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Survey Number Two-Now That You Have an RV...

Here are the results of our second survey, including questions the webmaster posed regarding the website. Thanks to all who participated! The following results are tabulated from 187 people that answered EACH question (the results do not include partial surveys). The questions and their answers are below. Please note, this is by no means a scientific survey, just an informal polling of those who participated.

Look for a new survey soon!

1. Do you belong to an RV club?

2. Did you purchase an extended warranty?

3. Do you attend RV rallies/shows?

4. Do you have your RV insured through a company specializing in RV insurance?

5. Have you added any accessories to enhance your liveability (ie., awnings, extra air conditioner)?

6. Have you added any accessories to enhance handling/performance (for RV or tow vehicle)?

7. Have you added any accessories to protect your RV (ie., covers, wheel covers)?

8. Have you chosen a service center for your RV?

9. Is your RV serviced by your regular auto mechanic?

10. Are you enjoying the RVing lifestyle?

Questions asked regarding the RV Advice web site:

1. Would you like to see the email address of the person writing in?

2. Would you like the format changed to just simple "question" and "answer" icons?

3. Would you like the music eliminated?

4. Would you rather have a scrolling marquis message on all pages announcing "What's New?!" rather than going to the seperate webpage for this info?

5. Would you like technical/how to articles written by Pete posted on this web site?

10. Other ideas/comments:

I received a lot of very nice comments and feedback regarding the web site as a whole, but I also received some very interesting suggestions for this website, many of the same suggestions from various internet RV users.

Those were the results of the second survey. Look for another survey to come soon.

These survey results posted on: June 19, 1999

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