia writes regarding location of fuel sending unit wire in 1988 Winnebago Chieftain with Chevrolet P30 chassis and 454

Do you know where the wire going to the fuel sending unit is located and what color it is?

I want to check it before I take out the tank. Is it on the left side of the tank or right side?

There is a wire coming from the left and right going over on top of the tank, but I don't know which one.

Can you also give me a tip on how to take the tank out.

Dear Easyrider,

Look for a pink wire, usually running along the right side frame rail.

The tank is simple, remove fill hose, take the straps loose and drop it down.

August 27, 2012 John of Las Vegas, Nevada writes regarding loud ticking sound when accelerating with 1984 Pace Arrow with Chevy big block 454

I was driving down the street and when I pushed on the throttle it made a loud, ticking sound; when I took my foot off it didn't make this sound. Once I got it where I was going (about 2 miles), the engine wouldn't turn off when I shut the key off.

I disconnected the battery and next thing I know there was a lot of white smoke coming from under the engine where like my pulleys are. I got underneath to try and see where the smoke was coming from and noticed a clear type liquid leaking from somewhere. I am still unable to find where it's leaking or what it was that is leaking.

Can you please tell me what to look for, what to check, what it could be and what to do?

Dear John,

If it was clear liquid, it could be water. Power steering fluid or possibly an AC hose blew and it could be oil from the AC unit. Check all of your fluids. Pull the engine cover and inspect the hoses.

August 23, 2012 Debbie of Eastland, Texas writes regarding 1990 Fleetwood Limited on Oshkosh chassis with Ford 460 not starting after being parked for several years

After years of being parked my motor home won't start. It is not getting fuel to engine. The fuel pump works.

Any ideas on how to start it?

I haven't changed plugs or wires as of yet and the batteries are all new.

Dear Debbie,

Replace both fuel filters and see if you get fuel. Make sure if the pump is running, that it's actually picking up fuel.

August 16, 2012 William of Diamond Springs, California writes regarding wanting to use 1989 Winnebago Itasca with Chevy drivetrain after its been sitting for five years

The motor home has been sitting for five years. I did run it every once in a while. Now I want use it again. I had it smogged and serviced. My question is how can I tell if my auxiliary fans work when it gets hot and where is the sensor? Is there a way to test them?

Dear William,

You can find the relay out next to the fans on the radiator and jumper the relay.

Look to see if they are using a probe stuck between the fins on the radiator or a sensor in the upper radiator hose to signal the fans to turn on and off, or turn on the dash air conditioner to "max air".

August 7, 2012 Scott of Canyon Country, California writes regarding location of fuel sending unit in 1977 Sportsman class C with Dodge chassis

I'm trying to locate a fuel sending unit for this motorhome. The pickup tubes come straight down in the tank and it has two of them (one for the engine and the other for the generator).

Dear Scott,

Check with Transfer Flow for a universal fuel sending unit. You also might find one at your local parts supplier.

July 31, 2012 Heather of Clinto, British Columbia writes regarding no brake lights on 1981 Travel Coach with Dodge chassis

How to fix brake lights. No power going to them just fixed fuses. Please help. I was supposed to leave yesterday. We thought it was the brake booster, but now brake lights don't work.

Please tell me how to fix. I need to leave.

Dear Heather,

Check the brake light switch, probably at the master cylinder. If the switch is good, it could be the turn signal switch or a broken wire.

July 29, 2012 Tom of Calgary, Alberta writes regarding replacement gas tank for 1992 Fleetwood Flair with Chevy P30 chassis

I have an 80 gallon gas tank that is rusting. Can you tell me where I might find a replacement? I would prefer a new one, but a re-furb one would be better than what I have. I don't have any leaks, just a lot of rust in my tank.

Dear Tom,

A radiator shop might boil the tank and put a bladder in it.

Contact Transfer Flow for a tank or your GM dealer.

July 29, 2012 Chris of Peyton, Colorado writes regarding removing ignition switch in 1989 Allegro with Chevy drive train

How to remove the ignition switch when key is lost?

Dear Chris,

You'll have to call a locksmith. The tumbler will have to be jerked out with a slide hammer.

