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Survey Number One-Let's Get Acquainted!

Here are the results of our first survey! Thanks to all who participated! There were 127 people who spent their time answering the 50+ questions. The questions and their answers are below. Please note, this is by no means a scientific survey, just an informal polling of those who participated.

Section One: Tell Us About Yourself

1. What is your age?

2. Are you retired?

3. Number of people living in your household:

4. Are you new to RVing?

5. Do you fulltime or plan on full-timing within the next year?

6. If employed, are you self-employed?

Of the 83 people still employed, 19 are self-employed, 64 are not.

7. What do you (or if retired now "did") for a living?

Everything! The top five careers are listed (in order):

  1. Computer/computer related
  2. Military and Sales careers tied for second.
  3. Medical, Management, Skills/Crafts/Trades tied for third.
  4. Telecommunications and Law Enforcement tied for fourth.
  5. Finance/Banking, Teaching and Trucking tied for fifth.

8. Is your present household income over $100,000?

9. Besides RVing, your favorite recreation/hobby is:

Too many interesting hobbies to list them all, but here are the topten in order of popularity:

  1. Fishing
  2. Golfing
  3. Computers/Internet
  4. Photography
  5. Reading
  6. Woodworking/Carving
  7. Hiking and Boating tied for 7th
  8. Restoring Autos/Auto Racing
  9. Motorcycles, Flying, Music and Travel tied for 9th.
  10. Watching Television

10. Where do you live?

Everywhere! But I'll list the top five places in order:

  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. Texas
  4. Washington State and Canada tied for fourth.
  5. Alabama and Michigan tied for fifth.

Section Two: Tell Us About Your RV:

1. Is this your first RV?

2. Type of RV currently owned:

3. Is your RV equipped with a slide-out?

4. Is your motorhome or tow vehicle gas or diesel?

5. Did you purchase your current RV new or used?

5a. If purchased used, was it purchased from a dealer?

Of the 55 who purchased used, 24 did not purchase from a dealer, 8 did, and 23 did not answer the question.

6. Who is your RV's manufacturer?

Just about everyone! I'll list the "most popular" ones owned:

Five of the Most Popular Owned Motorhomes:

  1. Fleetwood
  2. Winnebago
  3. Coachmen
  4. Holiday Rambler, National RV, and Rexhall tied for fourth.
  5. Vogue and Allegro tied for fifth.

Van Conversions:

Pleasure Way, Winnebago, and Leisure Travel



Travel Trailers:

  1. Fleetwood
  2. Airstream and Sunline tied for second
  3. Skyline and Thor tied for third

Fifth Wheels:

  1. Fleetwood and NuWa tied for first
  2. Thor
  3. Western RV and Forest River tied for third

7. Would you purhase from the same manufacturer again?

Six people didn't answer this question.

8. Before purcahsing did you attend any RV shows or rallies?

9. What price range best fits what you paid for your current RV:

10. Do you plan on trading/selling this RV withing the next five years?

Section Three: Tell Us About Your RV Experiences

1. How many weeks a year do you average RVing?

About half of the people surveyed average one month a year RVing, the other half spend more than 20 weeks a year RVing.

2. How many U.S. States have you visited or traveled through by RV?

A few people have visited twenty states or more, but the majority averages twelve states or less.

3. For U.S. residents: Have you ever RVed in/through Canada or Mexico?

4. Do you RV travel with pets?

5.  Do you RV travel with children?

6. Have you ever experienced RV or tow vehicle breakdown while RVing?

7. Have you ever been a victim of crime while RVing?

8. Have you ever RV "caravaned" with one or more RVs?

9. Do you or someone you RV with have "special" needs? i.e., special medical needs or physically challenged.

10. So far, where was your favorite place to visit by RV?

Too many to list, but here are the ten most popular places visited in order:

  1. U.S. West Coast
  2. Florida
  3. Arizona
  4. Canada
  5. Yellowstone National Park
  6. Colorado
  7. Oregon
  8. East Tennessee and Western North Carolina
  9. Grand Tetons
  10. Washington State

Section Four: Tell Us About Your RV Service

1. Do you perform most/all routine maintenance on your RV?

2. Do you live in a state where winterizing in necessary?

2a. If so, do you winterize your RV yourself?

Of the 76 that live in a state where winterizing is necessary, 72 people winterize their own coach, eight people do not.

3. When not in use, do you store your RV at home?

4. When RV is stored, do you use a cover or covered storage?

5. Do you have to travel over 50 miles to have your RV serviced when necessary?

6.  In general, when having repair work done, is it completed the first time to your satisfaction?

7. If your current RV was purchased new, have you had any warranty work done yet?

Of the 69 people surveyed that purchased new, 48 have had warranty work done, and 21 have not.

8. Do you use wheel covers?

9. Is your RV mechanic ASE or RVIA/RVDA certified?

10. If your current RV was purchased from a RV dealer, do you have your RV service work performed at that same RV dealer?

Of the 77 surveyed that purchased from a dealer, 45 have the work done at the same dealer, and 32 do not.

Section Five: The Webmaster Wants to Know

1. How long have you been utilizing the Internet/ARPANET?

2. Do you watch the television show "Frasier"?

3. Do you know CPR?

4. Do you watch the soap opera "The Young and the Restless"?

5. Do you read tabloid newspapers?

6.  Are you a turkey purist? (someone who does NOT eat turkey after Labor Day until Thanksgiving)

7. Do you wear white after Labor Day?

8. Without running to your dictionary, do you know what "praenomen", "nomen", and "cognomen" is?

For those that are curious and want to know what it means, it is Latin for first name, middle name and last name.

9. Has the RV Advice of the WWW website been helpful to you?

10. Have you ever met Peter Scalf (RV Advice) at a show or had service to your RV done through him?

Those are the results of the first survey. Look for another survey to come soon.

These survey results posted on November 15, 1998

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