July 21, 2012 Thomas of Vernal, Utah writes regarding 1978 Fleetwood Jamboree with Chevy 350 trying to die when climbing hills or passing

I need to know if there is a governor on throttle or distributer. If you try to hit a passing gear it starts to die, let off throttle and it's fine.

It will climb hills but sometimes as slow as ten miles an hour. Again, no passing gear.If you step on the throttle it tries to die. It runs great otherwise, if not a governor any other advice?

Dear Thomas,

You have an ignition or a fuel problem under load you need to correct before you start looking at the passing gear. There is no governor involved.

July 13, 2012 Paul of Yerington, Nevada writes regarding removing and installing 454 engine in 1986 Fleetwood Pace Arrow

I need diagram and procedure to remove and install 454 engine (long block).

Local area dealers want about $4500 to $6000 to do the job (plus the long block).

I know it is not easy but how much must you disassemble to remove engine?

I'm 84 and on a budget that excludes $75 per hour and up labor costs. So it has to be DIY!

Dear Paul,

I don't know of any diagram or written procedure for doing the job. If it has a driver door, you can reach through the door with a cherry picker and lift the engine out. Some people like to remove the grill and radiator and pull it out through the front. And some shops will drop the transmission and get the motor out through the bottom.

Look to see which would be the easiest for your coach.

July 12, 2012 Mark of Mason, Texas writes regarding problems with 1992 Allegro with Chevy 454 starting

I have 34', 1992 Allegro Bay motor home that will start (sometimes), and idle for awhile, but stall as soon as I point it uphill.

I changed the fuel filter, checked the fuel pump along passenger side rail. No gas seems to be pushed from the tank to the fuel pump?

Is there another pump in the tank? If so, do I need to drop the tank to get to it?

Dear Mark,

Yes, you should have a pump in the fuel tank and the tank has to be lowered to replace the pump.

July 10, 2012 Mike of Garden Valley, California writes regarding shorting out 12 volt system while engine was running in 1992 Fleetwood Southwind with Ford chassis

I shorted 12 volts to ground while the motor was running, now I have a problem with what looks to to be an altenator. The amp meter is jumping around between 11v to 15v. I put a meter on the chassic battery when it is running and there is only 12v, but if I look at the fuse box under the dash there is 14.20v to 14.40v.

Is there a fuse thats is between the altenator and the battery? Or could it be a bad altenator?

Dear Mike,

Locate and test your battery isolator.

July 7, 2012 Keith of Marshall, Texas writes regarding location of master cylinder and bleeding out the lines in 1990 Winnebago with Chevy 454 and Chevy chassis

Where is the master cylinder located at and how can you bleed air out of the lines, and where is the booster located?

Dear Keith,

The master cylinder is in the left front wheel well along with the hydraulic booster.

You bleed the brakes at the wheels, like any other vehicle.

June 26, 2012 Ron of Kansas City, Missouri writes regarding finding carburetor for 1977 Travelcraft with Dodge 400

What carburetor does it take and the number. I'm having trouble getting that information.

Dear Ron,

First, are you talking about a small block GM 400 or a big block Chrysler 400?

GM used the Rochester Quadrajet and Chrysler used a Carter carburetor.

Sorry, I have no numbers for you. You should be able to find similar carbs from Edelbrock.

June 26, 2012 Pat of Fairmont, Minnesota writes regarding converting dash air in 1987 Fleetwood Southwind with Chevy chassis

The dash air condition needs a new compressor. Is it complicated to convert to R-34? Is there an easier or less expensive way to get the AC running? The compressor freezes up when the clutch is engaged.

Dear Pat,

Sounds like you need a new AC guy.

The expansion valve causes the freeze up. It's not a big deal to convert to 134. And these days, you can find R-12 substitutes for reasonable prices.

June 26, 2013 Craig of Diamond Bar, California writes regarding getting a replacement brake fluid cover for 1986 Fleetwood Limited

I need to replace the brake fluid cover (the one BEHIND the bleeping drivers side tire).

The rubber rotted and I can't get a proper seal. So I have no brakes!

Where can I find a brake fluid cover?

Dear Craig,

If you can't find a good truck parts store in your area call Freightliner parts (have your VIN), or contact some on-line RV salvage yards.

June 24, 2012 Dick of New London, Iowa writes regarding problems with speedometer in 1992 Fleetwood with Chevy 454

Everything on the speedometer cluster works except it dosen't show miles. The space has only "--------" dashes like this.

I looked at the two plugs on the back and connections look good!

Any ideas?

Clusters are expensive and I don't want to buy unless I must!

Dear Dick,

You will probably have to contact Fleetwood's customer service for help. They used a micro chip for the odometer that gave a lot of trouble. You will probably have to get the chip through Fleetwood and you may need a notarized affidavit to verify mileage.

June 17, 2012 Jean of Osawatomie, Kansas writes regarding transmission won't shift into over drive in 1991 Cobra Monterey with Chevy chassis

We parked the RV for the winter and when we went to drive it this Spring, the transmission won't shift to overdrive. I was wondering what would cause the transmission not to shift after sitting or if a wire could have been knocked loose or possibly a fuse blown.

Dear Jean,

It could be a shift solenoid stuck. The transmission may need to be serviced. The contaminates could cause a problem with the solenoids. A transmission shop should be able to hook up a scanner and see what's happening.

June 12, 2012 Roger of Bigfork, Montana writes regarding problems keeping house and engine battery charged in 1989 Winnebago Super Chief with Chervolet 454

I am having problems with the batteries, both engine and house, keeping charged. How do I diagnose the problem?

The engine battery keeps discharging, and even the steps will tax the house batteries with the shore line plugged in! I am at a loss, any advice would be welcome.

Dear Roger,

You should have your engine battery disconnect switch turned off while sitting and plugged into shore power.

If your house batteries are being drained while plugged into shore power, then you need to test the power converter battery charge circuit.

Winnebago sometimes uses an electrical box up front with the disconnect switch and battery boost solenoid that had a couple of thermo breakers in there. Check around the edge of the breaker for a very, very small reset button.

June 10, 2012 Andrew of Kent, Washington writes regarding caliper needed for 1001 Fleetwood Southwind with P30 chassis

I need to find out what caliper I need for my 1991 Fleetwood Southwind on P-30 Chevrolet chassis. It would be nice to know the size and part number. I have bought three sets from NAPA and I believe they are selling me the wrong ones because every 400 miles I'm going through them and pads. I have a new master cylinder.

Dear Andrew,

They are probably selling you the right pads and calipers.

Have you replaced the rubber hoses going to the calipers?

And check to make sure the linkage is moving freely, and make sure the adjustment on the pin activating the master cylinder has some free play and not allowing the master cylinder to fully release.

June 5, 2012 Justin of Columbia, South Carolina writes regarding where to find fuel pump relay on 1990 Fleetwood Bounder with Ford 460 on Oshkosh chassis

Where is the fuel pump relay located? I have looked everywhere.

Dear Justin,

On the 1990 chassis it may have went to a fuse to replace the relay. If you have a fuel pump fuse in the chassis fuse panel, you probably don't have a relay.

On the earlier John Deere chassis with the relay, the relay was usually under the dash bundled up in the wiring harness.

May 31, 2012 Robert of Kaufman, Texas writes regarding location of fuel pump in 1987 Fleetwood Pace Arrow with Chevy 454

Where is the fuel pump located?

Dear Robert,

You should have a mechanical pump on the engine and an electric delivery pump in the rear near the fuel tank or in the fuel tank. Fleetwood was pretty good about using an external pump so it wasn't necessary to drop the tank if you had an issue with the fuel pump.

May 29, 2012 Danny of Carberry, Manitoba writes regarding problems with cruise control in 1991 Damon Challenber with Chevrolet 454

When the cruise control is on it is good for awhile then you start to lose speed, then if you just touch the throttle pedal, it will come back up for a bit then it happens again.

Can you tell me what is happening and what to do to fix this problem?

Dear Dan,

I don't know if your unit is a vacuum operated servo or all electric. Some of the vacuum operated units had a vacuum accumulator ball that would occasionally go bad and start leaking around the seam.

May 26, 2012 Lanese of Murfreesboro, Tennessee writes regarding where to add brake fluid in 1991 Bounder

Where do I add brake fluid?

Dear Lanese,

Left front wheel well. There is a hole in panel at top of master cylinder.

May 25, 2012 Robert of Aberdeen, Washington writes regarding replacing electric heater element off choke in 1989 Yellowstone with Chevy 454

Can I replace only the electric heater element of the choke pull off on a Rochester carb? If so, where can I get one? There are numbers on the element but can't find any on the carburetor.

Dear Robert,

Try your local NAPA dealer. The electric element was a separate part.

May 24, 2012 Dana of Frenchtown, Montana writes regarding finding replacement engine temperature gauge for 1987 Fleetwood Bounder with Chevrolet 454

I have an engine temperature gauge out, it is in a cluster type setting in the dash. I removed the gauge, but can't seem to find another one for replacement. The gauge is a "AC 3720". it was actually made in the USA, believe it or not.

Dear Dana,

I really don't know where you could find one, unless you could get lucky and get a Chevrolet parts guy to do some searching through GM parts for one.

You might also try to contact some of the on-line RV salvage yards. Just use a search engine for "RV salvage" and you might get lucky and find one in your area.

May 23, 2012 Whitney of Jacksonville, Florida writes regarding auxiliary battery not charging while traveling in 1992 Tioga Arrow with Ford E350

When cruising the auxiliary battery will not charge nor will it charge when plugged into outside power.

We have checked all breakers and fuses and all wires and everything seems to be ok.

We are in a band always on the road so it is difficult to take it to have it looked at, so I do a lot of maintenance myself.

If you could help we would greatly appreciate it.

Dear Whitney,

Find the battery isolator and test it.

Also, look for a battery disconnect solenoid and test it.

You might also want to check the power converter to see if the battery charge circuit is working. Look for any pole type breaker between the battery and the disconnect switch.

May 12, 2012 Rogert of Camp Point, Illinois writes regarding starting problem in 1978 Holiday Rambler with Ford E350 /460

This unit has a starting problem which seems to be fuel related. I can crank on it until the battery runs down and it will not start until I give it some carb cleaner or starting fluid. After it fires and I can keep it running, it runs fine.The engine has a fuel pump which I replaced and a midship pump on the frame which the previous owner replaced.

Does this year of vehicle have a in tank pump as well? I looked under there where the tank is located and there seems to be a metal cover hiding the tank from view. So I can't see if any wires are running to the tank.

If so, could this be the problem such as not getting the fuel to the midship pump at a reasonable pressure to start?

I don't fancy having to take the tank down. It looks like a job to me.

Dear Roger,

Usually when it has a pump along the frame rail, it doesn't have one in the tank. However, I can't see it to know if the pump along the rail was added to try and repair a failed one in the tank.

I have seen the ignition module on those old class C's with the Ford 460 do the same thing and make you think it's a fuel problem instead of an ignition problem.

May 5, 2012 Jim of Marysville, Washington writes regarding 1983 class A Allegro with Chevy 454 having symptoms like vapor lock

Purchased 2004, ran great for 6,000 mile trip.

Developed symptoms like vapor lock when going uphill from main (rear), fuel tank. Stop, let cool 10 min, OK until next hill.

Then started on flat, then started same operating from auxiliary tank (front, near engine).

Spent $2K checking fuel pumps, changing filters. One shop said needed cooler air, changed to twin snorkel air filter with dryer vent hose to intake forward of engine. Worked better for a while.

Engine seems hot.

Dear Jim,

You can try some octane boost for a little help, but I bet the problem is with the delivery fuel pump.

I bet the fuel pump relay is not sending power to the pump under load.

April 30, 2012 Dan of Avoca, Michigan writes regarding "clunking" sound hitting the floor about one foot from headlight foot switch in 1989 Fleetwood Southwind on P-30 chassis with Chevy 454

I replace the front shocks and the air bags and I am still getting a clunking sound hitting the floor about a foot from the bright headlight foot switch. Feels like it is going to come right through the floor.

Underneath it has a cover and I am nout sure what is under it. Any ideas?

Dear Dan,

The cover shields the steering column, brake master cylinder, etc., from the wheel well. Look at the body supports or floor joist for a broken weld.

Also, look a jounce bumper to make sure it's not sagging and bottoming out on the jounce bumper.

April 26, 2012 Leonard of Corvallis, Oregon writes regarding accessory belts for 1978 Itasca on Chevy van chassis with 400 cu in Chevy engine

Dear Leonard,

If it's the power steering belt with the pump mounted low on the driver's side of the engine, you can access it from the bottom and the adjustment bolt is behind the pully. You'll have just enough room to loosen it and slide the pump to remove and tighten the belts.

April 24, 2012 Vanetta of Elmo, Utah writes regarding needing fuel vent valve for 1989 Fleetwood Southwind with Chevy 454

I need an inline fuel vent valve, is there any out there or what else can I use?

Dear Vanetta,

If you can't find one through GM parts stores, you can use an in-line fuel filter as a last resource.

April 15, 2012 Jerry of Westminster, California writes regarding nothing working inside of 1986 Winnebago Minnie with Chevy 350

Have a full charge on aux. battery, nothing works inside the motorhome. When I start motorhome running off main battery everything works fine, checked fuses.

Is there a solenoid or something else I am missing?

Dear Jerry,

Yes, you are missing a solenoid or auxiliary battery cut off switch. Possibly the battery isolator solenoid on this older Winnebago unit.

April 6, 2012 Matt of Rhode Island writes regarding problem with emergency brake

I have a 1988 Georgie Boy Cruiser, with an E-brake problem. The brake seems to be stuck on. It was parked and now it won't move. How do I free the E-brake?

Can I disconnect it in order to move it to a garage? How?

Dear Matt,

First, I would need to know for sure what chassis you have, and then I would need to verify if it is the emergency brake hung up, or if it was a wheel brake froze up.

A lot of those coaches used the John Deere chassis and had a hydraulic activated E brake on the rear of the transmission.

You can pull the pin and disconnect the cable pulling the brake, but be very careful, because there is no "park" in the transmission.


PopUps/Truck Campers

July 13, 2012 Janet of Reno, Nevada writes regarding sink in 1987 Starcraft that has not been used in ten years

We were given a twenty year old pop up trailer that had been sitting for ten years. When I poured water down the sink, it leaked at what appears to be a gasket. When I touched the leak, the drain piece, the gasket and the rubber washer all came off with ease. Looking at it, I don't see how it was attatched in the first place, there is no screw on to the sink. Is is glued, and if so, what type of glue do I use?

Dear Janet,

Usually the rubber seal has a groove around the perimeter of the seal, and has to be pushed through the opening and seals top and bottom of the sink or tank.


Travel Trailers

October 16, 2012 Bill of Rochester, New Hampshire writes regarding only having dim clearance lights when 1982 Layton travel trailer is plugged into his truck

When I plug into my truck I have only have front clearance lights, but are dim. Cleaned up the ground on the front of the camper, still did not help. Losing my mind.

Dear Bill,

I would go to the back of the pigtail and start from there. Clean up the ground and start tracing the wire to the rear of the trailer.

If you're lucky the manufacturer didn't run the wire up through the front and then back through the roof. If they did, it might be easiest to run new wires along the frame to the rear.

October 12, 2012 Jed of Cuba, Illinois writes regarding leaking water tank in 1978 Shasta travel trailer

I have a leaking water tank and need to order a new one to replace it but I want to know capacity and dimensions so the new one will fit. I am not home to tear it out.

Also, how would I go about removing said tank?

Dear Jed,

I don't know that anyone would know the size and shape of your tank. I would suggest getting home and look at the unit and do what is necessary to remove the tank and then order one taht will fit. It might not be an exact tank.

May 27, 2012 Cathleen of Mancos, Colorado writes regarding no water in kitchen in 1987 Fleetwood Prowler

The water does not come out of the kitchen sink but works fine in the bathroom area.

Dear Cathleen,

Clean the aerator. If you still don't get water, crack a line loose at the faucet to see if there is water there before replacing the faucet.


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